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ClassroomWindow - Where The Best Solutions Win. JellyCam - Stop Motion. Smart Notebook – Flash Activities in the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 « Trails Optional. Smart Notebook 11 : Activity Builder Tutorial. Flash Random Name Generator. Compare. Comparing strings in JavaScript is quite easy, as long as you know about the equals operator and the JavaScript If Statement.


This is all you need to know to find out if two strings of your choosing are equal. Below we have created a fake authentication system and use an if statement to see if the user's name will grant them access to a special message. JavaScript Code: Search Free Ebooks for Computer Programming. Nota Bene: The OneNote Blog. Clip to Onenote. OneNote PowerToys. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Learning with Python by Allen Downey, Jeff Elkner and Chris Meyers.

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

This book is now available for sale at Free Desktop Publishing Software – PagePlus Starter Edition from Serif. Desktop publishing made easy!

Free Desktop Publishing Software – PagePlus Starter Edition from Serif

Stunning stationery is so simple Easy drag and drop designing Layouts in a couple of clicks Precise and easy design tools Versatile desktop publishing Help is always on hand “An invaluable tool for creating professional publications easily. Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine. Advanced e-Learning Tutorials. eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate. Create Coloring Book Pages from Photos.

The Disney version is probably packaged and would work directly for her needs.

Create Coloring Book Pages from Photos

That's what a user wants. Since the process appears to be simple, as a geek, you should make this packaging yourself. Create a plugin for an image editor, make a macro, and gift it/sell it for a smaller price. If there is a need for a more accessible function to a regular user, it should probably be fulfilled. Not complained about regular users who can't go through 10 steps of image modification. Carbonmade : Your online portfolio. DocsTeach. Ponder this. You are cordially invited to match wits with some of the best minds in IBM Research.

Ponder this

Seems some of us can't see a problem without wanting to take a crack at solving it. Does that sound like you? Good. Forge ahead and ponder this month's problem. Create and share your cartoons; simple and free on Toonway.


Easy Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers. Microsoft. Creating a Basic Report in Excel 2010 using Slicers and Publish it to SharePoint - Office Buzz Blog. In previous versions of Excel, one of the most powerful and least understood functions is the Pivot Table and the Pivot Chart.

Creating a Basic Report in Excel 2010 using Slicers and Publish it to SharePoint - Office Buzz Blog

Inside the finance department there usually lurk some very intelligent people who know how and why Pivot's are a good idea, but outside of this environment the knowledge appears to be scarce at best! I recently started delivering a 2 minute overview of Pivot capabilities in Office 2007 to my customers through the Microsoft Buzz Day program which helps train end-users in our enterprise customers and it seemed to go down rather well across industries and across different user groups.