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What are True Bugs? True Bugs belong in the insect Order Heteroptera.

What are True Bugs?

There are approximately 40,000 species of true bugs in the world, and over 3,800 in the United States. Defining the Order The True Bugs are insects that have two pairs of wings, the front or outer pair of each divided into a leathery basal part and a membranous apical part. These wing covers are held over the back and often partly folded. True bugs have hypodermic-needle-like mouthparts that allow them to extract subsurface fluids from plants and animals.

Effects on mankind The hypodermic-needle-like mouthparts enable true bugs to extract body fluids from plants and animals, including humans. Order Diplura: Bristletails. Now that we are done with springtails, we may now focus on its relative insect: the bristletails.

Order Diplura: Bristletails

Diplura Biology Bristletails are scientifically called Diplurans, getting their name from the order they originated, Order Diplura. The etymology of their name came from the word diplos and uros, which means two-tailed. This type of insect belongs to the hexapod group or insects with six feet (hexapoda means six legs in Greek). They too, like springtails, have ten segmented bead-like body structure including its head. These insects are considered as one of the most primitive type of its kind. Diplura Characteristics It is important to emphasize that one of the reasons why they are considered as primitive because of the absence of their eyes. When we speak of primordial characteristics, we never forget about the ability of regenerating or regeneration. Because of their small size (2-5 mm in length), we can never really tell if there are any diplurans crawling under our feet.

What are Grasshoppers? Grasshoppers are insects that are of medium or large length.

What are Grasshoppers?

Depending on which species, they are known to grow up to lengths of 7cm, and as little of length as 1 cm. similar to their cricket relatives, they have wings, mouthparts that are elongated and can chew, and wide, flexible legs for jumping sporadically. What makes grasshoppers different from their counterparts is that their short antennae do not reach back into their bodies. Body Grasshoppers have big eyes, and try to blend in with their environment as much as possible, with brown, green, or grey coloring. A few species actually have brighter colors on their wings in order to attract their significant other. Gender Female grasshoppers are always bigger than males, and usually have sharp points in the middle of their body to aid in egg laying. How long do they live Grass hoppers chance of survival are very slim in the winter, all adults die if it gets to cold.

How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants? How to get rid of little black ants?

How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants?

Let me guess what you’re up to. You wake up in the morning, hurriedly get a cup of coffee and read your daily news. But just before you have some sip on your cup, these pestering little black are well lined up in the edge of your cup feasting on their sweet delight. I know this is so annoying especially if you are a true coffee lover. But you know what? Here is an email I received from Daniel, a friend of mine in the Philippines: “They are [the ants] always in the meal after only a few minutes and we cannot store open foods in the kitchen. Are you like Daniel who had been suffering from these pestering ants and seeking professional advice? Note: Although chemical control (insect pest control using insecticides) is the method known to eradicate insects in minimal time and effort, I consider at as the last resort of control.

Preventive measures Keep your house especially your kitchen always clean and dry. Eradicative measures Physical control Appearance. What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? Basic Information About Bedbugs. We all hate bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? Basic Information About Bedbugs

The idea of something creeping through our sheets while we are asleep definitely makes us cringe in terror. Not to mention their capabilities of sucking blood out of our system, bed bugs are like mutants of mosquitoes and lice. None of us wants them, especially on our beds! To make sure that we are not sleeping beside bed bugs, it is imperative to know the enemy; its face, its ways and its strategies. This article aims to let you know anything and everything about bed bugs. What do bed bugs look like? You might want to know the answer in the question, “What do bed bugs look like?” Adult bed bugs have vestigial wings, and turn reddish after feeding.