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Where your jewelry begins. - Swarovski Crystal, Japanese Seed Beads, TierraCast, Charms, Chain and Components. Goldie-Clay-Instructions.pdf (application/pdf Object) Plain Regaliz Licorice Leather - Bello Modo - Your Online Source for Beads, Seed Beads, Swarovski Elements, Findings, Tools and So Much More! Make a Necklace Display: A Cheap & Easy Way to Create A Great Looking Necklace Bust. Scottsdale Bead Supply. Beads & Jewelry-Making. Beads Galore. Laura's Beads & Jewelry Boutique. Bead Studio - Best Selection of Beads, Charms & Beading Supplies. This may be the fastest and easiest beaded gift on the planet!

Bead Studio - Best Selection of Beads, Charms & Beading Supplies

Use up those leftover beads and charms to create a beautiful gift. Not only are they great for the reader in your family, you can also hang one from your rear view mirror! Style & Versatility! Materials: 2 feet of Waxed Linen Cord 1 Charm Assorted Beads – about a dozen with holes that just fit over the linen Tools Required: Clear Nail Polish Scissors Step 1 – Tie the charm onto one end of the cord, trim and set knot with clear nail polish.

Step 2 – Slide a grouping of beads onto the cord and tie a knot after the last bead. Step 3 - Determine the length of cord needed for the type of book (less for paperback more for hardcover) and tie a knot were the beads will start. Step 4 – Add beads to the tail of the cord and tie a knot after the last bead. Step 5 – Trim the excess cord and set knot with clear nail polish. Fast & Easy! Print Friendly Version {*style:<b>BEAD STUDIO.COM </b>*} 423 S. Canyonville, OR, 97417 </b>*}266 East Main St. Anthropologie Inspired DIY Keychain. Would you believe that I don’t have a keychain?

Anthropologie Inspired DIY Keychain

I mean, my keys are on a ring but I don’t have anything cute or decorative holding my keys. Well, I just changed all that! I found this adorable keychain at Anthropologie and decided to make my own. Here’s the original Anthropologie keychain that was my inspiration: (Photo Credit: Anthropologie) Supplies needed to make your own Anthro DIY keychain: Step one: Cut or punch a one inch circle from paper.

Step two: Apply Dimensional Magic (DM) to the center of the monogram, and press the round clear charm on top. Step three: Flip the charm over and apply DM to the back. Step four: When it is dry, cut a strip of foil tape to fit around the charm. Step five: Take enough links of chain to fit the length of the keychain. Step six: Use jump rings to attach the charms to the chain. Finally, attach the monogrammed pendant to the jump ring at the base of the keychain.

About Morena Morena Hockley is the crafty mind behind the tutorials at Video Tutorial:how to make fabric beads. The Serenity Prayer of the Ephemeral and Imperfect Beauty (or . . . Sephie Beau) That’s the title of my newest piece. What a mouthful, right?! It’s one of the pieces I entered to Fire Mountain Gem ‘s Seed Bead Contest (you can read more about the contest here ). To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to win. The design isn’t very mainstream and the concept behind it is a bit bleak. But, I ended up owning something I’d want to wear very often, so it’s all good. I enter contests – even the ones I don’t think I’ll ever win – to challenge myself. The eyelashes The seemingly-floating star, and The details on the butterfly This piece is inspired by many women’s and girl’s hopes and dreams, and their efforts to reach them and the beauty of imperfection Many women want to be slim and beautiful. We fix our teeth, wear make-up, accessorize ourselves, and some of us even go through numerous procedures (ranging from getting eyelashes extension, botox injections, to cosmetic surgeries).

Some women have more resources and determination than the others. So morose? -joyce Like this: Necklace I. Primary Description Colorless non-lead glass, opaque red glass enamel, metallic bronze and silver, coral red; blown, tooled, enameled, assembled.

Necklace I

Necklace comprised of twelve slightly flattened hemi-spherical bubbles of colorless (tooled holes on broad sides), third bubble from one end has been completely covered in red enamel mixed with sand; bubbles are strung together with four strands of silver wire, where wires passes through each bubble they are strung with bronze beads (with scattered beveled edges and sides) interspersed with coral beads; flattened silver bead spacer between each glass bead; both strand ends with round silver beads and double metal hook closure; engraved in block letters around the outside opening of final glass bead (at end with red bead): "MIEKE GROOT94". Necklace of Glass and Faience Beads.