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5-Minute Crafts. This LEGO Tape Lets You Turn Anything Into Lego-Compatible Surface, And Here’s What You Can Do. Lego is quite possibly the best toy ever invented, but even those amazing plastic building blocks have their limits.

This LEGO Tape Lets You Turn Anything Into Lego-Compatible Surface, And Here’s What You Can Do

For example, you can only use them on a flat surface or a Lego board, but soon you’ll be able to stick your bricks wherever you want thanks to this versatile tape by Nimuno. Show Full Text It’s flexible, it’s cuttable, and it comes with an adhesive backing so you can attach it to walls, other toys, and even yourself if you want! It also allows you to make curvy shapes such as hills, rivers, and roads, and the best part is that it’s actually surprisingly cheap. Two rolls will cost you just $11, while $50 will get you 10. More info: Indiegogo (h/t) 10+ Genius Ways To Use LEGO You Probably Never Thought About. FLEX TAPE – Flex Seal Family of Products. Directions So Easy To Use!

FLEX TAPE – Flex Seal Family of Products

Just Cut, Peel, Stick & Seal! CUT: Leave backing on tape and cut to desired dimension.Use high quality scissors or razor blade when cutting. PEEL: Remove backing and apply to a clean surface. STICK: Press down firmly on a clean surface and allow FLEX TAPE™ to bond. EXCELLENT FOR: Roof leaks, gutters, down spouts, boats, kayaks, personal watercrafts, canoes, outdoor equipment, mobile homes, RV’S & campers, PVC & plumbing pipes, sprinkler systems, pools and spas, windows, doors, walls, seams, vents, air ducts, HVAC systems, DIY projects and so much more!

FAQs FLEX TAPE™ – FAQs Q: Will FLEX TAPE™ instantly stop a leak? Untitled. 7 Incredibly Ingenious Inventions That Prove the Future Is Now. Have you ever seen a cool science fiction invention and thought, ’I wish I had that’?

7 Incredibly Ingenious Inventions That Prove the Future Is Now

If so, here is some good news: most of these incredible devices of the future already exist! We at Bright Side like science very much. So here are 7 ingenious inventions that will make you say ’Wow!’ Finger ruler Most people use their hands when trying to explain the size of something. Off-grid messenger The goTenna gadget allows you to send text messages to a similar device even when there’s no cell service or wifi. goTenna could also be useful while traveling to off-the-grid places. Scan-and-draw pen This revolutionary pen that can draw with any color is probably a dream of any artist or designer. Dog-to-human translator No More Woof is a device that allows you to communicate directly with your puppy. A plant that glows in the dark A group of biotechnology hobbyists has recently created a plant that glows in the dark. Portable mini printer FingerReader.

20 Seriously Creative Things to Brighten Up Your Kitchen. At Bright Side, we love discovering new creative gadgets and items for the home.

20 Seriously Creative Things to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

We love them even more when it turns out that they’re genuinely useful. The following 20 things are guaranteed to brighten up any kitchen, as well as make it a whole lot easier to get things done when you’re cooking. We can’t wait to get our hands on all of them! Expressive bowls and cups The submergible spice container The food savers The container for storing spaghetti The clip-on strainer This vegetable slicer These silicone oven gloves This snack bowl This thing to measure the correct portion of spaghetti. 20 Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind. Here are 20 marvellous inventions which are simply superb in their simplicity and ability to solve those annoying little problems we all come up against.

20 Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

This collection of containers for spices and cooking oil The corkscrew pineapple cutter The ’jelly’ cloth for cleaning hard-to-reach places The USB stick which tells you how much free space you have on it The two-bladed pizza knife The slippers with LEDs The bike which is also a stroller The jig-saw dining tray The drinking cup which gathers any spills The flower pot which never falls over The public bench which is always dry The phone charger powered by your drink The hair brush you can clean real quick.

Here's How To Organize Your Kitchen With File Folders. 8 Secret Android Functions 90% of Users Don’t Know About. There probably isn’t a person now who hasn’t got an absolutely indispensable smartphone in their pocket.

8 Secret Android Functions 90% of Users Don’t Know About

However, despite this fact, there aren’t many people out there who know about all the incredible things these devices are actually capable of. We at Bright Side would like to end this vicious circle and tell you about 8 of the most fascinating features of Android. The easiest way to save your battery power If you choose a black or simple dark background for your screen, the automatic pixel highlighting will turn off, and you’ll notice that your device keeps its charge for much longer.

This feature isn’t available for all Android devices yet, but it’s already implemented on most Samsung smartphones and tablets. Text-to-speech Not only can you read this article but you can also listen to it if you have an Android device. Smartphone remote control Turning on Guest Mode Screen magnifier People with poor eyesight often have no idea how much this feature can help them.

Hotspot mode A secret game. 37 Absurd Kitchen Gadgets You Definitely Need In Your Life.