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The ancient Roman banquet celebrated shock, awe and carpe diem - CNN Style. See Lonely Planet's Best in Travel picks for 2021. (580) My Luxurious Train Ride On The Rocky Mountaineer. Toronto to Vancouver by train: VIA Rail's 'Canadian' By train from Montreal to Halifax Nova Scotia with VIA Rail. BBC's Great Canadian Railway Journeys "Kamloops to Banff" S01 EPISODE 09/15. Mexico hopes to revive tourism with Teotihuacan reopening. Coronavirus unemployment: Suze Orman shares what to do without a paycheck. "Can you believe Suze Orman's telling you, 'Please use your credit cards'?

Coronavirus unemployment: Suze Orman shares what to do without a paycheck

" Orman joked. "And only pay the minimum payment due on them. You might even want to call your credit card companies and ask them to expand your credit limit, to increase it. " 80-Year-Old Crossfit Legend Can Lift More Than You. What Rising Interest Rates Mean for You - Good Times. You may need to rethink or reallocate your investments By Olev Edur Now that interest rates in Canada and the United States have been creeping upward for the first time in many years, it’s a good idea for retirees to take a close look at their investment portfolios and consider whether some changes might be in order.

What Rising Interest Rates Mean for You - Good Times

After all, higher interest rates could significantly change the existing relationship between equities and fixed-income investments, and the risk-reward equation upon which that relationship is based. As interest rates rise, fixed-income investments generally become more attractive in relation to equity investments. At the same time, rising rates can have negative effects on some equities, especially in companies that are particularly sensitive to rate increases. Decisions, Decisions So what choices might you consider in light of this changing reality? 3 Things Snowbirds Should Keep in Mind - Good Times. By Olev Edur s the cold weather approaches, many Canadian snowbirds start migrating to their winter nesting grounds in warm sunny Florida, California, or Arizona.

3 Things Snowbirds Should Keep in Mind - Good Times

Before you take flight, however, here are three important points to consider. As most Canadians are aware, the costs of emergency medical treatment in the United States can be financially ruinous, so you need to ensure that you are fully protected before you head south. Such insurance is now available through subsidiaries of most big banks, as well as through Medipac (through the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA)), Medavie Blue Cross, and others. Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: Kingston, ON - Good Times. By Wendy Haaf On retiring three years ago, Valerie and Barry Malmsten were eager to escape the traffic-clogged corridors of Toronto to pursue such outdoor hobbies as kayaking, hiking, and biking; yet they didn’t want to give up the attractions of big-city life.

Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: Kingston, ON - Good Times

Fortunately, the couple knew of a community that met these seemingly contradictory criteria, having lived there once before: Kingston, ON. Queen’s university campus in Kingston. Photo: iStock/Elenathewise (university). Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: St. Albert, AB - Good Times. By Wendy Haaf The Musée Héritage Museum’s Grain Elevator Park historic site.

Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: St. Albert, AB - Good Times

Photos: dreamstime/Peter McLean. Almost 20 years ago, Nora and Robert Clark lived in Nelson, BC. Looking for Love in Andalucía - Good Times. Architecture detail.

Looking for Love in Andalucía - Good Times

Photo: Liz Crompton. By Liz Crompton Plaza de España, Seville. Photo: Christine Allard. The first person I met on my first trip to Spain was Carolyn, an American who lived in Texas. A Visit to Venice - Good Times. Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: St. Catharines, ON - Good Times. Located on the edge of the Niagara peninsula, the Garden City is relatively small and yet offers plenty of amenities By Wendy Haaf Photo: Tourism St.

Canada’s Top Retirement Destinations: St. Catharines, ON - Good Times

Enjoy a Sunny Croatian Adventure by the Adriatic Sea - Good Times. Advertorial – Discover the Dalmatian coast as we journey to the Croatian cities of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and the island of Krk.

Enjoy a Sunny Croatian Adventure by the Adriatic Sea - Good Times

Enjoy the sparkling waters, long sunny days, and historic harbourfront villages before taking in the highlight of the trip: the Passion Play in Oberammergau! Join us for fourteen days beginning on either May 27 or July 22 as we travel north through Croatia, with stops in Italy, Austria and Germany along the way. Discover delightful Dubrovnik as we begin our journey here and travel north. Dubrovnik is a beautiful jewel along the Dalmatian Coast, but it wasn’t always the enchanting and alluring city it is today.

During the 1990s, the city was under siege and desecrated from both sides due to a civil war known as “The Siege of Dubrovnik.” Uncover the Untamed Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica - Good Times. Advertorial – With winter finally settling in, have you decided on what your winter getaway will be this year?

Uncover the Untamed Flora and Fauna of Costa Rica - Good Times

Craig Travel welcomes you to join our journey to Costa Rica, where we’ll enjoy the flora and fauna of this vibrant oasis. With over 25% of the country’s land being protected in the form of national parks and reserves, Costa Rica has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most eco-minded countries. Canada Is Among the Top 10 Countries for Retirees - Good Times. Canadian retirees are among the healthiest and most financially secure in the world, according to an annual international ranking By Jennifer Hughes When it comes to health, quality of life, and financial well-being, Canadian retirees appear to have it pretty good—at least compared with those in 36 other countries around the globe.

Canada Is Among the Top 10 Countries for Retirees - Good Times

According to seventh annual Global Retirement Index, Canada is one of the top 10 countries in which to retire, ranking eighth among 43 others. Canada’s position has been steadily rising in recent years: in 2017, Canada was in 11th place, and rose to ninth in 2018. The Index is compiled by Natixis Investment managers, a global asset management firm. Off The Ship in… Porto, Portugal - Good Times. Advertorial – If you are an adventurous eater always seeking new flavours, Porto may be the perfect destination for you. Portugal’s second largest city is home to an impressive variety of petiscarias, the Portuguese equivalent of tapas bars, port cellars, quaint bakeries and food markets where you can treat your palate! Seafood and fish will delight your taste buds, but what you should really try is the tripes. Porto has become a real ambassador of this meat that is not often enjoyed in North America.

South Africa, The Big 5 and so Much More - Good Times. Advertorial – South Africa has always been at the top of my bucket list because I enjoy wildlife and I was very eager to see the ‘Big 5’ in their natural habitat. I got a chance to escort a Craig Travel group last February- hooray!! What I didn’t realize was that the trip would be so much more than just seeing wildlife. Of course I was blown away by the majestic giraffes that strolled slowly through the game parks, the giant elephants that suddenly appeared on the road ahead of us and the 11 lions feasting on a small deceased elephant that surrounded us on either side of the road. It was truly incredible to see nature unedited. I took videos and pictures of everything. Sri Lanka - Safe, Beautiful and Named World's Best Island 2019 - Good Times. By Donna Rombough Advertorial – Interesting? Very. Fascinating? Absolutely, no question. Beautiful? Here’s what Travel and Leisure had to say… “Located just south of India, this roughly 25,000-square-mile island tempts travelers with a diversity of experiences.

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