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Crochet Preemie Hat with Newborn Sizing - Cre8tion Crochet. Preemie Through Child Sizing – Pins's Needles. These quick and simple to crochet chevron hats are my favorite for donating!

Preemie Through Child Sizing – Pins's Needles

Scrap yarn makes great stripes, or choose a trendy gray-and-white color scheme. It is easy to make them for special events and themes by just changing up the colors. A pom pom would be a perfect addition, but check with the organization you are donating to first! Simple Chevron Baby HatIn six sizes ranging from 2-3 lb preemie to child Materials Soft acrylic yarn in worsted weightSize “H” crochet hook (5.00mm) Gauge: 13 dc to 4″ or 3.25 st/inch Notes: Chevron stripes are created by alternating between colors every other row. 2-3 lb Preemie Ch 3 (First ch 3 of round counts as dc, now and throughout), 9 dc into magic loop, join with sl st to first dc. (10 dc) Round 1: Sl st between first and second dc.

Round 2: Sl st between first and second dc. Round 3: Sl st between first and second dc. Round 4: Sl st between first and second dc. Repeat Round 4 (4) times more, alternating between MC and CC every other row. Tie off. Crochet Baby Bear Hat and Mittens Loops & Love Crochet. I made this baby set as part of a baby shower gift for my cousin who is expecting a baby girl soon!

Crochet Baby Bear Hat and Mittens Loops & Love Crochet

She loved it and was very excited to put her new baby in it! I’m hoping she will sent me a photo so I can add it to this post! This set worked up quite quickly and the simple stitches make it pretty easy! I love how the back loop double crochet stitches give it some extra texture without extra difficulty. The ears on the hat also add a lot of cuteness! For now, this pattern is just available in 0-3 month size. This pattern is available for FREE on this website. Remember to like Loops and Love Crochet on Facebook and join the Loops and Love Crochet Group! Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. Materials (for hat and mittens): Worsted weight yarn – You can use any worsted-weight yarn for this project.

Stitches Used: Gauge 2” across = 9 DC2” height = 4.5 rows of DC. 30 Minute Crochet Newborn Baby Beanie. Perfect Peony – Free Crochet Hat Pattern. Perfect Peony Some winter days call for a cozy hat.

Perfect Peony – Free Crochet Hat Pattern

And then there are those winter days that call for a burst of color, something to smile about, and a great big statement flower. Bring it on, bleak midwinter! We’ve got you covered with the perfect peony. Newborn Berry Hat. Crochet an adorable newborn berry hat using our free crochet pattern.

Newborn Berry Hat

The Stem on top is the best part! This whimsical pretty baby hat will make a sweet accessory to your baby’s outfit or a fabulous baby shower gift for someone special. Switch up the colors to make a blueberry hat or a raspberry hat. Newborn Fairy Floss Pom Pom Hat Crochet Pattern - Hopeful Honey. While crocheting with this yarn, I couldn’t help but think of a childhood full of carnivals and cotton candy.

Newborn Fairy Floss Pom Pom Hat Crochet Pattern - Hopeful Honey

The thrill of the rides, the taste of sugary snacks, not to mention the difficult decision about which games to spend your hard earned tickets on, in hope of winning a fluffy animal of some sort. I think there’s something about a fair that brings out the inner child in us all! What You’ll Need 6.00mm Crochet Hook. Baby Candy Cane Elf Hat Crochet Pattern - Hopeful Honey. Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year!

Baby Candy Cane Elf Hat Crochet Pattern - Hopeful Honey

My family always decorates our home in the first week of December, and we usually don’t end up taking everything down till the beginning of February! … But shhh, that’s our little secret! I also love any excuse to sing Christmas carols, who doesn’t? They’re so jolly, and just so happen to have that special yet magical ability to make me happy no matter what!

Unlike most families, mine opens our presents on Christmas Eve. Free Crochet Pattern - Panda Baby Booties. Hello my lovely crocheters!

Free Crochet Pattern - Panda Baby Booties

When the panda’s cub is first born it is blind and pink, weighing only 90 to 130 grams (3.2 to 4.6 ounces) what is only 1/800th of the mother’s weight. Mother nurses it six to fourteen times a day for up to 30 minutes at a time. One to two weeks after birth, the cub’s skin turns gray where its hair will later become black. The eye-spots are at first in the shape of a circle, later the circles become shaped like a teardrop. Crochet Panda Bear Hat - Repeat Crafter Me. I love when one crochet pattern suddenly morphs into something else and that is exactly what has happened with my last couple hat patterns!

Crochet Panda Bear Hat - Repeat Crafter Me

It all started with my Crochet Fox Hat which then turned into a Raccoon Hat and then the Raccoon hat inspired me to make this Panda Bear Hat! I love being able to borrow elements from one pattern and creating something else. What will this hat become next?! One Hour Free Crochet Hat Pattern for Beginners (+ Video Tutorial) Whether you’re new to crocheting or just need a project that works up quickly, this free crochet hat pattern for beginners is astonishingly easy.

One Hour Free Crochet Hat Pattern for Beginners (+ Video Tutorial)

If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make this simple unisex beanie pattern! Get the full free pattern and video tutorial below or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF for $2.75 here. Lolly-Poms Easy Ribbed Crochet Beanie - One Dog Woof. Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Crochet Hat Pattern For Men, Women, and Kids in 4 Sizes! - Kirsten Holloway Designs. Free Crochet Pattern. I started working on this crochet hat pattern way back in May of this year!

