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How To Start a Blog in 2017 - Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners. – Guide by Jessica Knapp (updated January 5th 2021) So, you want to start a blog huh? Great idea! But…how the heck do you get started? There’s so much info out there on the web, and everyone’s telling you to do different things. Damnit, maybe you should just forget it – it’s too confusing!

Well, hold up. Now I know a ton about them, and my blog’s doing pretty well – I receive more than 300,000 unique visitors per month which makes me consider myself someone you could listen to and learn from when it comes to building your own blog. I promise it’ll be simple, relatively easy, and definitely easy to understand (no stupid jargon). Awesome, let’s move on. Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community So below, I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog. Note: If you already have a solid idea of the whys, then skip this and go right ahead with the guide. I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded. :). Tripoto. Here is an analysis of how I managed to travel around the world for as cheap as $42 a day (2792 INR a day).

But before I start with the nitty – gritty of my travel expenditure, I would like to inform you that $21667 (Rs 14.44 lakhs) for 17 months does not mean that you would be able to travel for $15294 (10.19 lakhs) for a year. The currency for long-term travel is TIME and not money. The longer you travel, your spends get averaged out. It is like if you wish to travel to France, Germany and Switzerland, and you visit them one at a time, you spend for three return tickets.

However, if you negotiate longer time off, you can travel three of them together and pay only one return fare. How did I decide where to go & for how long? The selection of the places was influenced by my bucket list, ease of travel (read – not too much running around), and how I could make the most of my resources considering a good mix of expensive and not-so-expensive countries. All the other travels were overland.

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Here Are 7 Must-Download Apps For Your New Smartphone. So, you just unboxed a brand new smartphone. Merry Christmas, lucky! Whether you’re a first-time smartphone owner (say goodbye to your attention span) or a migrant to a new platform, a freshly opened phone is an exciting new frontier. With millions of apps available, this little gadget will undoubtedly become an indispensable part of your day-to-day life. But where to start? The first apps anyone crams onto a new phone are pretty obvious: what are the services, social networks and games you already use? Most people go straight for Facebook (and its various offshoots, like Instagram and WhatsApp), YouTube, Snapchat, Netflix, Pandora, and the like.

Here’s a field guide to some of the less obvious, but still must-download apps for your shiny and deeply addictive new device. Periscope Facebook. Stitcher It may have taken over a decade, but podcasts are officially all the rage. (Overcast is another widely recommended podcasting app, although unlike Stitcher, it’s only available for iOS) NYT Now. The Revolution - Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS. The Lean Startup | Methodology. “Startup success can be engineered by following the process, which means it can be learned, which means it can be taught.”- Eric Ries The Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to creating and managing startups and get a desired product to customers' hands faster.

The Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup-how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere-and grow a business with maximum acceleration. It is a principled approach to new product development. Too many startups begin with an idea for a product that they think people want. They then spend months, sometimes years, perfecting that product without ever showing the product, even in a very rudimentary form, to the prospective customer. When they fail to reach broad uptake from customers, it is often because they never spoke to prospective customers and determined whether or not the product was interesting.

. + The Lean Startup Process - Diagram + Continuous Innovation Eliminate Uncertainty Work Smarter not Harder. 20 Awesome Hidden Features of iOS 9 | NDTV Gadgets. There are several hidden features in iOS 9 that are very useful. There are nifty features to improve battery life, and tweaks that improve the security of you iOS device, along with small tweaks like the Bluetooth battery widget and reorganised folders on iPads that make the experience of using your device that little bit better. Here is a list of features that you may not have spotted on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. 1) Swipe right to invoke Spotlight Spotlight has been reinstated to a screen of its own in iOS 9. Before iOS 7, Spotlight could be invoked by swiping right from (moving to the left of) the main home screen, but this hasn't been the case with recent iOS versions.

Here you will also see Siri's suggestions for apps and contacts based on what apps you use and who you contact at any given time of the day. 2) Settings search The settings app is one of the more crowded and confusing parts of your iPhone or iPad - but now, you don't need to know where every setting is. Special Report: How Greece went bust. How to Capture High Quality Product Photos With Your SmartPhone — Ecommerce Marketing Blog - Ecommerce News, Online Store Tips & More by Shopify. This is a guest post by Krysten Leighty from

Before you spend money to rent a DSLR camera and a lens for your product photography, consider using the quality camera that you carry around with you all the time: your smartphone. You may be thinking that using your smartphone for product photography sounds a bit crazy, but with today’s advances in technology, it’s absolutely feasible to create great product images by utilizing your smartphone’s advanced camera features and a tripod.

This option is both budget and user-friendly – not to mention convenient! Here's a step-by-step guide showing you exactly which tools and apps you'll need. Getting Ready Step One: Using Your Phone As A Camera Most smartphones in today’s market come equipped with great cameras. Below are a few smartphones that have great camera features: Apple iPhone 5S Camera specs: 8-megapixel iSight cameraVideo Recording HD (1080) @ 30 frames per second with audioAutofocusLED flashImage stabilization 1. 2. 3. Absolutely everything you need to know about Greece's bailout crisis | Business Insider. Greece’s economic and political chaos is hitting headlines around the world again — a trickle of news is becoming a flood ahead of Greece’s bailout referendum on Sunday July 5.

