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Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes! Podium is your ultimate Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Designer, Manager and Organizer.

Create Stunning PowerPoint Presentations in Minutes!

Podium lets you create slide Powerpoint designs with a few simple clicks that give you unique and outstanding slide designs by using a number of high-quality Filters and Transformations to make every slide unique. Podium will let even novice users build their slide design with vector drawing and editing layer-by-layer all within 5 minutes! Check out the videos to see how easy it really is! Oh! PowerMockup - Wireframe Toolkit for PowerPoint. Create or Upload Online Presentations and Slideshows that Don't use Flash. Add Value to Your Slide: by Claudyne Wilder. A typical PowerPoint presentation includes the speaker reading the slide and maybe including a couple of other sentences that are not on the slide.

Add Value to Your Slide: by Claudyne Wilder

That is backwards. This upside-down pyramid shows how conveying the data itself is one small piece –- and perhaps the smallest -– of your presentation. Your task as a speaker is to communicate information that is not on the slide. Let’s start at the bottom of the inverted pyramid. Convey: First, convey your data. Add to: Second, add information to the data by telling your audience that this machine will allow the company to increase its inventory, which is critical because the manufacturing plant is now running at capacity.

Interpret: Third, interpret the data and give it meaning. Share your vision: Fourth, if appropriate, share a vision: "I know that this investment will pay off and lead to increased revenue when our partner starts to sell for us. And other public speaking tips. Photo Pin : Free Photos for Your Blog or Website via Creative Commons. How to give a bad presentation. Here are the Ten Commandments of presenting or not..I.

How to give a bad presentation

Thou shalt not be neat Why waste research time preparing slides? Ignore spelling, grammar and legibility. Who cares what 50 people think? II. Transparencies are expensive. III. Do you want to continue the stereotype that engineers can’t write? IV. You need the suspense! Efficient Elements - Home. Dear PowerPoint: It’s not you, it’s me. Death by PowerPoint?

Dear PowerPoint: It’s not you, it’s me.

That’s old news. The tried and true tool that guaranteed conference attendees a post-lunch snooze now has more power under the hood. But that doesn’t guarantee a compelling presentation deck unless we know how to harness its engine. You may recall the New York Times article, ‘We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint.’ US General McChrystal dryly remarked, “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war.” Change is hard – what’s the first step? Know your stuffLimit your textUse great visualsKeep it cleanThink about brains (this may be a zombie reference, not sure) Garr Reynolds’ Top Ten Slide Tips digs a bit deeper and provides almost a short course in presentation design that everyone can benefit from studying.

Slopegraphs keep data on track Speaking of charts, throughout PowerPoint’s history and development experts have pleaded and begged us to make our slides visually engaging. Enter slopegraphs. Related Posts. Sample Videos. PDF to Flash page flip - flipping book software. Le portail de l'éducation numérique libre en partage. Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor. Air Display: Conversation with Dave Howell. Dave Howell is the founder of Avatron Software, the mobile app developer that created Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Display.

Air Display: Conversation with Dave Howell

Before starting Avatron, Dave was a senior engineering manager at Apple, where he worked on the Pro Apps and Productivity Apps teams. Dave has Computer Science and Music degrees from Case Western Reserve University and a Cornell MBA. In this conversation, Dave discusses using their Air Display product to use an iPad as a presenting tool. Geetesh: Tell us about Air Display – how did you conceptualize and evolve this product? Dave: We made Air Display for ourselves. At first it was pretty slow but we devised a proprietary video codec that dynamically changes compression quality depending on what's happening onscreen.

Originally all of this was in the hands of one senior engineer, while the rest of the team focused on our Air Sharing app and other projects. At this point, Air Display pretty much does what we want it to do. Record & Share your PowerPoint presentations. Presentations beyond PowerPoint. Configurative is... ...the system we use to deliver most of our presentations.

Presentations beyond PowerPoint

Based on the the industry standard Adobe Director executable it allows us to create stunning, impactful presentations that can be edited and customised by our clients. The finished presentations run on 32/64 Bit Windows systems and, optionally, Apple Macintosh. They are completely self-contained and don't rely on any pre-installed software The majority of the presentations we develop are built using our own Configurative system. Smooth Animation PowerPoint comes with a great range of pre-set animation effects. Content Control If you need to keep total control of your content then PowerPoint comes up short on protection. PowerFrameworks. Brainstorm and mind map online. PowerPoint Tips Blog. Iconography is hot in design now.

PowerPoint Tips Blog

Here is an example from one of my websites. The above icons are colorful and have some depth to them, but you often see icons that are flat and monochrome. Here’s an example from I often see icons that are all gray. What is an icon and why are icons so popular? An icon is a graphic used as a symbol for a concept. Because our brains remember images better than text, your audience will be more likely to remember the concepts you want to convey with an accompanying image. Icons are also popular for other reasons: They can be universal, understood by people speaking different languagesThey can be small, which means they work on screens of all sizesThey are small files because they’re simple, which is valuable on smaller devices with little storage.