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Stanislav Szukalski - official online source of his art. Catalog Prints - Otto Dix. J.

Catalog Prints - Otto Dix

B. Neumann Year: 1922 Description: J. B. Dix showed his appreciation by portraying Neumann in a series of unflattering portraits. Provenance: Museum of Modern Art Self-Portrait in Profile By Otto DixPrivate Collection Edition: 100UnnumberedSigned in plate and pencilRef: Karsch, Florian Self-Portrait in Profile Selbstporträt im Profil Description: Dix's treatment of himself was always less harsh than his treatment of others. Certainly we can categorize this piece as cariacture, but it's a flattering portrait nonetheless. Provenance: Private Collection. The Six & Five Studio. EPISODE: "Secrets" John graham artist.


Artistas. Fiona Margaret Hall. Fiona Margaret Hall, AO (born on 16 November 1953) is an Australian artistic photographer and sculptor.

Fiona Margaret Hall

Hall was born to Ruby Payne-Scott (a pioneer in radiophysics and radio astronomy) and telephone technician William Holman Hall in 1953 and grew up in Oatley, Sydney. She is the younger sister of the internationally renowned mathematical statistician and probabilist Peter Gavin Hall. Fiona Hall was taken to see the landmark exhibition Two Decades of American Painting at the Art Gallery of New South Wales at age 14 which developed her interest in the artworks Education[edit] Hall attended Penshurst High School. The National Art School did not offer a course in photography at this time, but Hall became a competent photographer thanks to mentoring from her painting teacher at ESTS. Robert Gober. Robert Gober, Untitled (Leg), 1989-90, beeswax, cotton, wood, leather and human hair, Museum of Modern Art, New York Robert Gober (b.

Robert Gober

Cindy Sherman, la niña de los disfraces « Oscar en Fotos. Mediante sus auto-escenificaciones narrativas Cindy Sherman genera una crítica cultural desde la perspectiva femenina que la ha convertido en la quintaesencia de la fotografía posmoderna.

Cindy Sherman, la niña de los disfraces « Oscar en Fotos

Cindy Sherman. “A Cindy Book,” 1964-1975. Álbum con 26 fotografías en blanco y negro y 8 páginas con notas manuscritas. Por Óscar Colorado Nates* Cindy Sherman era una niña ordinaria a la que simplemente le gustaba disfrazarse un poco más de lo normal. Portada / News : leonferrari. Francis Bacon Paintings (1929-1949) Francis Bacon Paintings (1950-1954) A Selection of Francis Bacon Paintings: Head Surrounded by Sides of Beef.

Edward Kienholz. Colaboración con Nancy Reddin[editar] A comienzos de la década de 1970, Kienholz recibió una beca para trabajar en Berlín junto con su esposa y colaboradora, Nancy Reddin, a quien había conocido en 1972 en Los Ángeles.

Edward Kienholz

El trabajo de ambos fue muy aclamado, especialmente en Europa. Sus obras más importantes durante este período fueron el Volksempfängers (aparato receptor de radio del periodo Nacional Socialista en Alemania). En 1973 y 1974 participa Edward Kienholz junto con Wolf Vostell, Rafael Canogar y otros artistas en Berlin en las actividades de ADA - Aktionen der Avantgarde.[1] En 1973 fue acogido como artista huésped del Servicio Alemán para Intercambios Académicos en Berlín, y en 1976 recibió una beca Guggenheim. En 1977 inauguró su muestra "The Faith and Charity" en la galería Hope junto con Nancy Reddin. Referencias[editar] Bienvenus sur le site de Herman BRAUN-VEGA. Rudolf Stingel. Rudolf Stingel (born 1956) is an artist based in New York.

Rudolf Stingel

Stingel was born in Meran, Italy. His work engages the audience in dialogue about their perception of art[1] and uses Conceptual painting and installations to explore the process of creation.[2] Using readily available materials such as styrofoam, carpet, and cast polyurethane, Stingel creates art based upon an underlying conceptual framework and challenges contemporary notions about painting. The surfaces of his two-dimensional works are characteristically carved out, imprinted or indented, visibly evidencing the artist’s alteration of industrial matter.[3] He lives in New York and Merano, Italy.[4] Work[edit] Nancy Rubins. NANCY RUBINS Monochrome for Chicago, 2010–12 Stainless steel, stainless steel wire, and aluminum 40 x 35 x 33 inches (12.2 x 10.7 x 10 m) Installation at Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois Photo by Erich Koyama.

Nancy Rubins Archivo de nuevos artistas. Anita Dube. Born 1958 in Lucknow, India Lives and works in New Delhi, India Anita Dube is an art historian and critic turned artist.

Anita Dube

Her artistic endeavours draw on rich fount of experience and address issues such as mortality, desire, pain, and joy. She is widely represented at exhibitions in India and abroad, and has contributed to workshops and curated numerous exhibitions. Over the years, Dube has developed an aesthetic idiom that employs sculptural fragments made out of e.g. foam, plastic, pearls, prostheses, and glass eyes used for religious sculpture in Asia. Through this variety of found objects she explores a contradictory range of themes that deal with autobiographical losses as well as with losses affecting society as such. Dube’s early artistic experiments are the result of her affinity, in the 1980s, with a group of radical painters and sculptors from Baroda. Yayoi Kusama - Eyes are Singing Out, Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law, Brisbane, 2012.

Adrian Piper. Carolee Schneemann Mysteries of the Iconographies Lecture. Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Howardena Pindell. Separate But Equal Genocide: AIDS (detail of Part II) Howardena Pindell.

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Howardena Pindell

Separate But Equal Genocide: AIDS (detail of Part II), 1990–1992. MIRANDA JULY » performances. Carolee Schneemann. Metamorphose: un documental sobre la vida y obra de M. C. Escher. LEE YONGBAEK. Jeff Koons. No Is Yes. Corea. Adriana Calatayud. Pipilotti Rist. Martin creed - I like things. Paintings By Winston Chmielinski. Keith Sonnier: Light Installations + Sculptures « 21 Sep Click to enlarge. Originally from Louisiana, Keith Sonnier has been working with fluorescent light bulbs and neon since the late 1960s.

He has many series of light sculptures with different names such as ‘Ba-O-Ba’, ‘Sel’, ‘Blatt’ and ‘Chandelier’ each with its own distinctive style and twist. Home - Barbara Kruger - Photograph Collage, Advertising, Slogans, Art. THE ROY LICHTENSTEIN FOUNDATION. Galleries: Supermarket II (Series 'Hide in the City') by Liu Bolin from Galerie Paris-Beijing.