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Find Focus Through Digital Downsizing: The Life-Changing Magic Of KonMari For Work. As the first KonMari employee, one could say San Francisco-based Jenny Ning set the standard for using the popular decluttering method to optimize her time at work.

Find Focus Through Digital Downsizing: The Life-Changing Magic Of KonMari For Work

The KonMari Method was pioneered by Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing consultant and author of the best-selling guide The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In a tidy nutshell, KonMari centers on the concept that people will “spark joy” and live a happier life when they organize the items in their surroundings to eliminate stress-inducing clutter and take care of valued possessions. Switching From Web Dev to Data Science. The data science field is still hot and the programming languages that have been used for it are too: R popularity has been increasing every year and especially Python gaining more and more importance in the data science industry.

Switching From Web Dev to Data Science

This is not only because this general-purpose language stands out for its readability and has a relatively low and very gradual learning curve, but mostly also thanks to the tools and the concepts that were originally built by scientists and sysadmins. Because, even though there seems to be a culture gap between those who use Python for scientific purposes and those who use it for more conventional purposes such as system administration and web development, their strength is that they can work together.

And this has been proven in recent years: the solid foundations of the Python language have been enriched with the creation and development of packages that help data scientists and data science teams tackle complex data problems. Crash Course Computer Science Preview. KDiff3 - Homepage. 15 Tips For Dealing With Imposter Syndrome – Shakycode. Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

15 Tips For Dealing With Imposter Syndrome – Shakycode

I know I do. If you have no idea what Imposter Syndrome is, please google it or take 30 minutes to watch this amazing video by Chris Lema. Great, now that you have any idea of what Imposter Syndrome is you may find that you experience it as it’s heavily rooted in the tech community. Below are 15 tips to help you overcome this psychological phenomenon and kick ass in the process! 1.) One of the main traits of Imposter Syndrome is the inability to acknowledge and accept one’s accomplishments. Maybe it’s a website you launched, a problem you solved, or some thesis you wrote and got a good grade on. And while we’re on the topic, remember no matter how small or large a victory is a win. 2.) Believe it or not you are not the dumbest person in the room. I guarantee you if you are in a room full of intelligent and talented people there’s at least 1–3 people in the room with the same insecurities that you have. 3.) 4.)

Fuck that. 5.) You got this! 6.) 7.) 8.) Java Programming Tutorial - 58 - Abstract and Concrete Classes. Java-winter17-in-class-banking/src/main/java at master · WeCanCodeIT/java-winter17-in-class-banking. Software Development Best Practices: Polymorphism - Liemur Software Development. Java Programming, Learn Java Online with the Java Code Geeks. Learn Java Tutorial for Beginners, Part 1: A Hello World Program. Programming by Doing. Programming by Doing. Tech Rocket Sign In: Programming, Game And Graphic Design Courses.

Eli the Computer Guy. Derek Banas. The Coding Train. Patreon The Coding Train Loading...

The Coding Train

Working... Welcome to [Undefined] 88,133 views 3 months ago I'm Daniel Shiffman. I teach at ITP ( and help to administer the Processing Foundation ( Here l I publish "creative coding" video tutorials every week. Related channels. DevTips. TheHappieCat. Note: This video assumes a somewhat intermediate knowledge of math and physics, so I do move quickly through some things.


If you have questions on matrix multiplication, the unit circle, vectors, or anything else in the video, feel free to ask at r/TheHappieMakers. There are no stupid questions. You also may want to pause the video at certain points to double-check my calculations. Doing the calculations is the best way to solidify your understanding of the concepts, but the even BETTER way is to implement them in code. The game dev challenge will be posted on the subreddit within the next day of this video's upload time, and I'll be streaming my code throughout the week.

I try to stream every day at 10PM CST, but I may be changing my schedule to accommodate the fact that ~50% of my viewers are on the other side of the planet, and not in the cornfields of the Midwest. Java - Making a timer. DecimalFormat (Java Platform SE 6) Java.lang.Object java.text.Format java.text.NumberFormat java.text.DecimalFormat All Implemented Interfaces: Serializable, Cloneable public class DecimalFormatextends NumberFormat DecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers.

DecimalFormat (Java Platform SE 6)

To obtain a NumberFormat for a specific locale, including the default locale, call one of NumberFormat's factory methods, such as getInstance(). NumberFormat f = NumberFormat.getInstance(loc); if (f instanceof DecimalFormat) { ((DecimalFormat) f).setDecimalSeparatorAlwaysShown(true); }