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10 Famous Paintings Recreated in LEGO (Famous Paintings, Lego Paintings) Born in Turin some 56 years ago, Marco Pece is an italian photographer with a fascination with Lego.

10 Famous Paintings Recreated in LEGO (Famous Paintings, Lego Paintings)

An art lover himself, his recent work recreates famous paintings in perfect detail, using the ubiquitous bricks. After long hours "playing" with the bricks, the final artwork is a fabulous photograph. "I love to reconstruct celebrated paintings of the past, photos of great authors or movie scenes" explained Marco to Oddee, when contacted this sunday. "I'm a lover of the art in its multiple expressions, from the more ancient shapes to those most modern ones. " Meet Marco Pece's Copie d'Arte. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Official website of Stikbot. Fantasia (1940) FILME ONLINE. Sinopse: O filme consiste de oito segmentos animados acompanhados cada um de músicas clássicas conduzidas por Leopold Stokowski, sete deles foram apresentados pela Orquestra de Filadélfia.

Fantasia (1940) FILME ONLINE

O compositor musical e crítico americano Deems Taylor introduz cada segmento. Segmentos do filme: Tocata e Fuga em Ré Menor de Johann Sebastian Bach - Pela primeira vez, Disney e seus artistas se arriscaram no mundo da abstração e a equipe de efeitos especiais teve a chance de colocar todo o seu talento na tela. Flip-Book Valentines Cards by Jen Weston. EARLY DAYS OF ANIMATION.


Children of Other Lands, 1954 — Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, & Canada – Q is for Quilter. Video Interculturalidad. FOLDED PAPER DOLL PATTERNS « My Patterns. Matryoshka Cultural and Nationality Art Prints and by AmyPerrotti. Children of Other Lands, 1954 — Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, & Canada – Q is for Quilter. Ötletek faliújságok, plakátok készítéséhez, teremdiszitéshez. Make Multicultural Paper Dolls. For International Week, our school likes to have one school-wide craft that we use to line the walls.

Make Multicultural Paper Dolls

At the same time that it promotes and symbolizes unity, it also celebrates our diverse heritages and differences. Making multicultural paper dolls has been a tradition for our third graders (who do their own multicultural unit), and one year we decided to try it as an all-school activity. The teachers have assigned this project of multicultural paper dolls in two ways. Either the students are all given a template/outline of a person, or they are allowed to come up with their own outline between 4-8″ tall.

The international or multicultural paper dolls are then created and dressed based on traditional clothes worn in their families’ native countries. Here are a couple more pictures of the colorful Multicultural Paper Doll “parade” lining the hallways. I can see the pride and hard work put into these beautiful paper dolls. 10 Outstanding Traditional Costumes around the World. The Herero people are an ethnic group who live in present-day Namibia and Botswana.

10 Outstanding Traditional Costumes around the World

Their origins are uncertain but their tribe is believed to have come here from Central Africa during the 16th century AD. A semi-nomadic people who make their meager living by raising cattle, have suffered a great deal during the European colonial period. When Africa was divided among the European powers during the 19th century, Germany was ruling over Namibia (then South West Africa), and the Herero were subject to discrimination and persecution by both the colonists and the rest of the native population. Despite all of this, they managed to keep their customs and also incorporate new elements, mainly in their wardrobe. Along with the Germans came the Rhenish Missionaries who introduced the Victorian attire typical to Europe at the time.

10 Outstanding Traditional Costumes around the World. 78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ... I’ve never really been a fashionista but have always enjoyed looking at traditional costumes.

78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

I'm fascinated by regional, cultural and ethnic distinctions that give rise to incredible costumes of great beauty (and often, practicality and comfort is not a consideration). And what's interesting is that sometimes traditional costumes seem "obvious" to their land or people and others, just not. Here are some glorious traditional costumes from around the world. 1. Poland Photo CreditPin itShareTweet If you see a number of pictures together, you can see that the traditional costumes of countries defined by a region exhibit the same kind of features. Read also: 8 Birthday Traditions from around the World ... <ol><li><b>78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ... 2. Photo CreditPin itShareTweet Via Some costumes have specific significance. 3.

Photo CreditPin itShareTweet Via Costume of Mongolian ethnic group ... Read also: 7 Romantic Traditions from around the World ... 4.