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Product Download. In today's competitive business environment, pressure exists on all sides to increase productivity and decrease costs.

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One way to meet this demand is to leverage the use of industry standards. Use of appropriate industry standards maximizes return on investment in training and provides the greatest opportunity for reuse of IP assets in a rapidly changing technological environment. One such standard which has gained wide acceptance within the Process Modeling community is the Object Management Group's Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN).

BPMN has become successful because it extends the familiar swimlane diagram modeling view, a standard item in the Business Analyst's toolkit, with additional features which allow powerfully expressive semantics in a compact form. It is also simple enough ensuring that basic modeling constructs are easily learned, and is aimed at business users, rather than the IT community. What's the difference? Platform Overview. Platform Overview The Decisions Platform was built to provide meaningful configuration technologies enabling processes and rules within an application to be adjusted – without coding.

Platform Overview

The Decisions Platform contains the following pieces Business design technologies. These include code-less designers for Business Rules, Flows, Forms, Reports and Dashboards.Process automation portal. These applications host tasks, dashboards and data produced by workflow and are available in a rich technology, HTML5 and mobile versions.Business Services. The platform can be leveraged to extend an existing application, be used to provide the base of process automation within an organization or as the foundation of a commercial application. The Decisions Automation Platform provides a complete set of tools for building software applications. Decisions Business Designers The Designers are: Each of the designers serves a different purpose, but they interact together to provide additional functionality. Launch any App in minutes - Zoho Creator. Workflow and BPM: What’s the Difference?

When considering case management applications, the differences between workflow and business process management (BPM) become increasingly important.

Workflow and BPM: What’s the Difference?

Even advanced workflow capabilities are not enough: A comparison of the two demonstrates why. Workflow is standard functionality included in many enterprise content management (ECM) software systems. In some cases, it may be marketed as process management, so it is important to understand the difference. In contrast, a BPM suite (BPMS) of tools includes workflow and should be used when additional functionality is required, as it is within most case management applications. This article examines the differences between traditional workflow and BPM by using a simplified purchase order-processing example. Benefits of Business Process Management. Business process management (BPM) enables organizations to align internal business functions with customer needs, and helps executive determine how to direct, monitor and measure company resources.

Benefits of Business Process Management

When properly executed by qualified professionals, business process management has the capacity to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, and minimize errors and risk – thereby protecting and optimizing corporate resources. Implementing best practices in business process management contributes to sound financial management and provides feedback on how well an organization is succeeding in meeting its goals. Some of the other key objectives and benefits associated with business process management include the following: Increase Accountability One of the primary goals of instituting a business process management system is to provide greater accountability for departmental functions, from tracking and monitoring expenditures to ensuring deliverables are met.

Improve Reliability. 10 Benefits of Workflow. There are multiple reasons to consider using workflow in an organisation, as it can automate and improve processes in all areas of a business.

10 Benefits of Workflow

The most notable example of workflow being the assembly line (as previously presented), helped to shape the standard of workflow, not only for car manufacturing but for all industries. The Toyota car company adopted Ford’s assembly line in the 1950s to develop their own lean production system. Over the following years, the benefits of their system resulted in: Productivity increases between 300% to 400%.Labor productivity increased an average of 25% a year.Defect rates reduced from over 2000 to less than 50 parts per million, and in many to less than 10 parts per million.Cost of quality cut by over 60%.Work-in-process inventory cut by more than 80%. So here are 10 good reasons for how workflow can benefit any business: In summary, workflow provides major benefits for any organisation.

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