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Scatti surreali di chi convive con la depressione. Surreal Self-Portraits by Alicia Savage. Young Photographer Achieves Cathartic Emotional Release through His Visual Diary. Creative expression is an avenue that many turn towards when other forms of communication fail.

Young Photographer Achieves Cathartic Emotional Release through His Visual Diary

Daniel Serva is an example of this, using emotive self-portraits to convey his feelings to the world. The launch of his 365 Project marked the beginning of a journey that would see him creating daily images that relayed his emotions over the course of the next year. This visual diary provides Serva the ideal form of self-healing that he continues to benefit from. Born in Venezuala, but creating from Paraguay, Serva has found an outlet within his photographic endeavours. “I don’t usually talk about my feelings,” Serva told Instagram Blog, “but with the help of photography I can have a catharsis.” Surreal Portraits by Katerina Plotnikova. Storytelling Portraits Visualize the Imagination at Work in Slovak Poems. Photographer Michal Zahornacky aimed to tell a visual story with his latest series and collaborated with a group of Slovak poets to take on this expressive venture.

Storytelling Portraits Visualize the Imagination at Work in Slovak Poems

Although it's plainly titled Poems, the resulting collection of photographs is anything but simple and uninvolved. Using the power of metaphors, Zahornacky interpreted the poems he was given through a surreal lens that, according to the photographer, "combines art with art. " To transform a black-and-white poem into an image teeming with interesting symbols and fantastical scenes, Zahornacky focused mainly on the human emotions that brought both the poems and photographs to life.

Mysterious Stories in Photography. Claire Pestaille, British Artist. The Nymphadalidea Collective The Nymphadalidea Collective (2013-2014) explores my fascination with the butterfly print and how it originated.

Claire Pestaille, British Artist

Earlier known as Klecksography or ink blots, devised by Justinus Kerner (poet) in 1851 and used as illustrations to his work. Later these inkblots also became known as Gobolinks or shadow pictures. Julia Luzia - All Artworks in Julia Luzia's Artfinder Shop. Saatchiart. La fotografia surrealista di Tea Falco. Portrait of the unconscious.

La fotografia surrealista di Tea Falco

Intervista: le fiabe barocche di Stefano Bonazzi - DARLIN Magazine. Illusion Photography by Jairo Alvarez. Inspired by the Surrealists Collection by Artfinder Collections. Surreal Photographs of Life Along China's Coastline. China has 9,010 miles of coastline.

Surreal Photographs of Life Along China's Coastline

It passes through ten provinces and 25 major cities. In the latest project from Zhangxiao, the Chinese freelance photographer presents images from every province and nearly every city near the sea. “I’ve been longing for the sea since my childhood, when my family lived in a village about 40 kilometers from the nearest seaside,” Zhang remembers, “My family couldn’t afford to travel to the seaside and for a child 40 kilometers was far, far away.” Along the coast, Zhang finds both bleakness and prosperity, shiny newness and crumbling antiquity. Yet every place shares the common bond of salty water, sometimes in the form of a windy tidal river and sometimes a wide, turquoise ocean. La fotografia surreale in bianco e nero di Arthur Tress. Arthur Tress è un fotografo americano originario di Brooklyn, New York.

La fotografia surreale in bianco e nero di Arthur Tress

Beautiful and Bewitching Photography. Joséphine Cardin est une danseuse de formation qui a développé son art de la plus belle des façons en réalisant ses propres auto-portraits.

Beautiful and Bewitching Photography

L’univers dans lequel elle évolue semble porté par la mélancolie, le romantisme, la solitude et l’amour de la nature. Avec un talent fou, elle illustre tout cela par des mises en scène délicates et surréalistes. Surreal Polaroids of Iceland by Paul Hoi. Over the course of two weeks in 2014, photographer Paul Hoi visited Iceland alone with his 4×4 Polaroid camera in hand.

Surreal Polaroids of Iceland by Paul Hoi

During this trip, he travelled along the legendary Ring Road which connects, from one settlement to the next, the entirety of Nordic country. Le surreali case volanti di Laurent Chéhère. I Explore Literal Interpretations Of Common Language Expressions And Emotions. I have a passion for developing surreal and conceptual themed artworks that capture very literal interpretations of common language expressions or emotions.

