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Média - L'intelligence artificielle et les jeux vidéo. Digital Journalism » Page » Auteurs. Les 5000 trucs et Astuces informatiques de Michel.powerpoint Intégrer une animation Flash dans une diapositive sous powerpoint 2003. Open Source PageFlip. Newsworthy. Quel avenir pour le “media on demand” ? Les journaux italiens perdent annonceurs - Façonner l'avenir du blog quotidien. The Italian advertising sector grew 3.8 percent in the first five months of the year, according to a Nielsen report.

Les journaux italiens perdent annonceurs - Façonner l'avenir du blog quotidien

Yet, national newspapers had 0.2 percent less ads, Il Sole 24 Ore revealed last week. This is related to the ad decline by the automobile industry, which used to be the top advertiser in the press. Now, the clothing sector has become the top ad buyer in newspapers as they have increased their advertising by 15.2 percent, La Repubblica reported.

The Nielsen report also noted declines of 6.7 percent in free dailies and 9.3 percent in weekly publications as the clothing companies have started to invest more in paid newspapers. But despite the newspapers' losses, TV and radio saw advertising increases of 12.5 percent and 14.6 percent, respectively. Et si l'on créait, tous ensemble, un livre collectif? - Tittine sur Web 20/07/2010 à 10h03 - mis à jour le 20/07/2010 à 20h29 | vues | réactions Que diriez-vous d'une aventure collective ?

Et si l'on créait, tous ensemble, un livre collectif? - Tittine sur

Non pas suivre une histoire dont vous êtes le héros, mais dont vous êtes l'auteur. Voilà ce que je vous propose. (Photo morgueFile) Le principe est assez simple. A l'issue de chaque épisode, ce sera à vous d'imaginer la suite, de créer d'autres personnages, de suggérer des rebondissements. Petit à petit, notre histoire prendra forme. Voilà donc, le début : "Depuis plusieurs jours, Pierre était en froid avec son ordinateur. Libera Informazione. Journalisme: enjeux, avenir, débats. Italy. Avenir journalisme.


Dissertation research - online news. Julian Assange : le dénonciateur. Everything about this is odd.

Julian Assange : le dénonciateur

Julian Assange, the founder, director, frontman, guiding spirit of global whistleblowing service WikiLeaks looks a bit odd for a start. Tall, cadaverous, dressed in ripped jeans, brown jacket, black tie, battered trainers. Somebody says he looks like Andy Warhol with his prematurely white hair, but I can't remember who, which will bother the hell out of him because accuracy is everything. He detests subjectivity in journalism; I fear that part of him detests journalists, too, and that WikiLeaks – which describes itself as an "uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking" – is essentially a way of cutting out subjectivist idiots such as me.

"Journalism should be more like science," he tells me in the restaurant. Assange unveiled in January 2007 and has pulled off some astonishing coups for an organisation with a handful of staff and virtually no funding. So the thesis. The danger of penetration by the security services is acute. L’indépendance des Médias finira par payerOutils Froids. Pearltrees. Around pearltrees.