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DIY Striped Accent Wall - With Gray & White Stripes! - Lolly Jane. We are no strangers to striped walls. We’ve ombre’d the hallway, the craft room concrete floors, the front porch, the boys bedroom and now we’re going to show you how EASY it is to create an easy diy striped accent wall! If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll have seen all the sneak peeks of my slow house renovation.

We replaced the flooring after a flood which started the ball rolling on my stenciled bathroom floors and counters, raised the ceilings, installed solar tubes, created transom windows, added shiplap to the entryway wall, installed barn light pendants and are now ready for accessorizing! I am in LOVE with the gray and white striped wall! Diy striped accent wall – frogtape We love following the 2017 FrogTape Design Trends, specifically Timeless Touch.

To stripe your wall, you’ll first need to decide on your stripe sizes. Supplies you’ll need for your diy striped accent wall: FrogTapelevelmeasuring tapepencil2 colors or different sheens of paintpaint roller Success! Untitled. Untitled. Moroccan Stencils: Create Moroccan Pattern Decor with Stencil Painting | Royal Design Studio Stencils. Simply Beautiful by Angela: Peel and Stick Wood Look Vinyl Flooring. Click HERE to see the updated tutorial on installing these floors in our master bathroom which has more pictures and is more in depth! Happy Friday! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend planned! After a week of beautiful Spring weather we are supposed to get hit with snow--boo :( So it's safe to say that I'll be staying busy getting some indoor projects done. When I first decided to give our bathroom a budget makeover I wasn't even really thinking about the floors. I mean, they weren't that terrible even though they were starting to peel up in some spots.

However, once I got the beautiful shiplap up I started to get an itch to replace them with something that fits my style better. We headed over to Lowes to see what our options were. But after reading up on how to tile floors, I started to shy away from doing them myself. The guy at Lowes almost had us sold on these laminate planks by Pergo Max Premier in Heathered Oak. So I drove myself nuts for weeks trying to figure out what to do. How to Stencil a Wall for HUGE Impact + Foyer Reveal! Y'all know I love color and pattern, right? So it should be no big surprise that I am a BIG fan of stencils. They can completely transform a wall without the commitment of wallpaper. So, today I am going to share with you how to stencil a wall. I recently did it in my foyer and am crazy in love with the results. Update: I've already gotten questions about where I found the artwork and wooden key, so I've included a full source list at the bottom of the post!

First, let's take a look at what the foyer when we moved in. See that VERY beige space on the left? I was ready for a change. Materials Needed: Stencil- The BEST stencils I have found are from Royal Design Studios. Steps: Note, because of how our wall is configured, I decided to start in the corner and work from bottom to top. 1) Tape your stencil in place using low-tack painter's tape. 2) Start stenciling. Error loading player: No playable sources found Here's the finished look. What do you think? Paint Colors: The DIY Designer: 4 accent walls guaranteed to make a statement. If you are short on cash but want to make a statement in a room, paint is your best bet. A gallon of paint will only set you back about $30 or so, but oh the things it can do.

My favorite way to make the most of paint in a space is to make one wall a bold feature wall with the help of FrogTape. Here are four accent walls guaranteed to make a statement. Cane-inspired accent wall Though this cane accent wall might look complicated to create, it really isn't. (Photo: Jenna LaFevor) Although this pattern may look complicated to create, it is actually very easy. Black and white gallery wall This gallery wall showcases some of my favorite art pieces and disguises the television. Of all the accent walls I’ve ever painted, this one is probably my favorite—it is probably also one of the easiest. Confetti accent wall This confetti wall is a fun greeting for guests.

This wall is also one of the easiest accent walls I’ve ever painted. Crisscross accent wall. DIY Fabric Covered Wall. Contact Paper Turned Renter's "Wallpaper" - Champagne DIY. Hey there! In one of my first posts, I wrote about my love of wallpaper. I was sufficiently inspired by some jaw-dropping inspiration I found online… But like most renters, I had to be careful of that bolded clause in my lease that says, “You’ll be in big trouble and owe us lots of money if you make any permanent changes to the apartment” (or something like that). Enter: CONTACT PAPER!! A little background on renter’s options before going into the details on this post. (affiliate link). The first step for the wall was choosing the pattern.

