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Addictive Sweet Potato Burritos Recipe. Chocolate and pears amandine Spice - Addict Kitchen, recipes from Alsace and elsewhere! Clic to go to english version La poire, c'est le fruit phare de la fin de l'été et du début de l'automne pour moi: j'adore ce fruit à la chair douce et sucrée.

Chocolate and pears amandine Spice - Addict Kitchen, recipes from Alsace and elsewhere!

Recipes — Cooking Ideas — Make-Ahead Chocolate-Orange Souffle— SFGate Food & Wine.

Sweet bread

Muffins. Lemon Strawberry Pavlova. This is my favorite version of the classic dessert, Pavlova.This elegant and delicious dessert can be made with just a few simple ingredients, mainly eggs, sugar, a lemon, some cream and fresh strawberries.

Lemon Strawberry Pavlova

The crispy crust of the pavlova melts on the tongue and gives way to the soft marshmallow filling. The fresh lemon curd is a tasty contrast to the sweet meringue which is topped with luscious vanilla whipped cream and the bright flavor of fresh strawberries; all combining for a delicious symphony of taste and texture. Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. 4 large egg whites, at room temperature 1 cup fine granulated sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract Whip the egg whites and vanilla to soft peaks and gradually add the sugar slowly, whipping until the sugar is completely dissolved. 4 tsp corn starch 1 tsp white vinegar zest of 1/2 lemon finely minced Fold in lemon zest, corn starch and vinegar gently with a rubber spatula.

Bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until small cracks appear in the meringue.


Cookie. Cake. Chinese Sweet Lotus Pancakes 莲蓉锅饼. These pancakes are a Chinese favourite and are popularly served as dessert in Chinese restaurants, usually with another sweet dessert soup like red bean soup or sweet peanut soup. I thought my pancakes were not crispy enough but surprisingly one of my guests preferred it this way. These pancakes are usually made with red bean (azuki) paste but since I still have an almost whole packet of lotus paste from my steamed buns I decided to use lotus paste instead. Both work equally well in my opinion. As some of you may know, I really don't have much of a sweet tooth but these pancakes are one of my exceptions - I am also usually the one hoping to get the end-pieces at the table since I actually enjoy the pieces with more skin compared to the pieces with more filling.

Literally translated, 锅饼 means wok cakes, an apt description. Recipe from Chinese Snacks by Huang Su Wei Ingredients: Batter: 2 eggs 3/4 cup all purpose flour, sifted 3/4 cup water. Matcha azuki entremet. Come to think of it, I've been in love with entremets for a year or so.

Matcha azuki entremet

Or should I say, I've only discovered the existence of entremets since a year ago. (Yeah, apparently for a dessert lover, I'm kinda a slow learner.) In common everyday language (to those who might be wondering), in the dessert world, an "entremet" actually refer to the "sweet course" which is always served after the "cheese course" in France. To me, an entremet represents a beautiful multi-layered cake. The allure of such a lovely concoction makes me want to produce such dainty looking pieces on my own. Some might call me crazy, but I jumped straight into my first entremet almost a year ago, without any basic knowledge on how to assemble such a dessert. My Favorite Financiers {2 ways} These things are quite possibly one of my favorite things to bake ever.

My Favorite Financiers {2 ways}

They are so deceptive. Look at them, just look at them. Those pretty little cakes above have much more to them then meets the eye. You might just cast them off as your typical tea cake but please, let's not be quite to judge. Freshly Baked Stories, Recipes and Photos: Pear-Vanilla Brown Butter Bars. Welp, that’s all the fun we’re going to have for a while now, folks.

The holidays have come and gone, we can’t legitimately say “Happy New Year!” To strangers anymore, and Valentine’s Day has fizzled out and left us all with killer chocolate hangovers. Now it’s just…winter. Bah. I can’t be the only one who feels that the last two weeks of February are akin to watching a marathon when you’ve already seen all the episodes, like, five times each. Speaking of things that aren’t dreary, several months back the husband and I got all 2003 with our ourselves (read: barely married, childless) and decided on an impromptu weekend trip down to Monterey. Four duffle bags, two sacks of snacky groceries and a loaded DVD player later, we were on our way to the Central Coast. The savory items we tried at the bakery were terrifically satisfying, fresh and flavorful, but the desserts– oh the desserts! Adapted from Makes 12. RECIPE REVIEW: CLOTILDE'S MINI FINANCIERS. What's a financier?


It's not just a person who handles lots of money, it's also the name of a lovely little French treat! This petite cake would be a great make-ahead item for a brunch, shower or tea party.