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Biography - Stan Lee. Stan Lee Biography. Stanley Martin Lieber, popularly known as Stan Lee, is an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, and voice actor.

Stan Lee Biography

He started out his career working as an office boy for the Marvel Comics––which meant fetching lunch, proof reading and refilling artist's ink jars, eventually proving his creative talent, escalated from the position of interim editor to the president of the entire company. He is known for creating superheroes like ‘Spider-Man’, ‘The Hulk’, ‘X-men’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’, ‘Doctor Strange’, etc. and gained nationwide popularity when he created the superhero series ‘The Fantastic Four’ in which he made his superheroes imperfect rather than selling the idea of a perfectly capable superhero. 28 facts that you might not know about Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry - Athlete, Famous Basketball Players. Renowned for his shooting accuracy, pro basketball player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors was the first person to be named Most Valuable Player by unanimous vote in NBA history.

Stephen Curry - Athlete, Famous Basketball Players

Synopsis Born in Ohio in 1988 to former NBA player Dell Curry, Stephen Curry garnered national attention for his impressive play at Davidson College. He was drafted in 2009 by the Golden State Warriors, and eventually developed into one of pro basketball's top players with his stellar shooting skills.

After garnering Most Valuable Player honors and helping the Warriors win the NBA championship in 2015, Curry led the team to a league-record 73 wins the following season. In May 2016, Curry became the first person to be named Most Valuable Player by unanimous vote in NBA history, and one of only 11 players to win the MVP award two years in a row. Early Years and Education. Stephen Curry - Athlete, Famous Basketball Players.

Biographies. R.L. Stine Biography. Birthdate: October 8, 1943 Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio Real Name: Robert Lawrence Stine He's been scaring kids for more than 20 years with series like Goosebumps.

R.L. Stine Biography

Now R.L. Stine is going back to his funny roots with the Rotten School series. R.L. Stine - Slap-Stick Start. R. L. Stine Facts. President Barack Obama Facts and Quotes for Kids. President Barack Obama was born Barack Hussein Obama II on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii.Did you know that Barack in Swahili means “one who is blesses”?

President Barack Obama Facts and Quotes for Kids

Barack Obama became the 44th President on January 20th 2009.He was the first African American President of the United States.Barack Obama’s mother was names Stanley Ann Dunham. She went by the name Ann. Biography of President Barack Obama for Kids. Biographies for Kids >> US Presidents for Kids Barack Obama by Pete Souza Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States.

Biography of President Barack Obama for Kids

Served as President: 2009-2017Vice President: Joseph BidenParty: Democrat Age at inauguration: 47. Indianapolis Colts. Birth date: March 26, 1976Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana Indianapolis Colts Growing Up Growing up in New Orleans, Peyton had football in his blood.

Indianapolis Colts

His dad, Archie Manning, was a star quarterback with the New Orleans Saints and was the color commentator for the team's radio station. When Peyton Manning was 15, his dad took him to an off-season practice with the Saints. Peyton Manning: NFL Quarterback. Sports >> Football >> Biographies Occupation: Football Player Born: March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana Nickname: The Sheriff Best known for: Winning a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver BroncosBiography: Peyton Manning was one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League (NFL).

Peyton Manning: NFL Quarterback

He played the first fourteen years of his professional career for the Indianapolis Colts, but in 2012 he went to play for the Denver Broncos after sitting out a year with a neck injury. Where did Peyton grow up? Peyton was born on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Has Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl? John Cena Facts for Kids. From KidzSearch, the safe free Wikipedia for kids.

John Cena Facts for Kids

Career World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (2001 - present) Cena was signed by then Person in charge of Talent Relations, Jim Ross on behalf on WWF. According to Ross, when he returned to Connecticut after signing Cena he walked into Vince McMahon's office and told him "I just signed your main event for WrestleMania in 5 years. Tim Tebow - Athlete, Football Player. NFL quarterback Tim Tebow won both the Heisman Trophy and the BCS National Championship while playing for the Florida Gators in college.

Tim Tebow - Athlete, Football Player

He was drafted by the NFL’s Denver Broncos in 2010 and joined the New York Jets in 2012. Synopsis Tim Tebow helped the Florida Gators win two BCS Championships and was named the Heisman Trophy winner in 2007. Despite leading the NFL's Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011, the popular quarterback was traded to the New York Jets after the season. He has also signed with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, and worked as a television analyst between NFL gigs. Rosa Parks - BrainPOP Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - BrainPOP Jr. Helen Keller - BrainPOP Jr. George Washington Carver - BrainPOP Jr. Pablo Picasso - BrainPOP Jr. Amelia Earhart - BrainPOP Jr. Biographies for kids: Inventors, World Leaders, Women, Civil Rights. Pick the person or subject below to view biography or list of biographies: Biographies Historical Biographies OtherFamous PianistsFamous GuitaristsFamous ViolinistsMuhammad AliLouis ArmstrongMichael JacksonHarry HoudiniElvis PresleyBabe RuthMark TwainFor more Biographies Sports Biographies Entertainment Biographies Back to Ducksters Home Page.

