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Mensa Civica – Restauración Colectiva Sostenible en España. Concursos. Home / designlovefest. Empresas - practicas. Ambiente. Color. Cursos de moda y diseño en Milano, Paris, London y Shanghai. Pininfarina. La Galleria del Vento Pininfarina è dal 1972 un centro di eccellenza per la ricerca e lo sviluppo nel settore dell'aerodinamica e aeroacustica. Per sostenere il lavoro di ricerca, sono a disposizione impianti moderni e tecniche di misura avanzate. Casa de Diseño. Popular. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. 23,334 free fonts for Windows and Mac - FontSpace. Inspiration Hut - Daily Art and Design Inspiration and Downloads.

Visualgraphc. The Design Blog. Good typography. Website Templates. CasaTinta. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Information Is Beautiful.

20 Incredible Analytics Designs. Analytics are a collection of immense amounts of data.

20 Incredible Analytics Designs

Making them look pretty can be hard, but fear not, Dribbble is always here to impress. In this post we feature 20 incredible analytics designs. Inspirational Examples of Icon Sketching. Sketching is an important part of the design process.

Inspirational Examples of Icon Sketching

In fact, even the greatest designers prefer spending a good deal of time with the pencil, before heading to Photoshop or Illustrator. 75 Cool Icon Illustration Design Inspiration. The History of Typography movie by Ben Barrett-Forrest. Hundreds of cut-out paper letters tell the history of typefaces in this stop-motion animation by Canadian graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest.

The History of Typography movie by Ben Barrett-Forrest

Starting in the fifteenth century with Johannes Gutenberg's Blackletter font, The History of Typography charts the major innovations in font design up to the present day. Barrett-Forrest explains the variations between early serif fonts such as Caslon and Baskerville and how they evolved into modern sans serif fonts such as Futura and Helvetica. Cutting out and animating the letters took Barrett-Forrest around 140 hours over a period of two months, on top of dozens of hours of research and post-production.

"It was fairly tedious cutting out almost 300 paper letters, especially the serif typefaces with their tiny spikes, but it soon became almost meditative," says Barrett-Forrest. "I feel that I have a much closer connection with each of the typefaces that I addressed, now that I have laboured to create each one. " Color Trends + Palettes. Volume 1: A Guide to Making Things. In celebration of our first year, we wanted to send something nice to friends, fellow makers and people who do good things.

Volume 1: A Guide to Making Things

Working with the lovely folks at Hey, who illustrated these ideas for us, we made 100 copies of the printed version. This is the digital version, and we have lots of copies. Fieldwork began one short but eventful year ago. Floating Schools Designed To Fight Floods In Bangladesh. Climate change is getting a lot of attention in America this fall, thanks in part to the havoc wreaked upon New York by Hurricane Sandy.

Floating Schools Designed To Fight Floods In Bangladesh

But that’s nothing compared to its effects on low-lying Bangladesh, which has struggled with global warming-induced floods for years now. Bangladesh now endures two annual floods, leaving millions of people without access to clean water, electricity, and other basic amenities for huge portions of the year. Since the rising tides of global warming won’t be slowing down anytime soon, a group called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has come up with an incredibly simple alternative: build homes, health care offices, and schools that can float.

Founded by a Bangladeshi architect named Mohammed Rezwan in 2008, the nonprofit runs a fleet of almost a hundred boats that offer education to kids and their parents, as well as access to libraries, health care, and information about agriculture and financial management. {H/t Designboom] MSF - Pastillas contra el dolor ajeno. This Vending Machine Sells Fresh Salads Instead Of Junk Food. At the Garvey Food Court in downtown Chicago--a somewhat bleak place that Yelp reviewers call “sketchy” and even “scary”--there’s plenty of typical fast food fare.

This Vending Machine Sells Fresh Salads Instead Of Junk Food

Dunkin Donuts, Popeyes, McDonalds, and other chains ring the hallway. But in the center of the food court, things are a little different: Last fall, an entrepreneur named Luke Saunders opened Farmer’s Fridge, a vending machine that sells fresh kale and strawberries instead of candy. Each morning, the machine is filled with freshly made salads and snacks packed in recyclable jars. The ingredients, carefully layered to stay crisp throughout the day, are all organic, and locally grown when possible. “I have always been someone who sought out healthy food, and I have been a bit obsessed with the food industry my entire life,” Saunders says. By forgoing the rent and staff costs of a restaurant, Saunders can start to compete with the chains. So far, almost everyone who tries the food comes away a fan. ColaLife: Simon Berry is trying to make medicine as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola in rural Africa.

Photo courtesy of Rohit Ramchandani To get vital medicines to children in need throughout Zambia, entrepreneur Simon Berry started taking cues from Coca-Cola.

ColaLife: Simon Berry is trying to make medicine as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola in rural Africa.

How did you get the idea for ColaLife? Houde-prototypes-97. Ideo Imagines 18 Packaging Concepts For The Future. Browse through any design monograph or website and you’re bound to come across such terms as "tinkering," "iterative thinking," and "prototyping.

Ideo Imagines 18 Packaging Concepts For The Future

" In the design world, it’s understood that great products tend to emerge from an inquisitive, let’s-see-what-happens attitude. Ideo, the international design and ideas firm, knows the value of experimenting and so has set up an internal project, Designs On, to cultivate an open and active design culture. How To Prototype For Success, Power, And Unlimited Riches. Doing is the new thinking.

How To Prototype For Success, Power, And Unlimited Riches

Makers are the new creatives. You are what you make. Click on a random link in social media and chances are you’ll end with someone talking about prototyping. And with good reason: It works. With the amount of chatter around prototyping you’d imagine it was something as fresh and important as a Ramen Burger or a bacon-infused Cronut.