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Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Spinnaker Baby Hat - a Free Crochet Pattern. Are your crochet projects mostly girly ones?

Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Spinnaker Baby Hat - a Free Crochet Pattern

Mine are. But I never bothered to ask myself why, until Taci's Hats for Brazil came along. That's when I noticed: the sweet little lacy hats seemed to fly off my hook, but when it came to crocheting hats for boys, nothing looked quite right. Why should this be? After thinking it over, I realised that to me, crochet just looks feminine. So designing this little hat was in the nature of a challenge to myself. Simplicity and texture were the keywords for this project. A counter-clockwise swirl gives movement to the textured stripes and a satisfying symmetry to the crown. Spinnaker features 2 band options: a striped band and a textured band. Some Technical Details Spinnaker can be made in any size, from any yarn weight. Here are the stats for my sample hats: *Yes, this is a Shameless Product Endorsement, but I'm not receiving any compensation for it. And now, on to the pattern. Spinnaker HatAll pattern terminology is American.

Mrs. Pattern - Newborn Baby Beanie with Heart - Colour and Cotton. This cute baby beanie is quick to make and perfect for baby shower gifts or welcoming that little bundle of joy home from the hospital!

Pattern - Newborn Baby Beanie with Heart - Colour and Cotton

Materials Needed Worsted Weight Yarn Hook Size: 3.5mm (E) Yarn Needle Stitch Marker. Chevron Beanie Pattern. I never knew the Chevron Infinity Scarf would be such a great hit!

Chevron Beanie Pattern

Someone brilliantly suggested a pattern for a matching beanie. So here we are. Stay tuned for matching chevron boot cuffs as well! The beanie measures 10 inches long and about 9 inches wide. Free Patterns. Nothing puts me in the mood to crochet more than cooler temperatures.

Free Patterns

Fall is my favorite season and I’m so excited it is finally here! One of the best parts of fall is that it is apple season. To celebrate fall (and a friend’s new baby) I had to make an apple hat from my Versatile Earflap Hat Pattern, of course. To make an apple hat of your own, simply follow the instructions in my pattern available here, making the entire hat in red. Then follow the instructions below to make a stem and a leaf. Unfuzzy’s Giraffe Hat and Diaper Cover Set. Earflap Hat - Toddler. 9-12 month size here. 6-month size here. 3-month size here.

Earflap Hat - Toddler

Newborn size is here. Premie size is here. This toddler size earflap hat should fit a 2-4 year old. My beautiful #1 girl is 3 years old, with a 22" head circumference. Deeply Textured Hat - 9-12 months. This is a modification of the pattern from The Laughing Willow.

Deeply Textured Hat - 9-12 months

For adult size, see her original post. Premie size here. Newborn size here. 3-month size here. 6-month size here. Toddler size here. Deeply Textured Hat free pattern, and other mutterings. Hello fellow bloggers!

Deeply Textured Hat free pattern, and other mutterings

Anyone miss me? It's been 2.5 looooong months since I've posted here. Lots has happened, but of course, the biggest change has been moving into our new house. Crochet beard beanie. Scalliope Hat ~ a Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial. 1.

Scalliope Hat ~ a Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial

A portmanteau word, formed by combining Scallop with Calliope. 2. A cosy new hat pattern from Mrs. M... ...who really wanted to call this pattern Calliope, or Carousel, or Merry-Go-Round. But these excellent names were already taken, so something new was indicated - and Scalliope it is. Scalliope features a Stretchy Star Stitch crown, with a unique oval starting method that creates a flat, almost undetectable center. Stretchy Star Stitch, as featured in the Picea Hat ~ Corrected Instructions and Tutorial. The Stretchy Star stitch was developed especially for the crown of the Picea Hat pattern, recently published in Interweave Crochet Accessories 2014.

Stretchy Star Stitch, as featured in the Picea Hat ~ Corrected Instructions and Tutorial

Unfortunately, Interweave's instructions for the stitch contain a small but critical misprint* which would affect stitch quality and gauge. This tutorial demonstrates the correct way to make the stitch. Though it looks like a traditional star stitch, the Stretchy Star is really a slip stitch with flourishes. Its unique construction yields a cushy, textured, and very stretchy fabric. The Stretchy Star is designed to be worked in the round, with right side facing at all times. Olivia's Butterfly. This is a very simple hat and very quick to make.

