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Business Studies

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Marketing techniques Marketing planning business studies and business english. A marketing strategy is an overall marketing plan designed to meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Marketing techniques Marketing planning business studies and business english

The plan should be based on clear objectives. A number of techniques will then be employed to make sure that the marketing plan is effectively delivered. Marketing techniques are the tools used by the marketing department. The marketing department will set out to identify the most appropriate techniques to employ in order to make profits. These marketing techniques include public relations, trade and consumer promotions, point-of-sale materials, editorial, publicity and sales literature. Marketing techniques are employed at three stages of marketing: Market research enables the organisation to identify the most appropriate marketing mix. The right productsold at the right pricein the right placeusing the most suitable promotional techniques.

Google. Virtual Worlds. Google. Google. GCSE / iGCSE Business Studies Revision Notes. Welcome to EBEA : Home : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association. Innovative methods of teaching business studies and economics: Different methods of teaching economics. Economics is a dynamic subject which touches our lives daily.

Innovative methods of teaching business studies and economics: Different methods of teaching economics

Irrespective of the profession that an individual pursues, she is exposed to Economics at every step. Ranging from taking decisions on whether to buy a pair of shoes to whether to take a loan to purchase a house, all such decisions are driven by Economic principles. The sub-prime crisis in the United States of America led to economic repercussions in the everyday lives of not only Americans but also Indians. If Economics is so important, then why do most students find the subject at the Senior Secondary Level boring and dry which needs to be rote learnt and believe that it is without any insights into the real world? We as educators of Economics do realize that this perception of our students is misplaced. The traditional school setting is based on axioms that are outdated and mismatched to current research undertaken in the field of education that supports and provides evidences how a child improves learning.

Econoclass: Resources for Economics Teachers. Learning Zone Class Clips - Economies of scale - Business Studies Video. Businessballs free online learning for careers, work, management, business training and education: find materials, articles, ideas, people and providers for teaching, career training, self-help, ethical business education and leadership; for personal, car. The Social Enterprise Academy.

The Social Enterprise Academy has a great bank of resources detailing the concept of social enterprise, and how to start your own social enterprise.

The Social Enterprise Academy

There are case studies for you and your students to use as well as our brilliant Fresh Options: A Guide to Social Enterprise. Curriculum for Excellence Resources These will be available on the website very soon! Please email if you would like anything in the meantime. Positive Futures - Welcome to Positive Futures. Enterprise means Doing Business by Doing Good.

Positive Futures - Welcome to Positive Futures

It’s the future for our young people and the business itself. First of all young people can take part in projects to improve job prospects, financial literacy, and model entrepreneurial activity. For the business, Enterprise means creating sustainable sources of income, creating partnerships with business that create real benefit to society. WHY do we do it? Positive Futures want to show young people that working can be fun as well as do good for society. Free teaching resource from EdComs teachers. Welcome to The Enterprise Zone. Bring Enterprise to life Enterprise is a fascinating subject that can help bring lessons to life and teach students skills that will benefit them during and well after they have left education.

Welcome to The Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone, enterprise across the curriculum, is a resource for teachers from most disciplines teaching upper Key stage 3 and Key stage 4. It links enterprise teaching into a number of different subjects, including Science, Citizenship and Business Studies. The website can be used in a number of ways – for classroom, group and individual work – and can be made relevant to different levels of ability. The Teachers Notes' are an easy-to-use and comprehensive guide to the website, and include guidance notes, worksheets and further ideas for lessons. The extension of enterprise education should have a positive impact in giving young people the confidence to approach life's challenges with an enterprising and confident mindset.

We hope both you and your students enjoy using The Enterprise Zone. Enterprise Education Trust. Free Business Studies Teaching Ideas and Lesson Plans From Top UK Companies. Revisionstation business studies resources for teachers - Business Studies Worksheets. Business studies teacher resources organised by curriculum topic. Business Studies. The Times 100 Business Case Studies Company case studies which are ideal for GCSE and A Level business studies courses.

Business Studies

The site incorporates teachers guides, lesson plans and revision help. It complements the free printed pack which is sent to secondary schools and colleges. Biz/ed Brilliant site for supporting economics and business courses. S-Cool! Superb notes for AS/A2 Level students. Business Studies - Lesson Worksheets. Saturday, November 03, 2012 I'm going to be discussing economic growth and the business cycle in my first Business Studies lesson back after half term, and am hoping this activity will really help the students to think carefully about how the changing business cycle affects a business. read more...»

Business Studies - Lesson Worksheets

Project - About us. The Chalkface Project is the second most recognised publishing brand in secondary schools according to the influential Act2 Report.

Project - About us

Our Mission To make the best teaching ideas available to every teacher in the most practical way. Who are the Chalkface Project? The Chalkface Project Ltd is an independent educational publishing house, founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1996. Our small in-house team is enhanced by associates, mainly practising classroom teachers, who write and research all our material. Principal activities Paper: Combining new technology with old, we produce detailed lesson plans complemented by photocopy-master worksheets across the secondary curriculum.

Electronic:Yacapaca is the leading free online assessment platform. Business Studies resources and lesson plans. Business Studies resources and lesson plans. A level Business Studies - Some great lessons : Teaching & Resources : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association. A level Business Studies - Some great lessons At the end of the year, it is interesting to ask the students which lessons they still remember.

A level Business Studies - Some great lessons : Teaching & Resources : EBEA - Economics, Business and Enterprise Association

The answer, of course, is the 'special lessons' that appealed to their emotions and sense of personal identity. In The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell (2000) explains the idea of 'stickiness' – the distinctive ingredient in a message that makes it 'stick' to its recipients. Teachers can give concepts that 'emotional velcro' through simulations, role play and games, making sure that what is learned does not dissolve – or disappear into the teenage 'trash-can' of unwanted information!

Meanwhile, working through a challenge as a group and using intellect and emotions together in uncovering a concept, can lead to much deeper understanding with a far greater sense of ownership. The documents for download comprise engaging lesson ideas, teacher guidance and resources to cover the follow: Business Improvement - Business. Skills to help start, build and grow your business Collaborate with the University of Westminster and you’ll find opportunities to trade expertise with academics, transfer knowledge, attend networking events and more.

Business Improvement - Business

Our services include: Trial our services Interested in a collaboration but concerned about the cost? Our Strategic Insights programme lets you explore the possibility for free. One of our academics could join you for up to to one week – either as a single block of time or extended over a number of days – to scope a specific project. Contact us. Business Studies. Video Lessons. BUSINESS EDUCATION. Business studies resources, business studies revision, TES Resources. Business subject information. Teacher Network. Business Studies Online. Funding Circle - The Peer to Peer lending marketplace for small business loans.

Web Resources. Green Cities: Earth Day 2014 Posted on April 21st, 2014 by Mary Lord Share a ride. Plant a tree. There are lots of ways individuals can have a positive impact on the planet. Earth Day 2014′s theme is Green Cities. Read More Filed under: Special Features, Web Resources | Comment » Tags: Alternative Energy, Earth Day 2014, Environmental Engineering, environmental protection, green cities, Internet Resources, Resources for Teachers, STEM education, Sustainability, tree, Web Resources March Madness STEM Resources Posted on March 20th, 2014 by Mary Lord Just as athletes “learn from the game,” the annual NCAA March Madness basketball competition offers students a timely, engaging way to hone their STEM knowledge and skills. eGFI has compiled some bracket-busting resources to pep up your math and science classes.

Read More. Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips - Video and audio teaching resources for primary and secondary school teachers.