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Ébénisterie, bricolage, et autres plaisirs

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Wood Turning - Beginners Guide #1 - A Goblet. Bathroom Cabinets: Part 2. Kitchen Remodel: Part 4 - Cabinet Carcass. Shoe and Laundry Storage Bench. Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Most of you know that I’ve had a huge 4′ x 8′ workbench in the middle of my shop for years.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals

When I built it, I reasoned that its size would be handy for cutting full sheets of plywood and for assembling large projects. It took me over ten years to figure out that I rarely need that much work surface and I prefer to break down sheet goods in the driveway. It also took me that long to realize that my shop was feeling needlessly cramped, especially for shooting video. Downsized workbench The new workbench is similar in design to my old one, and I was able to recycle much its lumber. What I do require in a bench is strength and stability. Another thing I wanted was a bit more height than the old bench. Finally, I included plenty of storage space in this workbench. Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves - 202. Miter Saw Station Cabinets and Work Surface - 194. A General Guide To Making Cabinets (a visual guide) - 169. Wood Shop Organization Ideas. Small Woodworking Shop Tips & ideas. Perfect Dados With A Router Dado Jig - 181.

Easy Gift Project: Homemade Board Games - 225. Settlers of Catan from a 2x4. ✔ DiResta: Old Plank. DiResta: Reclaimed-Wood Table. Making Wooden Window Blinds. TOOL TIP #4 TOOLS & METHODS FOR EFFICIENCY. Building Cabinets. Split top slab bench. How to Make a Cross-Cut Sled. Columbia Forest Products. Decorative hardwood plywood & veneers. DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas Part 2. The Master Woodbutcher's Salute to Norm Page. Bora 540950 Clamp Edge Tool Guide,50-Inch: Tools & Home Improvement. How to Build a Garage Workshop Part 2 of 2. Insulated Tools. New Yankee Workshop - Featuring the Craftsmanship of Master Carpenter Norm Abram.

Woodstock D3292 Drum Sanding Kit, 16-Piece: Tools & Home Improvement. DIY Drum Sander for Pillar Drill / Drill Press. New Yankee Workshop - 102 - Work Bench. Fabricants. Outils de travail du bois, outils de jardinage, quincaillerie. Woodworking Projects, Plans, Techniques, Tools, Supplies. David Marks. Make a cajon drum with adjustable snare.

David J. Marks Front Page News. Custom wooden rocking chair blog. Door. (Click to go back to workshop) I knew this door would be a large project itself.


The door weighs about 400 pounds and is 8' 9" square. The goal was to make a strong, warp resistant, insulating, weather tight door (tall order!). Yes, I could have used a high quality garage door, but the problem with overhead doors is that the track and mechanism take up space in the shop. 18 - How to Build A Torsion Box Assembly Table Top (Part 1 of 2) AW Extra 7/4/13 - How to Build a Torsion Box - Woodworking Techniques. A torsion box is a remarkable piece of engineering.

AW Extra 7/4/13 - How to Build a Torsion Box - Woodworking Techniques

It’s stable, light and uses a minimum amount of material, yet it’s extremely strong. The idea has been around for years, and you probably have one in your house: hollow-core doors are torsion boxes. Making a torsion box doesn’t require any specialized equipment or skills–a guy with a small shop and a decent tablesaw can easily handle the job. When I needed a flat, solid, durable and inexpensive top for an assembly table, I planned on making it as a torsion box.

I researched the subject and found a lot of conflicting information. In this article, I’ll show you how I built that assembly table top, but you can use this method to build a torsion box of any size or composition. Materials A basic torsion box is composed of two types of parts: skins (the top and bottom) and webs (which form an internal grid, and include the sides of the box). Bench Building. Typical captive nut arrangements for knockdown bases involve either a square nut, recessed hex nut, or short, slotted cross-dowels.

Bench Building

All of these fasteners make it tricky to assemble the joint without some frustration or extra tools. Our zinc-plated steel Barrel Nuts are over 2" long and are slightly undersized to fit easily in a 1" diameter hole, making it quick and easy to mill the joint and then assemble the base. The Barrel Nuts work best in a 1-3/4" thick rail, but they can work in thinner stock as well. Buy Economy Quick Release Front Vise at Woodcraft. Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise. Pony 27091 3-3/4" x 7" Medium Duty Woodworker's Vise.

Canadian Woodworker. Customer Service Line 1-800-665-2244 Toll Free Frequently asked questions What is included in the prices listed on this site?

Canadian Woodworker

Prices quoted on do not include shipping charges or taxes. On our Canada site, all prices are quoted in Canadian funds. Prices for our School Of Woodworking classes are in Canadian funds. What are my payment options? If there is a delay in shipping your order, due to a temporary lack of stock, for example, we will notify you immediately. Hank Gilpin. All Fine Woodworking Plans - Comprehensive list of downloadable free plans, furniture plans, chair plans, wood plans, shop storage plans, cabinet plans, diy plans, bench plans, workbench plans, desk plans, and moreFine Woodworking. Fine Woodworking - videos, project plans, how-to articles, magazines, and books.

