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A New Wonderful Bloom's Taxonomy Visual for Teachers. A New Excellent Interactive SAMR Visual for Teachers. New Bloom's Taxonomy Poster for Teachers. August 29, 2014 Bloom's taxonomy is one of the most popular learning taxonomies ever.

New Bloom's Taxonomy Poster for Teachers

Since its release in the last half of the 20th century, it has been widely adopted within the education sector and was used extensively to design and create learning materials and curriculum content. Bloom's taxonomy maps out learning skills along a thinking continuum that starts with lower order thinking skills in one end (e.g. remembering and understanding) and moves up in difficulty to the other end that embraces higher order thinking skills (e.g. evaluating and creating).

However, Bloom's taxonomy has been repeatedly modified to suit the requirements of the era in which it is used . Thus, we ended up having different versions of Blooms taxonomy. New Bloom's Taxonomy Poster for Teachers. Taxonomie de Bloom avec avatars. The 6 Levels Of Bloom's Taxonomy, Explained With Active Verbs. Bloom's Taxon. & Objectvs. Bloom's Digital Taxonomy. The 5 Emerging Educational Technologies You Should Know about. January31, 2014 The educational landscape is witnessing a drastic change due to the use and integration of emerging technologies.

The 5 Emerging Educational Technologies You Should Know about

However, though these changes are revolutionary but they are still far from being transformative because the gap between the technologies our students are using out of school and the ones they have access to inside the walls of school is widening. With the emergence and massive uptake of these new emerging technologies, there appeared a new learning culture one which is catalyst of the culture schools should encourage and cultivate. And until we get past the CIPA act and other inhibiting practices and policies, this gap will keep on widening. Today, I want to share with you this handy infographic that features 5 examples of emerging technologies which have been or are expected to be used in the classroom. Schema_relationnel.pdf. The 27 Characteristics of A 21st Century Teacher.

"21st Century Educator" is probably the most popular buzzword in today's education.

The 27 Characteristics of A 21st Century Teacher

There is a growing and heated debate whether or not to label educators as 21st century and each camp has its own concept and arguments, however, for me personally I see teaching in 21st century as having undergone a paradigmatic shift. This is basically due to the emerging of the " social web" and the huge embrace of technology and particularly the mobile gadgetry in our classrooms.

It would be unfair to ignore these huge transformations and their impact on education. Therefore, and as a result of these changes teachers now are required to have digital skills that were not called for before. It also becomes imperative for teachers to adapt their teaching practices to the developing learning needs of their students if ever this teaching is to be effective. Having said that, we are sharing with you today this great infographic from Mia featuring the 27 ways to be 21st century teacher. courtesy of :

Infographies, impact garanti ! Tendances de la formation, MOOC, évolution et impact de la technologie, histoire de la formation à distance, théories de l’apprentissage, Mobile Learning, Social Learning… Voici quelques infographies, ces fameuses représentations en images d’informations, messages clés ou données statistiques sur des thématiques données… pour égayer vos murs, apporter un nouvel angle de vue et susciter les échanges.

Infographies, impact garanti !

Et puis, un petit cadeau pour animer vos fêtes de fin d’année sur la dernière infographie… Cliquer sur les images pour les agrandir. Awesome Graphic Featuring 12 Learning Skills for 21st Century Learners. 3 Good Free Classroom Posters for Teachers. While I was leafing through the content of ICTmagic, which is one of my favourite educational wiki, I came across this page featuring a set of some interesting classroom posters.

3 Good Free Classroom Posters for Teachers

These posters are free to download both in PDF or JPG format. 40+ Wonderful Educational Posters for Teachers. Great iPad Responsible Use Posters for Your Cllass. Two Useful iPad Apps to Create Classroom Posters. April 5, 2014 In today's post I am sharing with you two awesome iPad apps to use with your kids and students to create posters.The process is very easy and kids will definitely enjoy them.

Two Useful iPad Apps to Create Classroom Posters

The apps provide a wide variety of pre-made styles and templates to choose from and any poster created via these apps can be shared through social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, emailed, or printed in different formats. Have a look and share with your colleagues 1- Phoster This is a user-friendly application to create stylish posters. With stylish templates which are already within the application, you will be able to create posters without great effort. 2- Wanted Wanted allows kids to create gorgeous wanted posters to share with friends for fun.

A Free Poster on The Learning and Thinking Skills of The 21st Century Students. A Nice Classroom Poster Featuring The 21st Century Mobile Social Learning. I just came across this awesome poster in a tweet by iPadWells and wanted you to have a look as well and probably use it in your class.

A Nice Classroom Poster Featuring The 21st Century Mobile Social Learning

The content of this poster is more food for thought than a descriptive account of the concept of the 21st century mobile social learning, or at least that is how I see it. Below is a brief analysis of what I believe are s the three main digital practices or themes highlighted in this poster: Taxonomy. Taxonomie de Bloom. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Taxonomie de Bloom

Krathwohl.pdf. Bloom (Krathwohl and Anderson) and Web 2.0. Blooms' Taxonomy. Retours "à chaud" du Sommet de l'iPad à Montréal : pédagogie générale. Deux éléments me viennent immédiatement à l’esprit, avant de consulter mes notes durant la douzaine de conférences auxquelles j’ai assisté : Une communauté très active Environ 60 000 iPads sont sur le territoire Canadien.

Retours "à chaud" du Sommet de l'iPad à Montréal : pédagogie générale

La communauté des utilisateurs éducatifs, ainsi que les personnes ressources : informaticiens, conseillers TIC (Très nombreux et très efficaces) se connaissent. Chaque découverte, chaque essai est très vite partagé. Cette logique de partage est naturel, par conséquent, ils apprennent très vite et très efficacement. . « Nous avons également questionné les enseignants sur les défis que comportait l’usage quotidien de la tablette tactile en classe. Comme les élèves, plusieurs enseignants ont souligné les problèmes de certains manuels scolaires, notamment ceux où les élèves devaient tous, en même temps, être connectés à Internet pour y avoir accès. Ces mots ne sont pas ceux que j’attendais de l’auteur d’un tel sommet, mais les faits qui suivent ces constats, sont sans appel : Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs!

Samr-ipad. Samr-ipad.