Olivia's Butterfly

Using a J hook and worsted weight yarn, I used red heart, and it fits a 20 1/2 inch head very nicely. Very easily adjustible by either adding increase rows or taking away. Newborn Button Beanie Crochet Pattern — Being Spiffy. This pattern super easy and super cute. I used Martha Stewart Roving Wool from Lion Brand in Rhubarb and Blue Agave. Those colors and more are on sale right now so stock up!!! The yarn choice and button really make the hat so have fun with your options. Santa Hat ~ Easy crochet pattern. Crochet Monkey Hat - Pattern. I love this monkey hat! It's so fun! You can make it with or without earflaps - plain or with a flower - monkey colored or bright blue. Be a little silly and make one for yourself and your favorite small person! Please note: I have not tested all size ranges to verify a proper fit for each age category, but they should be close.

Crochet Owl Hat Pattern. Round 1: Magic ring, Chain 2, DC 12 inside ring, joint to 1st DC, chain 2 Round 2: 2 DC in same stitch and in each around, join, chain 2 (24). Round 3: DC in the same stitch as Chain 2, DC, DC, 2 Dc in next, *DC in next 3, 2 Dc in next, repeat from * around, Join to 1st DC, chain 2. (30) Round 4: DC in the same stitch as Chain 2, DC, 2 DC in next, *DC in next two, 2 DC in next stitch, repeat from * around, Join to 1st DC, chain 2. (40) Round 5-7: Beginning in same stitch as Chain 2, DC around, join to 1st DC, chain 2 (40) Note: before joining round 7, change color. Round 8-9: In new color DC around, join to 1st DC, chain 2 (40) Do not fasten off, begin first earflap.

Baby Panda Outfit. As you know, when I was pregnant I went on a crochet spree, trying to crochet as many cute items for our baby as I possibly could! I knew we would be doing a newborn photoshoot, so I tried to crochet some special props for it (including this cute stork pouch). While looking up crochet ideas for newborn shoots, I came across this adorable turtle outfit as well as this sweet ladybug outfit. I wanted to make Myla a little outfit too, so we decided to go with a panda bear!

I had already made some owl hats using Sarah’s pattern on “Repeat Crafter Me”- I loved how the seam was hidden and how she had hat patterns for newborns all the way to adults! Head in the clouds: DIY: crocheted beanie hat. I mentioned in this post that I was going to share the pattern for this easy crocheted hat, so here goes... You will need 5mm crochet hook Approx. 80g King Cole Moorland Aran A tapestry needle to thread in the ends. Crochet Strawberry Hat Pattern. All of the yummy fruits that are in season right now have inspired me.

10 Free Animal Hat Crochet Patterns « The Yarn Box. It’s time to let our children act like the animals they are. The Yarn Box brings you a variety of animal hats straight from the farm and the jungle. We are not responsible for the monkeys that climb on your furniture or the puppies that will not quit barking. Crochet Hats Eight FREE Patterns: Crochet Hats with CrochetMe. Crochet Penguin Hat Pattern. Quick Easy Winter Beanies. Finished for Friday - Husband Hat. Handmade Crochet Cherry Blossom Beanie. Classic Cloche Pattern. Do you remember my post about my Classic Cloche? Well, someone left a comment and asked for the pattern. Unfortunately, I did not write the pattern down as I made it. (That's not the first time for that. The Professional. Author by Emily Nelson Introduction This cap is based on the red cap from the movie “The Professional”.

A Chick w/ Sticks: Crochet Beard Pattern. Over the holiday I attended an Ugly Sweater party with a White Elephant Gift exchange. I didn't have any ugly Christmas sweaters so I improvised and wore our tree skirt as a Christmas poncho.Deciding what we wanted to give as our gifts was really fun. I had seen pictures all over the web of crochet beard hats, so I thought I would whip one up for my white elephant gift. Learn to crochet Easy Ribbed Beanie/Cap Style 1 (Tambien en Español) James's Hat. Author Kelley Poteat. How to crochet a swirl pattern beanie (Half shell stitch) - Tambien en espanol. Puff stitch hat pattern. Anastasia Popova » Crochet Men’s Hat Pattern. Snowflake Slouch Hat. Griddle Stitch Beanie - Free Crochet Pattern - Handcrafting With Love. Candy Puffs Beanie. Anthro Inspired Hat. Basket Weave Hat Pattern. Cool Crochet Cable Crochet Hat. Brain Waves Beanie pattern by Liz McQueen. PATTERN: Crochet Hat for My Mom. Fuzzy Bear Hat With Ears - 3 months. Crocheted Rib Hat Pattern - Mielke's Fiber Arts.

A very simple skateboarder beanie. Panda Bear Earflap Hat. FREE Crochet Patterns: Free Crochet Pattern for Baby Hat and Baby Booties (3 sizes Baby, Toddler, Child(easy) GOT SCRAPS CAP.