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Une barrière de jardin en palette récup' - A l'extérieur. Rainbow garden furniture. Make your own wood patio furniture. A few months back I featured an article on making your own designer patio furniture.

Make your own wood patio furniture

I did mention that this was my dream patio suite and that I would be making my own patio furniture when time allowed and I have now completed the sofa part of the suite. I had to make some modifications to the original design, as the timber merchants didn't have stock of some of the boards needed and, after waiting two months I thought it would be better to modify and use what stock they had rather than wait any longer. The sofa is made using meranti boards. I want the furniture to last a long time, so pine was out of the question. Meranti is much stronger than pine and comes in cream and pinkish hues, which will look nice after the clear varnish is applied. Large Rotisserie Pit BBQ. Wood Pallet Backyard Deck. DIY Idea: Make Your Own Portable Outdoor Kitchen. You may have seen all those beautiful outdoor kitchens with a fancy counter top and powerful grills and ovens.

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Portable Outdoor Kitchen

Well, everyone would want such a thing for their home, but usually they come at a price; a high price that is. Fortunately the DIY community doesn’t let you down and provides with a lot of projects to build an outdoor kitchen by yourself. Not all will be thrilled to build a structure of stone and bricks, and some might even say the cost to such an endeavor isn’t worth the trouble. For all these people, we have the perfect solution: DIY portable kitchen made out of wood. Much easier to build and as you can see from the photos, it has all of the options of a regular outdoor kitchen. DIY outdoor slat chair. Exterior wood glue 120- and 240-grit sanding pads Plascon Woodcare Preservative Varnish brush TOOLS: Jigsaw, circular saw, mitre saw or table saw Bar clamps (5 preferably) Nail gun or hammer Router or Dremel Trio and roundover bit Orbital or Random Orbit sander Note: The original plan was designed with laminated pine sides, but since our widest laminated pine is 605mm, this works out very expensive.

DIY outdoor slat chair

The pine sides have been substituted with 18/19mm plywood to make the chairs more affordable and avoid wastage. Note: Working with pine can be frustrating as you need to avoid as many defects in the timber as possible. .Carefully select your boards and planks and avoid any with knots or defects. 1. Use a large sheet of paper, pencil and steel ruler to transfer a grid design. Use this grid to draw out the shape of the chair sides. A bottle top comes in handy for rounding off the corners on the legs. 2. 3.

How to Make Papyrus Paper. Methode d'activation - terra-preta. Make a Grill for your Fire Pit. Jardinage : Construire un châssis. Débutant 1/2 journée Le jardinier qui sommeillait en vous se réveille et vous avez des envies de châssis pour le forçage de vos jeunes plants en début de printemps, à l’abri des pluies, des dernières gelées et des limaces.

Jardinage : Construire un châssis

Alors, lancez-vous dans la construction d’un châssis en bois. La solution la plus simple : une ancienne fenêtre, quelques planches, une dizaine de vis et juste un peu de patience. Voici une méthode simple pour construire un châssis. Covered Greenhouse Garden. While we're waiting for our fence to suntan before we stain it, I took on another outdoor project this weekend.

Covered Greenhouse Garden

Yep, it's Garden 2013! And there's a reason for the Oregon Trail look, I promise. Since we've moved here, we've had some windy nights and some CRAZY 30 mph windy nights. On top of that, the neighbors all comment on the foggy summers. So to help my future tomatoes out, I decided to build them a little green house to protect them from the wind and to elevate the temperature during the colder days. Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall. We’re happy to partner with Dremel Weekends, a new DIY website from Dremel featuring step-by-step guides to craft, home and garden projects for all skill levels.

Make a DIY Outdoor Living Plant Wall

New projects weekly, ranging from Outdoor Movie Screens to Built-In Shelving, with lots of inspiring, fresh ideas in between. Rain Chain From Wire-Wrapped Rock. We recently featured a DIY rain chain, and since I found out about rain chains, I have been slightly obsessed.

Rain Chain From Wire-Wrapped Rock

Basically, a rain chain is a decorative chain that you can use in place of an unsightly downspout on your home. When it rains, the rain chain makes a pleasing water feature using the rain runoff from your roof. Long popular in Japan, rain chains are beginning to trend here in the USA. Rustic Branch Plant Display Stand. Mesure d'audience ROI statistique webanalytics par <img width="80" height="15" src=" alt="WebAnalytics" /> plant display stand Inspired by florists' display units, here is a little shelved stand you can make out of peeled hazelnut branches whose rustic look adds a nice decorative touch.

Rustic Branch Plant Display Stand

Place in the corner of a patio or balcony to showcase potted plants such as bonsais, cactuses or herbs. Cut hazelnut or chestnut branches (naturally rot-proof) about 2 or 3 inches in diameter, following the instructions included in the plan. The pieces are assembled with metallic angle brackets fastened with nails or screws. Once you have completed the frame, make the shelves out of smaller, same-sized branches. Add the finish of your choice: painting the entire unit will give it unity; leaving the wood untreated or simply staining it will lend a more natural effect.Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and print on an "A4" sheet of paper.

Free Shed Plans. Making A Compost Bin With Free Plans. Allows you to keep your garden tidy.

Making A Compost Bin With Free Plans

Here we provide you with 2 plans to make your own compost bin showing you the materials, dimensions needed for a 3 bay wooden compost bin. For those of you who have the space, a large wooden compost bin is perfect for 3 stage compost processing. For those of you who are serious about being organic farmers and gardeners, you cannot do without compost to enrich your soil and provide the nutrients for healthy growth. The downside of composting is that it can look an unholy mess.

Free Picnic Table Plans (PDF) Log Compost Pit Bin Plans (PDF) Plan potager vertical 300dpi. Plan carre potager classique 300dpi. Liste de courses Carre 120 par 120. La fosse à roseaux - La fin de la crise. GénéralitéPour épurer les eaux usées de notre écollectivité, nous allons utiliser la phytoépuration et la phytoévaporation.

La fosse à roseaux - La fin de la crise

Les matérieux de récup dans le jardin. Un cache pot en palette de bois. °°Faire sois-même ses bacs à fleurs°° : °°lejardindeclaire°° Dernièrement, nous avons travaillé sur notre terrasse à la réalisation de bacs à fleurs. Comme ces produits valent assez cher dans le commerce (90€ en moyenne dans les magasins de bricolage pour la taille dont on a besoin), nous avons opté pour une solution bricolage maison. Comme vous le voyez, nous sommes partis de palettes que nous avons trouvées dans la rue pour fabriquer des bacs qui (je trouve) sont plutôt pas mal ! Construire une table de jardin. ©Antoine Bosse-Platière Une belle table de jardin en bois avec ses bancs, pouvant accueillir facilement huit personnes, cela vous tente ?

Luc Valentin, responsable de la maintenance au Parc écologique Terre vivante, vous propose ses plans et ses conseils de montage pour la réaliser vous-même. Quel bois choisir ? Choisissez une essence durable : mélèze, douglas ou châtaignier dans une scierie. Ne lésinez pas sur l'épaisseur : pour le plateau et les bancs, faites-vous découper des planches de 4 cm. Du sur mesure. Make an easy bird feeder.