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Epilogue. The Monk and The Monkey - 2010 Ringling Senior Thesis. Reference! Reference! - free database for animation. Reference! Reference! - free database for animation. AniRef videos. Descendants. Starless Night. Nick Kwiatek — Web & interaction designer + developer. Step by step running animation tutorial. Step by step jumping animation tutorial. G.S.B - Curious Times. Imagination - Play with beautiful wobbly lines. YTMND - Blue Ball Machine (Classic GIF Returned) A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything. Pirate.swf from Stripes.

Fun in the Living Room! Star Cube Animation. Creep (Radiohead) Thought of You - Motion Graphics Inspiration - StumbleUpon. The Saga Of Biorn (by @baekdal) #design. Birn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the warrior's afterlife full of excessive drinking and debauchery.

The Saga Of Biorn (by @baekdal) #design

To gain entry he has to die honorably in battle, but he discovers that the right death isn't so easy. Take a look at this amazing video created as a bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop. Ninjai: The Little Ninja - Home Page. Modern Living / Neurotica series. Michele DAuria. Korra123.gif from

Video_player.swf from Sebastians Voodoo Video. LARRYS TOON INSTITUTE. Indie music, film and video on demand. La dama y la muerte. The Curious Brain & Runner II. Red. Sebastians Voodoo Video. Hgh1-1.gif from