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Dwavesys. Google demos image rec 'quantum computer' High performance access to file storage Google says it has developed a kind of quantum computer capable of identifying objects that appear in digital photos and videos.

Google demos image rec 'quantum computer'

According to the company, the system outperforms the classical algorithms running across its current network of worldwide data centers. Hartmut Neven, Google technical lead manager for image recognition, recently unveiled the company's ongoing quantum computing work with a post to the company's research blog, saying he was due to demonstrate the technology at last week's Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Vancouver. "Many Google services we offer depend on sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning or pattern recognition," Neven writes. Lockheed-Martin signs on for D-Wave prototype computer.

High performance access to file storage Controversial Canadian company D-Wave, which has long made press claims about “commercial” quantum computing, can now claim to have sold a machine.

Lockheed-Martin signs on for D-Wave prototype computer

Even while debate still rages over whether its technology truly constitutes quantum computing, the company says that Lockheed-Martin is going to buy its D-Wave One machine for a rumoured US$10 million. Exactly what the D-Wave One is, however, is still up in the air – as is the relationship between what its marketing department writes and what the company has actually built. For example, while the company describes the machine as offering 128 qubits of processing, other physicists say the D-Wave paper in Nature demonstrates only “non-classical effects” (ie, behaviours that appear to happen at a quantum scale) in an eight-qubit system. So what is Lockheed-Martin doing? Warwick Audio is a UK-based technology company specialising in the development of flat and flexible loudspeaker (FFL) solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

The technology is applicable to audio applications in multiple fields and is designed for customers developing and manufacturing audio products for public or personal listening. Our technology enables our customers to create products that go way beyond perceived limitations, and our patented technology offers a reliable audio platform whilst facilitating innovative design. The technology was developed by Dr. A new generation of loudspeaker. BMW automobiles - website of the BMW AG. BMWs Future Car Gina Light Visionary HD. A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm. Home.

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