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How to make a Leather plague doctor mask. Oh crap...

How to make a Leather plague doctor mask

Looks like your town is infected with the plague... AGAIN. Time to go get your mask on and go to purify the infected, oh wait, you don't have one... Now what kind of pseudoscience doctor doesn't have a creepy mask to ware while sticking on leeches and poking people with sticks while chanting? Mechanical iris. Da Vinci Code Cryptex. Ирисовая диафрагма (Iris diaphragm) Steampunk Brass Goggles 101. La bonne façon de faire de mal.

Papier Lunettes Iris. Montre-bracelet de Steampunk avec iris couverture mécanique. "TimEye". Steampunk lunettes avec diaphragme à iris. Mini-worklog. Lunettes de Steampunk avec Iris mécanique.