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A renegade photographer got inside this lawless Hong Kong community that was 119 times as dense as New York City. Estos icónicos retratos definieron la estética rave de los 2000 - i-D. The History of Popular-Crowd Brands Over the Years. An investigation into the joy and pain of fitting in: With this series, we’re exploring the pathologies, hierarchies, and quirks of female socialization from high school to the workplace and beyond.

The History of Popular-Crowd Brands Over the Years

Juxtapoz Magazine - 1990s Russian Youth by Lisa Sarfati. These rare photographs of 90s nyc nightlife will make you want to party. Earlier this month, storied downtown hangout The Mudd Club hosted a reunion and rummage sale, where attendees could nab a slice of New York nightlife courtesy of Kim Gordon and Debbie Harry.

these rare photographs of 90s nyc nightlife will make you want to party

But if you missed the chance to time travel through Lou Reed's trash and treasures, Beyond the Limelight -- a new exhibition chronicling nocturnal NYC in the 80s and 90s -- will transport you back to an era before bathroom selfies. Opening today at Miami's Museum of Fashion, the exhibition pairs photographer Tina Paul's rarely-seen images of Amanda Lepore and vogueing legend Willi Ninja after dark with some of museum founder Keni Valenti's favorite club-ready looks.

Queens and queers: The rise of drag ball culture in the 1920s. While watching a screening of Paris is Burning hosted by the Smithsonian Latino Center, I was entranced by the dazzling participants as they competed, fiercely owning the floor in their glamorous gowns.

Queens and queers: The rise of drag ball culture in the 1920s

Fiorucci. Raveheart: inside the 90s world of tartan techno. "I just died in your arms tonight…" Midnight on Friday at Tek 2000 in Hamilton.

raveheart: inside the 90s world of tartan techno

The vintage rock strains of Cutting Crew are speeding, pitched-up and condensed over distorted 180 bpm kick drum. A hefty MC in saggy grey tracksuit and baseball cap lumbers about the stage offering a barely discernible stream of rhetoric. The classic rave scenario, perhaps. Yet close your ears and this could be a house club. The bar is packed. This, then, is 'Scotland the Rave' 1996. Todas las fiestas de méxico: más raves como en los noventa. Hace unos meses mi amigo Temores (QEPD) hizo favor de enviarme a mi mail un flyer de un rave al que lo habían invitado.

todas las fiestas de méxico: más raves como en los noventa

Lo abrí emocionado pensando que sería una gran fiesta a la que iríamos juntos -otra más- pero en cuanto terminé de leer el texto de la invitación me quedé frío. Esta vez no sonaba nada divertido. No por que el DJ fuese malo, si no por que básicamente eso llamado rave ¡¡era todo lo contrario a un rave!! In search of river phoenix's thrift store mystique. Our favorite writers muse on their muses as we bring back the "My i-Con" essay series for the second year in a row.

in search of river phoenix's thrift store mystique

An Excerpt From David France's 'How to Survive a Plague' On the first of December, three decades after the disease first hit the city, the New York City AIDS Memorial will open at ground zero of the epidemic — St.

An Excerpt From David France's 'How to Survive a Plague'

Vincent’s hospital in Greenwich Village, now closed, where patients once flooded the rooms and spilled out into the surrounding corridors, turning the genteel facility very suddenly into a kind of war zone. All told, more than 100,000 New York men, women, and children have died of AIDS, and the memorial is built in their names. But it reminds us, too, as all memorials do, of how much has already been forgotten.

In conceiving the project — and choosing the site — the urban planners Christopher Tepper and Paul Kelterborn were inspired by an article in New York lamenting that there was no memorial yet in the city and suggested that, as a result, the site of the hospital itself, “the bland sarcophagus along Seventh Avenue, hold that place.” Summer 1981. ¿Cómo se hace un paper? Mary Quant. Mary Quant (Londres, 11 de febrero de 1934) es una diseñadora de moda británica.

Mary Quant

Su nombre adquirió fama internacional en la década de 1960 con la creación de la minifalda.[1] Representó una moda informal para jóvenes y sus modelos se difundieron a gran escala. Su estilo sencillo y colorista, identificado por el símbolo de la margarita, contrastó con la seriedad de la moda imperante. Biografía[editar] Mary Quant estudió en la Escuela de Arte Goldsmith de Londres.[2] Comenzó su carrera a mediados de la década de 1950 en esa ciudad, donde conoció a Alexander Plunket Greene. La escena rave de los 90s capturada en más de 20,000 imágenes. Photos of nineties kids in their bedrooms. Larry P.

Photos of nineties kids in their bedrooms

You can thank Aaron Spelling for Adrienne Salinger’s amusing and poignant images of mid-1990s teens hanging out in their bedrooms, which were collected in a 1995 book called In My Room. In a recent interview with Huck Magazine, she noted that I actually worked on that project for a long time. I started it on the West Coast, when I lived there, just out of frustration at the ways teenagers were being depicted. Because this was before the internet, this was before computers, and our reliance on television was huge. Every picture is accompanied with some testimony from the subject about his or her own life.

“1990 Never” By Kale Neville.