I Explore Literal Interpretations Of Common Language Expressions And Emotions

It lets me explore and share the personal connection and understanding I have of myself, the world and those around me. I nudi femminili dentro lo specchio di Alva Bernadine. Surreal Worlds by Vincent Bourilhon. De nature fantaisiste, Vincent Bourilhon est un photographe français basé à Paris.

Surreal Worlds by Vincent Bourilhon

VB-Photos. Tommy Ingberg Photographic Art - Front Page. Surreal Portraits Explore the Dark Side. What would photography be if it didn’t have the power to unveil the mysteries of humanness through psychological exploration? New York-based photographer Brooke DiDonato is exploring the depths of unseen human emotion in her series, Drift—attempting to identify through stunning surreal compositions that make the human mind unravel. She spoke to us about the series, which will be presented in an exhibit at Brooklyn Fire Proof East opening this Thursday. Surrealismo e verità rivelate tra le foto di Lara Zankoul. Lara Zankoul, classe 1987, è una giovane laureata in Scienze Economiche all’American University di Beirut con una passione ancora più grande di quella per lo studio: quella per la fotografia. Come si legge nella sia biografia, studia, sperimenta e scatta da autodidatta e nasce, fotograficamente parlando, nel 2008 quando inizia ad approcciarsi all’universo della fotografia con maggiore costanza, spinta anche da un lavoro non molto appagante per la sua anima artistica.

Finché, guidata dalla passione, nel 2009 partecipa al gruppo di Flickr “365 Days project” mettendo a punto il suo primo progetto. Japanese Photographer Creates Surreal Scenes of Anonymous Girls. For his series Assembly, Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami captures scenes of young girls on a backdrop of stunning landscapes. Faces hidden and dressed in identical clothing, the girls are anonymous and their identity is stripped away. Mysterious, yet beautifully composed, these images could be stills from a movie, each with its own individual setting and storyline. Surreal Interpretations of Womanhood Photographed by Marjorie Salvaterra. Drawing inspiration from her own life, photographer Marjorie Salvaterra has created a series of black and white tableaus of women that look a lot like a scenes out of an Italian film. These woman are HER. Through exaggerated gestures and surreal interpretations she explores the complexities of life, gender and age, that come together to reflect a universal idea of womanhood.

The Photography of Gabriel Isak. C’est entre surréalisme, minimalisme et romantisme noir que le photographe Gabriel Isak sillonne pour réaliser ses clichés. Le plus souvent en utilisant des couleurs sombres ou ternes, il expose des personnages camouflés, dissimulés par du maquillage, une chevelure donnant un aspect étrange à ses photos bien que toujours esthétique et visuellement intéressant.

Plus dans la suite. Shop — Rob Woodcox Photography. Surreal Nature Portraits. La photographe Lituanienne Raggana est à l’origine de cette sublime série de photos rendant hommage au lien subtil qui lie les hommes à la nature. La photographe nous livre des images à l’univers surréaliste, dont certaines sont comme inspirées d’ « Ophelia », célèbre peinture de Millais. À découvrir en images.

Japanese Photographer Creates Surreal Scenes of Anonymous Girls. Explosions by Herczeg & Kaehr. Surreal Photo Collages. Self portrait - an album on Flickr. Surreal Photography in Bolivian Salt Desert. C’est dans le plus grand désert de sel au monde, en Bolivie, que le photographe hollandais Scarlett Hooft Graaflan a organisé ce shooting-photo artistique en collaboration avec Gastón Ugalde.

Surreal Photography by Christopher J. Porté par ses inspirations issues du roman fantastique, le photographe californien Christopher J a réalisé une série de photos surréalistes, en utilisant la technique de double exposition et de retouches. Surreal Portraits by Aisha Zeijpvelds. Des images hors du commun, voire surréalistes, c’est ce que la photographe Aisha Zeijpvelds, basée à Amsterdam présente ici par une série de portraits.

Ce qui est particulier, c’est la mise en scène qui s’avère complètement loufoque. Certains modèles auront les membres dédoublés alors que d’autres auront les yeux cachés par un miroir ou un amas de fumée. Black Light. Jim Casper, Editor - Modern Dutch Surreal Photography. Le fotografie surreali di Adrienn Balasko. La città delle spose. Silvia Grav Photography. A Love Story by Elovich. Le fotografie emotive di Rachel Baran. Le foto di Arno Rafael Minkinnen. I collage surreali di Miraruido. Immagini fatte a pezzi.