But what’s actually going on? What’s being voted on, and how did Greece get here? What does each side want, and why is it all so dramatic. Even for people whose job it is to follow what’s happening in the country, it’s not easy at times. Here’s the background on Greece’s current crisis. When Greece joined the euro To understand what’s happening now, you have to go back to 2000 (at least). During the early years of the eurozone, Greece’s economy boomed. But the statistics Greece presented to get into the eurozone the last time those dodgy economic figures were a problem for the country. In 2009 it was discovered once again that Greece’s figures had been fudged: A budget deficit of around 6% was actually about twice as large (it was eventually revised to above 15%).

The economic depression Banks and politics. 6 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers — Ecommerce Marketing Blog - Ecommerce News, Online Store Tips & More by Shopify. This is a guest post by Beth Morgan from Marketing Nerdist. Whenever anyone asks me what marketing books I recommend that will help them sell more, the very first one I point them to is “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, published in 1984. A professor of psychology and marketing, Cialdini lays out six ways you can get people to say yes to what you're asking. Anyone who sells things for a living, online or offline, should know, love, and live these principles: ReciprocityCommitment & ConsistencyLikingAuthoritySocial ProofScarcity Let's take a look how you can build some of these influence triggers into your online store to start getting more sales and customers. 1.

Reciprocity The principle of reciprocity means that when someone gives us something we feel compelled to give something back in return. Of course, online retailers can’t personally visit the house of each person who interacts with them to shove a sample in their hand. Free Gift With Purchase The Gift Of Content 2. 3. Telling Your Story. B2B Social Media: How one medical company used video to drive trade show interactions. By Courtney Eckerle, Manager of Editorial Content Diagnostic imaging company Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.'s core customers are physicians, clinicians, cardiologists, radiologists, sonographers and hospital administrators in North America.

They purchase computed tomography machines, general X-rays, magnetic resonance machines, ultrasounds, angiography and equipment for cath labs. These are usually six-figure sales. Rose Mary Moegling, Manager of Customer Engagement, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., is on the Corporate and Strategic Communications team that handles social media aimed at industry associations. This includes building grant programs and long-lasting relationships that help bring benefits to members within the industry, as well as educational webinar programs, internal communications and a variety of other miscellaneous communication programs, she said.

This is why B2B social media for industry associations are so important to Toshiba. Step #1. Step #2. Step #3. Facebook Advertising Guide, Part 2. Part one of our guide to Facebook advertising outlined the various ad formats available to small businesses, how and what to name your campaign, and how to precisely target your core demographic on a granular level. In this second part, we detail how to set your budget, choose an eye-catching image, and create engaging copy that will ensure your ads get the clicks they deserve. Set Your Advertising Budget After nailing down your target demographic, you need to set a budget. The amount depends entirely on your goals and what you’re promoting. If you are just starting a new Facebook page and want to build followers quickly, a total budget of $250-$500 over a period of two to four weeks works nicely.

If you wish to boost a post that received decent organic engagement, to drive it even further I recommend a budget of $20-$100 running no more than two days. The amount you spend depends on the number of followers your page has acquired. Choose either Per day or Lifetime Budget. Per Day Budget. 17 How-to Guides for Online Marketing Success. It is difficult for small business owners to keep up with everything happening in search and online marketing today. The guides below provide a comprehensive list of how-to articles designed to help marketers and business owners stay up-to-date on the latest trends and manage their marketing efforts more effectively.

They cover a range of topics that include social media, SEO, pay-per-click, Google Analytics, and the use of WordPress. 1. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn. A strategic guide that offers businesses inspiration, strategies, best practices, and tactics for LinkedIn company pages, showcase pages, sponsored updates, groups, and SlideShare. 2.

How To Dominate Pinterest. The guide discusses how Pinterest can benefit your company and helps you determine whether or not your business lends itself to the Pinterest community. 3. 4. Health-related guides and resources. 5. 6. 8. PPC University. 9. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO. 10. 11. Instagram: 6 Tools for Business Use. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform that gives users the ability to post photos in real-time via their mobile device.

As its popularity has grown, business owners have taken an interest in using Instagram to promote their company, engage with potential customers, and develop a fan base. What follows is a list of six tools that work with Instagram, which you can use to perform a variety of tasks, either on a mobile device or desktop computer. The tools enable you to upload images from your computer, schedule them for publishing, and, in some cases, update Facebook or Twitter. Two of the tools even help you choose the right hashtags to use in your Instagram description. 1. Gramblr Gramblr lets you post to Instagram from your computer. Instagram only permits you to post photos from your mobile device. The main difference between Gramblr and most of the other tools on the list is that it is a downloadable program, not web-based.

Cost: Free 2. functions like an editorial calendar. 12 reasons this is a terrible CV for a mid-level employee. The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2015. | Online shopping: Shop for Turbans, Books, Personal care prod...