To turn this pattern into “wallpaper”, this first thing I did was buy the contact paper. (affiliate link) is the REAL DEAL. (affiliate link), it’s less than $20. While I waited for the contact paper to arrive, I made a stencil of the patterns on poster board. Many, many episodes of Law & Order and two delivery-meals later, I got started placing the pieces on the wall.

For every piece, you’ll peal off the back which leaves another “stencil”. PS. PPS. Mr. Kate - DIY Large Scale Wall Stencil. What to do with a big white wall? You can watercolor it, entwine it in multicolored yarn, or … style it with a DIY stencil! When Joey and I recently gave Andrea a bedroom to dream about (and dream in!) , one of the key design elements was giving her a statement wall to back her new elegant bed, etc. I thought about using wallpaper but because it’s a rental and paint is easier to go over than wallpaper, I thought, stencil! However, it’s hard to find large scale stencils. It has the same effect as wallpaper, but at a fraction of a fraction of the cost … and in my opinion, double the fun! Prep It: Print-out of stencil pattern (if you need it on a larger piece of paper, use a printing service like FedEx)Thin plastic sheetCraft knifeCutting MatPainter’s Tape MarkerSmall foam roller Wall paint Download the printable PDF for this stencil pattern here!

Do It! Draw or design your stencil pattern. Elsie's Handwriting Statement Wall. I know I say this all the time, but... FAVORITE PROJECT EVER. This statement wall was so much fun to create! I love the texture that it adds to our small bedroom. It feels instantly more cozy in our space. I was inspired by this wall (by Numbered Street Designs). Before we started painting, we taped lines about 2-3 feet apart all the way up the wall. Choosing the words to repeat was a little scary. We borrowed my dads big ladder and 3 days later... this wall was done! I'm so happy with our new space. It's the best feeling in the world to finish up one space at a time, week by week! Xo. Painted Cross Stitch Wall Mural DIY. So you may have seen this image floating around pinterest or general cyberspace.... This bedroom belongs to the fantastically talented Dutch Artist and Illustrator Eline Pellinkhof .

Her cute and creative casa was featured here. Her home is warm and full of interesting nooks and crannies... but it is this painted wall that really got my creative juices flowing... maybe even turned those juices little green because 'why didn't I think if that?! ' But any-who I am glad that she shared her lovely home and let me in on one of her great ideas~ Thought I'd give it a try and let you all know how I did it.

Ok general run through and some pointers. I love it. Pretty simple and pretty snazzy.Thanks for stopping by! Blended Ombre Walls. I've been busy, busy these last few days! We've had the same color scheme in our room since we were married (a little over 6 years ago), so I'm ready for a change! Here's the color scheme now: I've loved it, but change is good. It breathes fresh life into things. So, I'm going for something totally different. The first step? There's still more work to be done before the room is finished, but we're off to a good start! Sarah Hearts - DIY Polka Dot Door. February 17, 2015 Pin It! If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you know that I’m a big fan of polka dots.

I put them on just about anything and everything so when I was looking for a way to add them to my new studio space I had just the idea. I wanted to add them to the door! This project is really quick, affordable, and definitely makes a statement! Time: 30 minutesSupplies:Matte white adhesive vinylCutting machine or a circle cutter I started as I do in most things with a mock up that was to scale in Adobe Illustrator. Now I kinda want to do this to every door in the house! See what else I’ve made with my Silhouette over on my Silhouette page. DIY: Polka Dot Nursery Wall. Michelle was one of our Project of the Month finalists a couple months back, and we loved all her DIY projects but especially her innovative use of contact paper for her the awesome polka dot nursery wall in her son’s baby room. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing with our readers! I desperately wanted over-sized, whimsical, silver polka dots for the walls of my gender-neutral nursery. The $220 price tag for special ordering polka dot wall decals was ridiculous.