Pony 27091 3-3/4" x 7" Medium Duty Woodworker's Vise. Front Vises. How to Build a Bookcase. New Yankee Workshop S19E02. Cabinets and furniture. Répertoire des Produits du Bois - Laurentides. Catalogues. Hydro-Génial - partie 3 (cité-géniale) GÉNIES DU NOUVEAU MONDE > DOCUMENTATIONS > Transport et Véhicules > Documents. Bertrand LACOURT: Pièces diverses. Concept Monoxyle Mes objets (chaises, bancs, tabourets et éclairages) sont taillés directement dans des troncs d'arbres.

Bertrand LACOURT: Pièces diverses

Ils sont sculptés d’un seul tenant dans un bloc de bois unique, sans aucun assemblage: ce sont des monoxyles. Monoxylon My furniture (chairs, benches, coffee-tables and lightings) is directly carved in tree trunks. Commande Toute les pièces sont garanties, signées et numérotées.- Certaines pièces sont disponibles immédiatement sur stock.- Certaines sont reproductibles, selon les approvisionnements en troncs d'arbres.- Les arbres proviennent des forêts autour de Châtillon sur Seine 21400 Bourgogne, FrancePour les détails, me contacter par mail ou par téléphone + 33 (0)6 48 40 82 26. Monoxyle in french TV Hebdo Maison+

Make a wood mallet. A must-have for any woodworker. Copain des copeaux. Building storage shelves. I wanted to write about building storage shelves, but really didn't have a need for more shelving myself.

Building storage shelves

But a friend was in need of some, so I built this shelving unit for him. He has a big two car garage with a high ceiling and lots of extra floor space. So I built the shelf a full 8 feet high and wide, basically making full use of the 8 foot length of the lumber. The only cuts I needed to make were to cut the 1x3's (actually 3/4" x 2.5") into sections 2 feet in length. Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath. If you have children and would like to have wood without worries about damage, why not go for wood that already has plenty of "damage" already?

Wonderful Wood Countertops for Kitchen and Bath

Reclaimed wood like this large piece of timber already has gouges, spots, marks and stains, so new ones are of little consequence. But there is another great idea in this photo. The sink is positively enormous, allowing up to three children to wash up at the same time. The back of the sink forms a seamless backsplash, with soap dishes attached. Such a large sink keeps splashes contained, and the placement of the soap completely within the sink means no dripping on the counter as you reach back and forth between faucet and soap. Architect Rob Kelley of Piedmont, California, who designed this bathroom, uses different finishes depending on the client's desired level of maintenance.

Fabrication d'une planche à découper. Truc sur comment laminer - coller de grande planche. Fabrication d'une porte d entrée en bois artisanal. Savoir restaurer ses vieilles fenêtres ! La différence entre une génératrice à 400 $ et une à 4000 $ Leduc & Fils Produits Meyer. Home Plow by Meyer. Reclaimed Wood Blog. Yestermorrow Design Build School offers a variety of courses in sustainable design : Design Build School Vermont. Contact Us Yestermorrow Design Build School Vermont. Tournage sur bois. Router Joinery Basics: Loose Tenons.

Dovetail Joinery with a Router. Table Saw Dovetail Jig. The Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer Decision. Whenever you begin a project in woodworking or carpentry it can be difficult to choose the right fastener for the job.

The Brad Nailer Vs Finish Nailer Decision

When you are considering between a brad nailer or a finish nailer you will find that a lot of projects seem to call for either one. These are both excellent automatic nail hammers and are frequently used by professionals. Carpenters, craftsmen, and even amateurs all make use of these tools. They are available in various models that are powered by air compressors. While they are quite similar, when you get down to brad nailer vs. finish nailer, you want to figure out which one works the best on which job. DeWalt DWP611PK Router Combo Kit. Rénovation-Bricolage. Porte du garage « Légaut en paille ! La porte du garage est bientôt finie : j’ai commencé par débiter, raboter et profiler les planches.

Porte du garage « Légaut en paille !

Les biais permettent de cacher les défauts. Ces planches viendront sur un cadre (tenon/mortaise). Les pièces de bois en biais sont là pour maintenir l’équerrage de la porte. Une porte en cours d’assemblage. Le résultat presque fini, il y a une recoupe à faire en hauteur. Et c’est parti pour les gonds ! La machette pour les débutants. FAIRE DU FEU (2) PAR FRICTION. Trucs et techniques. Getting Started in Woodworking: A Guide to Woodworking Basics for Beginners. A block plane is probably the first hand plane you'll use when getting started in woodworking. It's a relatively affordable hand tool and it's versatile. Plus, its diminutive size makes it easy to use with one hand for all types of woodworking tasks, including smoothing edges, breaking corners, trimming one surface flush to another, cleaning up end grain , and fitting. Open Source Ecology.

Rangement et organisation. Fabriquez Une Bibliothèque Sur Mesure. Oui, votre v hicule peut fonctionner l'huile v g tale. Réalisation d’une jardinière en palettes « astucesenvrac. Podcast #18: Frames & Panels: The Heart of Cabinetmaking — Woodworking Online. Podcast #18: Frames & Panels: The Heart of Cabinetmaking When it comes right down to it, most cabinets are just boxes made out of plywood. Add a drawer and a slab door and you’ve got utilitarian storage for a garage or workshop. But if you’re building cabinets for your kitchen or bath, chances are you’ll want something sturdy that also looks good.

Prepare to Survive Total Economic Collapse. Savoir revivre (Jacques Massacrier) Ébénisterie de Patton. Survie en contexte dégradé / vie en autarcie. Alone in the Wilderness part II. Old Pallets. La fabrication de la lessive.