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STEAM - 4th Grade Teaching Resources. 25 STEAM Projects for Kids. SCIENCE-TEACHER EDUCATION ADVANCED METHODS - S-Team - NTNU Wiki. Read more about S-TEAM This week's image courtesy of Ran Peleg The mid-project conference took place in Glasgow on 13-15 October.


Download the preliminary report. Download Riel Miller's presentation here, Doris Jorde's presentation here, Eilsih McLoughlin's presentation here and Robin Millar's, here. You can download the preliminary report on Inquiry based science teaching in the partner countries here. For contact details, click here The project is coordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Why are we dinosaurs? Having looked at some teacher blogs recently, it occurred to me that we are way behind with the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies. Peter. Project Steam. Project Steam is a railway preservation society based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Project Steam

It is dedicated to the restoration of steam locomotives formerly operated by the New Zealand Railways Department, with its goal to restore at least one locomotive to main line operating conditions in order to operate excursions from Dunedin Railway Station. The society is currently the only one of its kind in Dunedin; the Ocean Beach Railway operates small tank locomotives but on private trackage, and the popular Taieri Gorge Limited is run solely by diesel locomotives. During the celebration of the Dunedin Railway Station's centennial in October 2006, P 107 was displayed in partially rebuilt condition at the station. Funds are currently being raised for the next and most costly stage of the restoration, the reconstruction of P 107's boiler. The restoration is historically significant as the locomotive is one of, if not the earliest known surviving example of a British-built 2-8-0.

Full STEAM ahead: Arts, STEM, and 21st century learning SmartBlogs. It’s autumn in the Rockies and a season for debate and confrontation.

Full STEAM ahead: Arts, STEM, and 21st century learning SmartBlogs

In nature, the bugle call of the male elk woos mates and incites challengers for control of the harem. In politics, President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney return again and again to the West to assert their positions. Why fight it? This month, let’s take a look at the argument for adding an “A” to STEM to create STEAM and acknowledge the role of the arts in 21st century learning. The acronym STEM already suffers from lack of clarity, so why add to the confusion by including the arts? Many scientists I’ve met integrate art into their work intentionally or unconsciously. In Boulder, Colo., associate professor in the College of Music and jazz saxophonist John Gunther recently received funding to explore ways to enhance the pedagogy of STEM through music and the arts. Doug Haller is the principal of Haller STEM Education Consulting. Firing Up Science Education. STEAM Resources for Any Classroom. Here’s a list of the many resources that are out there for STEM and STEAM: from explaining what it is, to sample lessons, to ways that it connects to the Arts.

STEAM Resources for Any Classroom

This is a living list, so please feel free to add any resources you have found in your travels in the comment section below! STEM presentations: Creating a Global Focus on STEM education is a very well-done powerpoint that gives a “big picture” to STEM. The STEM Education Coalition has a whole section of resource links to over 50 different presentations worldwide. 5 Best Practices for Connecting STEAM with Special Ed.

My STEAM journey began five years ago as a special educator co-teaching 7th grade math and science.

5 Best Practices for Connecting STEAM with Special Ed

Immediately, my co-teacher and I contemplated how we could build more buy-in from our students. How could we plan hands-on lessons that would connect our math, science, and ELA (English Language Arts) standards? We also reflected on the missed opportunities that our students with special needs faced. These students oftentimes go to intervention classes in place of arts classes (technology, art, music, etc). The same also applied to those performing below grade-level in math and reading. Challenges Tasked with the challenge of integrating the arts with a cross curricular approach, we planned our first STEAM project. STEAM. STEM 2018 + Wodb. TINKERING ROBOTICA.


Half Yellow Fraction Art. Students explore part-whole relationships while creating unique designs!

Half Yellow Fraction Art

This math art project was discovered by my mentor teacher. Second and third graders were asked to create art using geometric pattern blocks. The only catch was that their design had to be half yellow, meaning they had to base their artwork around yellow hexagon blocks. Before constructing their design, they had to figure out what and how many shapes were equivalent to a single yellow hexagon (2 red trapezoids, 3 blue rhombuses and 6 green triangles). Then, they created their art! Before they recreated it on a sheet of paper, I went around and checked their math. If you want to incorporate technology or do not have access to geometric pattern blocks or a stencil, you can use Illuminations’ Patch Tool! This project is a fantastic way to assess students’ knowledge about fractions. Erin Bittman is a second-/third-grade student teacher in a multi-grade classroom at a German Magnet School. Thinkering. CODING. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations.

Physlets Home Page. Coding e robotica educativa. Einstein.