I knew I could do it myself for less. And I did! Actually, I came up with a fantastic solution for less than $40! I’m excited to share how I made my polka dots with the Project Nursery community and hope other baby mama’s find this tutorial helpful. Believe it or not, my polka dots are made with silver contact paper from a home improvement store. Project list: Contact paper, circle cutter, credit card, self-healing mat and something heavy to weigh down the contact paper (I used oversized candlesticks) 1. 2. 3. Anyone inspired? Workshop Wednesday - DIY Vintage Inspired Wall Art - Mashia Crafts. As a lover of vintage stuff and granny floral patterns, I always visit the home decor sections of my favorite stores, but...lately i find myself falling in love with wall art that i never buy because somewhere in the back of my mind I say... well I could pay for this $29.99 wall art.. or I can make my own.

Unfortunately I never use to have the time to actually make stuff. I finally decided that It was time! Time to make some wall art :) I knew that whatever I made has to be affordable (it's gotta be worth my time) and fun to make. So I went to the Dollar Tree <3 and found a super cute floral pattern tissue paper that I knew I wanted to use. Next I went to Michaels, and right when I was about to pay $12.99 for a canvas, I decided I would innovate instead! So I went home and decided to look through my trash :) sometimes I don't mind trashy lol and found some pizza, cereal and cake mix boxes that I thought would work great. So basically the whole thing was under $5.00 and tons of fun! 2. Paint Color Mistakes - Home Color Decorating Mistakes. If you ever spent more time agonizing over the difference between "Sunshine Yellow" and "Daylight Yellow" than you have with your family in a given week, we feel your pain.

Choosing a color isn't a decision to take lightly, as it sets a room's mood and impacts how your furniture looks. Don't do these, say the pros: Mistake #1: Painting a ceiling flat white. The biggest wall in a room is the one most of us don't even think about. "I never paint a ceiling dead white because all white paint has a bit of gray in it, and it takes the room down," designer Athalie Derse says. Her suggestion: Choose a cream shade instead. (And we suggest hiring a pro for this job.)

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Mistake #2: Going too matchy-matchy. It's tempting to keep things easy and just bring a fabric swatch to the paint counter. Mistake #3: Leaving out "palate cleansing" elements. Once you fall in love with a color, it's easy to go overboard. Mistake #4: Playing it too "safe. " Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood. The colors of the rooms within your home need to bring out your personality. While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room color, it affects every day of our lives. Room color can influence our mood and our thoughts. Colors affects people in many ways, depending upon one’s age, gender, ethnic background or local climate.

Certain colors or groups of colors tend to get a similar reaction from most people – the overall difference being in the shade or tones used. So when it comes to decorating, it is important to choose wisely. In order to have a beautiful home, you do not have to worry about trends. Choose Wisely! Keep in mind that each color has a psychological value. What mood do you want to create? Find clear answers to these questions. Room Colors and Their Effects Understand that colors behave in three basic ways : active, passive, and neutral. Red raises a room’s energy level. Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. Conclusion. 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls. 12 Affordable Tricks to Originally Bring Photography into Your Home. We all appreciate meaningful stories and hang on to valuable moments in day to day life. Which is probably why we often get the urge to turn our home into a miniature photo gallery.

There are many ways to achieve this tastefully, but people usually go for the classic method: buying simple photo frames and placing them around the house.And while we agree that this approach is the easiest, it is not always the solution that best highlights the photos, or the “photography corner” of the room. For today we gathered some tricks on how to creatively bring photography into your home, at a fair price.

If you know any other similar ideas, please leave a comment below. “This post is part of an ongoing series presented by Lowe’s. . #1. We found this really absorbing idea here. . #2. Need an alternative use for those jars long forgotten in the kitchen cupboards? #3. . #4. This colorful arrangement comes from Martha Stewart and has a powerful visual impact. . #5. . #6. . #7. . #8. . #9. . #10. . #11. . #12. How To Choose A Color Palette That Won't Drive You Insane. 10 Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms.

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