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Milky Elephant. Sites Like Deviantart - Find 25 art community Sites Similar to Deviantart.Com. Sites Like Vecteezy - Find 25 graphics design Sites Similar to Vecteezy.Com. Pixel Groovy. Social bookmarking for pictures on VisualizeUs. Bagorites. Imggot: Creative Image Bookmarking - Get Inspired ! The Web's Best Websites Showcase for Inspiration » screenfluent. . linkdup . . . . world wide web stimulus . . . . v.1.5000231e (blue) . . . . . . (c) preloaded '99-'02 . . . . . StyleVault – Web design showcase. Styleboost. Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.

Blog.SpoonGraphics. Fudgegraphics. CoolVibe - Digital Art, Wallpapers, Inspiration. 24 Great Niche Galleries. CSS galleries can be a great source of inspiration, but if you’re looking for something in particular they can be a bit of a nightmare.

24 Great Niche Galleries

They can also be a little repetitive, you’ll often find the same design repeated on many of the galleries. Since niche galleries have a tighter focus it allows them to be more detailed when adding sites to the gallery, and although they don’t update as often the quality usually makes up for it. Given their focus the same design is a lot less likely to be featured on more than one of the niche galleries. This is not to say the general galleries are going away, they provide a steady steam of inspiration, but when you’re looking for something in particular niche is nicer.

iDesign * Vectors - Featuring the best Free Vectors from around the web. Updated Daily! The best of the best in design updated every minute! Graphic Design Tutorials : Graphic Design Software Directory & Portal for Graphics Tips : Desktop Publishing Resources & Graphic Design Links. The Import / Design Inspiration / Design Blog. Creattica. All Designs,Graphics and Web Resources-Naldz Graphics. Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources. Noupe Design Blog. Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials.

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