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Multi-Media Chinese Teaching System. Lesson One: Dialogue Are you OK?

Multi-Media Chinese Teaching System

Reading | Vocabulary | Grammar | Speech Pattern | Exercise Simplified|Traditional|Pinyin. Learning Chinese Online Page. Aprender Chino Online. Cantonese to Jyutping (Pinyin) Converter 粤语粤拼 Online Conversion Tool. Cantonese to Jyutping (Pinyin) Converter 粤语粤拼 Online Conversion Tool.


The Red Brush. Chino Lengua de aprendizaje for free: Cursos, Lectures, Videos, Podcasts, Teachers, Documentos, Grammar. Word dictionary - MDBG Chinese-English dictionary. Examples and Help Example queries: hello, nihao, ni3hao3, 你好, rest*, zei*, *zei*, *茶, 英*公司, chinese *文, "to rest", bill -gates Pinyin words should be entered without spaces, either with or without tone numbers: ni3hao3 or nihao.

Word dictionary - MDBG Chinese-English dictionary

The character ü can be entered as v instead. The asterisk character * can be used as a wildcard to match zero or more characters: Free Chinese Dictionary - Free Chinese Grammar. Hanyu Pinyin Chinese-English Online Dictionary and Translation.