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Behance. Peter Saville colour-codes Tate Modern for extension opening. British graphic design legend Peter Saville is behind the Tate Modern art gallery's updated graphic identity, a colourful model of the complex that includes the new Herzog & de Meuron extension.

Peter Saville colour-codes Tate Modern for extension opening

Saville worked with long-time collaborator Paul Hetherington and animation, graphic and product-design studio Morph to create the animated visual, which depicts the former power plant and its adjacent spaces as translucent volumes. Each section or department is designated its own hue. The Tate Modern's iconic chimney is displayed in blue, the underground Tanks space is coloured red and the public areas on the top floor are highlighted in turquoise. An orange-yellow tone is used to depict both the main exhibition space and the new twisting brick extension, which is set to open on 17 June 2016. The graphic is being used on publicity material ahead of the event, and has also been turned into souvenirs sold in the museum's shop.

How to design a museum: the making of London’s new Design Museum. From analysing a range of visitor journey scenarios using the architectural sketch-up model and holding workshops with museum staff to predict behaviour, Ian was able to “establish the wayfinding and visitor communication elements required at each step.”

How to design a museum: the making of London’s new Design Museum

Ian explains: “Once the fundamentals were in place, the task was to create a graphic and physical design language, taking a holistic approach to the wide variety of elements.” With the scale and importance of the building in mind, the main challenge of the project was the duality of the Museum’s location and site. “The Design Museum is a civic space and will have 500,000 visitors annually, and a high-end residential community consisting of three apartments blocks of 55 units,” explains Ian. Behance. Tate visual identity evolution. Sidney Opera House – Motion identity – René Querin. Sistema di identità di movimento e costruzione di elementi grafici per Sydney Opera House.

Sidney Opera House – Motion identity – René Querin

In collaborazione con Interbrand Sydney e Sydney Opera House (SOH), il collettivo Collider si è impegnato per estendere un rinnovato linguaggio visivo in un sistema di movimento globale da utilizzare in tutte le piattaforme e canali digitali di Sidney Opera House. Gli elementi di movimento si focalizzano sulla direzione scultorea del marchio e sui metodi e le forme utilizzate dall’architetto danese Jørn Utzon nella progettazione dell’iconico edificio australiano.

Partendo da otto “sculture in movimento” primarie, sono state create oltre 30 sequenze animate che il personale della Sidney Opera House potranno utilizzare nelle prossime animazioni digitali. Accanto a queste sequenze animate sono state definite precise linee guida per ogni movimento da applicare. La sequenza principale dell’identità della Sidney Opera House è stata rivisitata anche i due varianti di colore e in tre differenti durate. New visual Identity for the Met. Metropolitan-museums-new-logo-the-met. As the Metropolitan Museum of Art busts out of its Beaux-Arts shell and opens its Madison Avenue outpost in the old Whitney, the institution is trying on a fresh identity, or at least enshrining an old nickname in a new look.


In its logo, the Met is now THE MET, the two short words printed in scarlet letters, stacked and squashed together. The whole ensemble looks like a red double-decker bus that has stopped short, shoving the passengers into each other’s backs. Worse, the entire top half of the new logo consists of the word the. Starting March 1, this graphic misfire, designed by the London-based global-branding firm Wolff Olins, will replace the existing M, a masterwork of resonant graphics that the Met first used in 1971. From a distance, the old logo couldn’t be simpler, just a capital letter emblazoned in a solid-colored circle. But perhaps so many layers of association were too much for an administration focused on friendliness. Pompei, ecco il nuovo brand del sito archeologico: "Così si rilancia e guarda al futuro"

Un nuovo marchio, la scritta “Pompeii” con la “o” in arancione sulla quale i quattro punti cardinali sono evidenziati da ricami ispirati alle decorazioni parietali della città romana.

Pompei, ecco il nuovo brand del sito archeologico: "Così si rilancia e guarda al futuro"

E poi un nuovo plastico. Pompei cambia volto – ha detto il premier Renzi nella sua visita della Vigilia di Natale - e punta ora, anche simbolicamente, a un nuovo brand. Anche perché, per legge, la soprintendenza guidata da Massimo Osanna dal primo gennaio 2016 cambia denominazione e diventa “Soprintendenza Pompei”, così, senza più la preposizione “di”. Nuovo marchio, ma anche carta intestata, e soprattutto nuove piantine degli scavi e nuove guide tascabili, che saranno distribuite in decine di migliaia gratuitamente ai visitatori con l’acquisto del biglietto, così come avviene già da alcuni anni. LA VISITA/Renzi: "Che meraviglia qui... " undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined. SFMOMA: New Visual Identity. Corporate Identity Portal.