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Eye-C Eye-C is a mobile application for iPhone and Android that lets you “play” Twitter hashtags on your phone, TV, PC or set-top box. The service looks for any media associated with a particular hashtag, then creates a playlist of sorts (a “taglist”) which allows you to watch the videos, listen to the music or view […] Tweet Widget The Twitter based home screen Tweet Widget displays Twitter tweets based on an adjustable search criteria or a timeline (friend, public or user). The widget contains buttons for your Timeline, your Mentions, your Favorites, Search, Trends and to Tweet. Twitdom » The Twitter Applications Directory

Twitdom » The Twitter Applications Directory

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Twitter Unfollower Tracker :: Twitter App :: Who Unfollowed Me? Twitter Unfollower Tracker :: Twitter App :: Who Unfollowed Me? Free to Join For users with up to 25k friends/followers, Who Unfollowed Me provides a limited functionality 'Lite' version. There is a paid 'Pro' version that has more features and can accommodate users with up to 75k friends/followers.
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Twitter alerts via email by Twilert We don't require you to sign long term contracts or commit to anything. We're a pay-as-you-go service. If you decide you don't need our service any longer, you can cancel at any time. All packages include a 15 day FREE trial.


Crowdbooster At-a-glance analytics Tired of complex monitoring software? Quickly identify your most effective messages - drill down to see the impact of each Tweet and Facebook post. = Twitter + Delicious = Twitter + Delicious

This site provides a simple bookmarking service. We follow your twitter feed, and whenever a status you tweet or re-tweet contains URLs, we add them to your favorite bookmarking service: Delicious, Pinboard, Diigo, historious, Instapaper, Pocket (Read It Later), or your own Scuttle server. Optionally, bookmark URLs in @replies to you, and in tweets you mark as Favorites.