Free Crochet Pattern

It has taken me forever to finally wrap it up, but I am so excited that it is finally done! Just in time for the cooler temperatures! Free Crochet Pattern – Cross Stitch Hat. Cross Stitch Hat I’ve always been a fan of cross stitch but never tried it until now. It’s easy and fun and takes no time at all since the cross stitch stitches on this hat are so super sized!

…..more EASY! This pattern has been tested and approved, Enjoy. Copyright notice Please feel free to sell your finished hats made from this pattern, I just ask that you please give the blog credit for the pattern and if you sell them online please also provide a link to this blog. Maybe Matilda: Dare to Give Handmade Link Up and Double Pom Pom Hat Pattern. Welcome to my favorite week of Dare to DIY: Dare to Give Handmade! Today’s link up is right here at Maybe Matilda, so don’t forget to add YOUR handmade project. Make sure also to visit my cohosts, Newly Woodwards, Décor and the Dog, and Shift Ctrl Art, to see their lovely work. I wouldn’t complain about receiving a single one of their awesome gifts this Christmas. For my handmade gift, I crocheted a darling little double pom pom hat for Darcy. Because if 1 pom pom is adorable, 2 pom poms are so cute it could kill you.

Are you dead? I’ve been particularly loving big, chunky, thick hats for my kids this year, and I wanted to come up with something kind of silly and fun for Darcy to wear. Cabled Slouchy Beanie - All About Ami. Whistleandivy. Black Cat Slouch Hat - Free Crochet Cat Hat Pattern - Persia Lou. 12 Newborn Crochet Hat Patterns to Download for FREE. Crochet Cabbage Patch Doll Inspired Hat - Repeat Crafter Me. A couple months ago I came across THIS crochet cabbage patch doll hat pattern. And about the same time my mom found my old cabbage patch doll that she gave me when I was 4 years old! I knew I was going to have to pass the doll down to my newborn daughter AND make her a matching cabbage doll hat. It is perfect for a Halloween costume! First I need to introduce you to the Loop Stitch. The entire hat will be made with this stitch so if you aren’t familiar with it, here is a little tutorial on how to make this stitch: Step 1: Insert hook in stitch.

And here is a little video. When the hat is complete you will want to flip it inside out so the loops are on the outside. Materials: – Worsted Weight Yarn. Abbreviations: Magic Ring Tutorial SC = Single Crochet Lp St = Loop Stitch I haven’t tested larger sizes but this is how I would increase: Note: if hat starts to look skinny/pointy add a row of loop stitches between each increase as you did in the beginning of the pattern Braided Pigtails: Free Tutorial - Wig Hat Crochet Pattern - Infant and Child. Black Cat Slouch Hat - Free Crochet Cat Hat Pattern - Persia Lou.

My Black Cat Slouch Hat has chunky ribbing and cute cat ears. The simple and free Crochet Cat Hat pattern works up quickly and makes a great gift. This post contains affiliate links, which help to support this site. Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Spinnaker Baby Hat - a Free Crochet Pattern. Are your crochet projects mostly girly ones? Mine are. But I never bothered to ask myself why, until Taci's Hats for Brazil came along.

That's when I noticed: the sweet little lacy hats seemed to fly off my hook, but when it came to crocheting hats for boys, nothing looked quite right. Why should this be? Pattern - Newborn Baby Beanie with Heart - Colour and Cotton. Chevron Beanie Pattern. Free Patterns. Unfuzzy’s Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover Set. Earflap Hat - Toddler. Deeply Textured Hat - 9-12 months. Deeply Textured Hat free pattern, and other mutterings. Crochet beard beanie. Scalliope Hat ~ a Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial. Stretchy Star Stitch, as featured in the Picea Hat ~ Corrected Instructions and Tutorial. Olivia's Butterfly. This is a very simple hat and very quick to make. Using a J hook and worsted weight yarn, I used red heart, and it fits a 20 1/2 inch head very nicely. Newborn Button Beanie Crochet Pattern — Being Spiffy.

Santa Hat ~ Easy crochet pattern. Crochet Monkey Hat - Pattern. Crochet Owl Hat Pattern. Baby Panda Outfit. Head in the clouds: DIY: crocheted beanie hat. Crochet Strawberry Hat Pattern. 10 Free Animal Hat Crochet Patterns « The Yarn Box. Crochet Hats Eight FREE Patterns: Crochet Hats with CrochetMe. Crochet Penguin Hat Pattern. Quick Easy Winter Beanies. Finished for Friday - Husband Hat.

Handmade Crochet Cherry Blossom Beanie. Classic Cloche Pattern. The Professional. A Chick w/ Sticks: Crochet Beard Pattern. Learn to crochet Easy Ribbed Beanie/Cap Style 1 (Tambien en Español) James's Hat. How to crochet a swirl pattern beanie (Half shell stitch) - Tambien en espanol. Puff stitch hat pattern. Anastasia Popova » Crochet Men’s Hat Pattern. Snowflake Slouch Hat.

Griddle Stitch Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern - Handcrafting With Love. Candy Puffs Beanie. Anthro Inspired Hat. Basket Weave Hat Pattern. Cool Crochet Cable Crochet Hat. Brain Waves Beanie pattern by Liz McQueen. PATTERN: Crochet Hat for My Mom. Fuzzy Bear Hat With Ears - 3 months. Crocheted Rib Hat Pattern - Mielke's Fiber Arts.

A very simple skateboarder beanie. FREE Crochet Patterns: Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat and Baby Booties (3 sizes Baby, Toddler, Child(easy) GOT SCRAPS CAP. Free Crochet Pattern – Cross Stitch Hat.