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Why Your Annual Report Should Be a Piece of Master Storytelling. The annual report is a once-a-year piece of content that’s mandatory for many organizations and a powerful tool for many more.

Why Your Annual Report Should Be a Piece of Master Storytelling

While it can be tedious to assemble, it’s incredibly important. This single piece of communication presents a wealth of information about your organization to many different audiences. How those readers engage with that content affects their perceptions of your business in significant ways. If your annual report is simply slapped together as a statement of facts, you are losing a huge opportunity to bolster your brand. The purpose of your annual report Your annual report is more than a legal requirement. Stakeholders/shareholdersEmployeesPotential employeesIndustry colleagues and competitorsGeneral public Each person will read your annual report for a different reason, and each will take away something different. Some of the most significant things your annual report helps you do: Share your mission.

Build trust in your business practices. Showcase company culture. The BSMS Libratory Year in Review: 2015 - 2016 - Bunhead With Duct Tape: Making Learning Stick. Mrs. ReaderPants: Top 25 checkouts for 2015-2016. School Library Annual Reports. Measure the Future. School Library Annual Reports: Connecting the Dots Between Your Library And Student Learning. My last principal used to call May "the month of mayhem.

School Library Annual Reports: Connecting the Dots Between Your Library And Student Learning

" And for good reason. In the northern hemisphere anyway, May means warmer weather, antsy students (and teachers), testing, testing (and more testing), and a rapidly approaching end to yet another school year. For me, however, May also meant the creation of my annual report. Annual reports were never required in my district or by my principal, but after seeing the work of other librarians whose districts did require these types of reflections, I knew I wanted to make completing one for my library a part of my year end routine.

Why in the world would I want to add this to my already full end of year plate? Assuming others know what you do is stupid silly. As part of this process, I shared several examples of school library annual reports in multiple formats - some are documents, some are webpages and some are videos. As you might expect, there were a wide variety of grades along with lots and lots of dialogue. Annual Report Kachel. EBSCOhost Login. Infographic: Monthly Library Report. “Hello.

Infographic: Monthly Library Report

My name is Fran, and I am an overachiever.” What else explains why I never seem to be satisfied? I have been on a quest to improve my monthly library reports since 2010 as discussed here, here, and here. I had been using Word to create my reports but changed to PowerPoint this year. I have found that I can create and edit charts so much easier with PowerPoint. I am a fan of infographics, so this morning when I saw this tweet from Sassy Librarian, I had to play: Piktochart Pikochart provides both free and upgraded accounts; as always, I opt for free. Once you choose a template, you can change the mood (Colour Scheme, Fonts, and Background Styles) and then begin editing. Not too bad for a first try, but since I am an overachiever….. Extreme Monthly Library Report Makeover.

Since opening my library in August of 2006, I have compiled a monthly report as part of my efforts to share what is happening with the library program and as a tool for reflection and action.

Extreme Monthly Library Report Makeover

I have always completed paper reports using Microsoft Word and posted them on the library website as Word document or Adobe Acrobat PDF; each year, I have added tweaks and additional data. Last year’s reports (you can see here or here) represented a somewhat dramatic improvement as I incorporated more images, improved graphic design, some additional quantitative data, and a correlation of collaborative lessons (and the accompanying research pathfinders) to assorted standards, including AASL, ISTE, and state performance standards (Georgia Performance Standards or GPS). While I was pleased with the monthly reports and the culminating annual report for 2008-09, I wanted to add more depth and dimension for this school year to better illustrate what is happening with the library program. Like this: EBSCOhost Login.

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