Biographies for kids: Inventors, World Leaders, Women, Civil Rights

Amelia Earhart for Kids. Biography Amelia Earhartfrom the Los Angeles Daily News Occupation: Aviator Born: July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas Died: She disappeared on July 2, 1937 over the Pacific Ocean. She was declared dead on January 5, 1939 Best known for: Being the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic OceanBiography: Where did Amelia Earhart grow up? Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Growing up Amelia and her sister had all sorts of adventures. Barack Obama Biography for Kids « Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

His mother was Stanley Ann Durham, called Ann. She met Barack Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr, while she was taking a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. Barack Sr., was of Luo ancestry. Barack Obama: Short Biography for kids *** Short Biography of Barack Obama: Fast Overview of his LifeFacts and Info: Barack Obama is the 44th president of America and is the first African American to be elected president of the United States. His term in office started in 2009. The important events of presidency have included the economic crisis at home and the on-going fight against terrorism.

For additional info refer to 20 Facts about Barack Obama. Short Biography of Barack Obama: His Parents, Date of Birth and Place of BirthFacts and Info: Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His parents were Ann Dunham, a white American from Kansas, and Barack Obama who was a black Kenyan studying at the University of Hawaii. Short Biography of Barack Obama: His Education and CareerFacts and Info: The career of Barack Obama included the roles of Lawyer, Politician and Statesman. Biography of President Barack Obama for Kids. All Biographies « Georgia O’ Keefe Biography for Kids « Georgia O’Keeffe was born on November 15, 1887, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

She is best known for fantastic paintings of flowers and landscapes of the southwest. Georgia O'Keeffe - BrainPOP Jr. Georgia O'Keeffe. Georgia O’Keeffe was born in 1887 in Wisconsin. She grew up on a farm where she helped her family by cooking, sewing, and growing vegetables. When she was five, O’Keeffe went to school at a one-room schoolhouse. She didn’t like school but she did enjoy the private art lessons she took after school. The Stephen Curry Show. It’s more than an hour before the Denver Nuggets tip off against the Golden State Warriors, but Denver’s downtown arena is already filling up. Fans crowd around the Warriors’ basket, camera phones held high, as Stephen Curry floats shot after shot from the farthest reaches of the three-point line.

Mia Hamm: US Soccer Player. Back to Sports Back to Soccer Back to Biographies. Babe Ruth Biography for Kids « Babe Ruth. R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps: Games, Books, Forums, and more. Dr. Seuss. George Washington Carver Story (Famous Inventor) Biography for Children(Cartoon) Black History Month. George Washington Carver for Kids. 7 Facts on George Washington Carver. George Washington Carver is known for his work with peanuts (though he did not invent peanut butter, as some may believe).

However, there's a lot more to this scientist and inventor than simply being "the Peanut Man. " Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers. Animated Biographies « Jeff Kinney. Biographies. ...Louis Braille Biography... Leonardo Home Page. Who was Leonardo da Vinci? He had a keen eye and quick mind that led him to make important scientific discoveries, yet he never published his ideas. He was a gentle vegetarian who loved animals and despised war, yet he worked as a military engineer to invent advanced and deadly weapons.

He was one of the greatest painters of the Italian Renaissance, yet he left only a handful of completed paintings. Before you explore this site, you may want to read the A resource for teachers and students developed by the Museum of Science, Boston for the Science Learning Network. Science Learning Network / email: / © 1997 The Museum of Science. Albert Einstein. Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads. George Washington. Advertisement. is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. George Washington: A National Treasure. George Washington's World for Kids: Play games about our first president. Betsy Ross Biography for Kids « Betsy Ross is thought to have sewn the first American flag. Born the 8th of 17 children to a Quaker family, Betsy learned to read, write, and sew at an early age.

42 Facts About Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson - Baseball Player. Celebrating Black History with Jackie Robinson for Kids (Cartoon Jackie Robinson Story) Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong. George Washington. George Washington's World for Kids: Play games about our first president. Dwyane Wade. Jordan's top 10 greatest plays. Clara Barton for Kids. Florence Nightingale Biography. Jonathan Toews. 2nd Grade Biographies. BiographyReportFoldableFlipBook. FREEMartinLutherKingJrCreateaMiniBook.