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How Discovery Drives Value for Live Music Industry. Eventbrite, the global ticketing and events marketplace which has ticketed more than 165,000 music events globally, has released new research that explores the link between music discovery and live concert attendance.

How Discovery Drives Value for Live Music Industry

In the past four years, per capita spend on CDs and digital downloads has fallen by nearly 50 percent, but spending on live music is up by 66 percent. Eventbrite partnered with independent research group MusicWatch, Inc. to conduct a nationwide survey of 1,000 people between the ages of 18-49 who attended at least one concert in the past year. Mobile DSP - Demand-Side Platform. How To Start A Bank. Solutions. One goal: driving sales.


Alliance Data Retail Services has been successfully managing co-brand programs since 2005. Our current roster of co-brand clients includes partners in the retail industry, as well as travel and entertainment, hospitality, oil and gas, and affinity markets. Amerisource Funding - ABL™ - Private Label Bank Program. Small Banks Shift Charters to Avoid U.S. as Regulator. Monadnock Community Bank in Peterborough was ordered to do a thorough review of how it collected payments on its delinquent loans, said William Pierce, the chief executive.

Small Banks Shift Charters to Avoid U.S. as Regulator

That meant diverting three of its 18 employees to comb through reams of mortgages. “We’ve had two in the last four years, and yet here we had to do it anyway because our regulator only knows how to deal with the behemoth banks,” said Mr. Keeping it Simple. Lessons from BBVA s Simple Acquisition: It s Time to Build Better Banks. Like many people involved in fintech and digital strategy, I was very excited and supportive when Simple was first announced.

Lessons from BBVA s Simple Acquisition: It s Time to Build Better Banks

I always felt it could carve out a successful niche in banking, whether it partnered with a bank (or even several), established its interface as a white label offering, or took the time and considerable effort to get a full banking license. What the team at Simple likely discovered is what everyone in the industry already knew: it's hard to be a bank (or even a payment provider). Private Label Bank Overview. The Bancorp Bank is a publicly held, FDIC-insured financial services provider that specializes in delivering private label Internet-enabled banking services to financial intermediaries.

Private Label Bank Overview

The Bancorp Bank builds its customer base through these relationships and develops and services for this specific market. When you partner with us, we build your bank with our tailored product offerings, which include interest bearing Checking Accounts, a full line of loan products including security backed loans, and online bill payment. Business products and services include checking accounts, cash management services, loans, and leasing options.

Private Label Credit Card Solutions From TD Retail Card Services. Business Credit Card & Loyalty Program. You know your customers; we know their purchase patterns.

Business Credit Card & Loyalty Program

Consumer credit card payments are rising fast: they’re projected to reach $3.8 trillion by 2017, in the U.S. alone1. As the largest provider of private label credit cards in the U.S., based on purchase volume and receivables, we have the experience to help you offer a credit program that appeals to your customers and your bottom line. From national retailers to Main Street mainstays, we work with businesses of all sizes. Our tailored credit card programs engage your customers where they shop: in store, online, or via mobile. We’ve invested in platforms that enable fast credit decisions and easy online payments. GE Capital Retail Bank and JCPenney Extend Private Label and Dual Card Credit Program. STAMFORD, Conn.

GE Capital Retail Bank and JCPenney Extend Private Label and Dual Card Credit Program

& PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GE Capital Retail Bank today announced a long-term extension of its private label and dual card credit program with leading national retailer JCPenney (NYSE:JCP). Launched in 1999, the credit card program is managed by GE Capital’s Retail Finance business and available for purchases at any of the nearly 1,100 JCPenney stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as “The JCPenney credit card has always been a powerful purchasing tool for our customers” Solution - Paydiant, Inc. Solution The White Label Approach Paydiant's white label platform enables merchants, banks and partners to quickly integrate mobile payments, offers, loyalty, and ATM cash access into their own branded mobile app.

Solution - Paydiant, Inc.

Banks Ranked by Total Assets. Research. Sterling National Bank. Patreon: Support the creators you love. Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Creativity. MBuy — Audience Based Buying. Online Marketing Solutions: Integrated Digital Marketing. Targeting. Leverage Experian’s large database to improve your marketing and sales efforts.


Utilize our high quality data that’s updated regularly to discover new revenue opportunities. Consumer Data Accelerate your marketing efforts with data on 299 million consumers and 116 million households. Stay on top of your bills, on the go. Download Manilla for Android or iPhone.

Stay on top of your bills, on the go.

Enjoy all of the benefits of Manilla right from your mobile phone with the 4+ star customer-rated Manilla app for iPhone and Android. Alan yentob. Monegraph Uses Bitcoin Tech So Internet Artists Can Establish “Original” Copies Of Their Work. People don’t want to buy copies of art, they want the original. And that’s been a huge problem for artists who create digital works that are easily copied. No scarcity means no market, so artists can’t make ends meet. But Monegraph, short for “monetized graphics”, uses cryptography to bring meatspace scarcity to online art. Nexguard Forensic Watermarking by Civolution. What can we learn from Getty’s new free, embed model? Getty Images made an interesting content-usage model announcement last week. After years of playing whack-a-mole with everyone who’s ever stolen one of their images, Getty decided to embrace the free model for a portion of their library.

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