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Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism. ECOTHERAPY. L_a_u_r_a. Accessible Tourism in Europe - Justice. Project Management. PRODER — Autoridade Florestal Nacional. Partnerships. Calls & Proposals. Innovation. Social Economy. Health Care. International Agricultural Consultants - TerraVerde Agriculture - Israel Exporter. SOCIAL MEDIA. Open Call schedule. When submitting a Full Proposal, the Proposer should contact the national COST Coordinator (CNC) - see

Open Call schedule

Full Proposal format: The text of a successful Full Proposal will constitute the formal Technical Annex of the Memorandum of Understanding of the COST Action, and must therefore conform in all material respects, including formatting, to the online template provided by the COST Office. The Proposal must be written in English; no translation service is provided by the COST Office, and peer reviewers will come from various countries. The Proposer is strongly advised to have the text checked for correctness and clarity. EEP assessment: The Assessment Criteria for a Full Proposal are shown in the Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Dissemination of Results of COST Actions - Annex B.

External Expert Panel (EEP): The COST Office, in close cooperation with each DC, convenes for each round and each DC an External Expert Panel (EEP). - Acção 3.2.2. Serviços Básicos para a População Rural Âmbito É apoiada a criação, designadamente dos seguintes tipos de serviços: Serviços de apoio à infância; Acompanhamento domiciliário a idosos e deficientes e serviços itinerantes de apoio social; Serviços de animação cultural e recreativa de base local; serviços de apoio a novos residentes; Note queEstes serviços serão priorizados quando integrados em centros multiserviços nos locais em que esses centros sejam promovidos Objectivos Aumentar a acessibilidade a serviços básicos, que constituem um elemento essencial na equiparação dos níveis de vida e na integração social das populações Beneficiários. - Acção 3.2.2.

Terras de Sicó.


A Up. Familias de escasos recursos (madres cabezas de hogar, desplazados, desempleados,adultos mayores) y comunidad estudiantil de colegios (niños y jóvenes) ubicados enlocalidades de emergencia de Bogotá.

A Up

III. OBJETIVOS Y RESULTADOS3.1. Objetivo General :En el marco del Programa Bogotá sin Hambre, contribuir a mejorar la seguridadalimentaria, la generación de ingresos, la nutrición, la alimentación y la salud de la población más pobre y vulnerable de Bogotá (madres cabeza de hogar, desplazados,desempleados, jóvenes y adultos mayores), a través de la promoción e implementación deexperiencias de Agricultura Urbana y Peri-urbana, como mecanismo para la producción dealimentos seguros, sanos y limpios. 3.2.

União Europeia

Sustainability. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Social Performance Updates - SEEPCommunity. Rehabilitation. Europe. Call for proposals - EMDASH Award 2011. Humanitarian Innovation Fund. Humanitarian Innovation Fund - Call for Proposals now open. Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Humanitarian Innovation Fund - Call for Proposals now open

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund supports organisations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative solutions to the challenges facing operational agencies in the delivery of effective humanitarian aid. We are pleased to announce the first call for proposals for the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF). The HIF provides funding through two types of grants; small grants (up to £20,000) and large grants (up to £150,000). Jess Camburn, ELRHA Director, said:“We are delighted to be launching today our first call for proposals for the humanitarian Innovation Fund.

There is a great deal of excitement amongst all of us that have been involved in the development of this important new fund as we believe innovation has the potential to stimulate dramatic change through new and improved ways of delivering assistance to those who need it most. Sustainable social enterprises.

Social Farming

Agricultura. Sustainable social enterprises. Sustainable urbanisation project “SCHMELZ” / News / Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster. Date: 06-10-2010 “Organic City, Organic Life in Dudelange – The eco-district project” The President of the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, Christian Rech, will present the ambitious urbanisation project “Schmelz” during the “Ecotechnologies Day” which will take place on October 13, 2010 at World Expo in Shanghai in the framework of the Luxembourg Commercial Week.

Sustainable urbanisation project “SCHMELZ” / News / Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster

His presentation will be highlighted by a film in Mandarin language subtitled in English demonstrating the sustainable urban development of industrial wasteland by transforming the old steelworks in the city of Dudelange into an eco-district. The presentation of the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster project “Organic City – Organic Life in Dudelange” contributes to the central theme “Better City, Better Life” of the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai promoting environmental protection and the development of eco-technologies. Back to all news. Project Management. Project Managers - Pohl Consulting & Associates, Berlin.

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