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Trend Tablet. Patternity. Balenciaga | Fall Winter 16 17 Lookbook. Baltimore photographer Devin Allen makes Time's list of year's best magazine covers. The May 11 cover of Time magazine, featuring Baltimore photographer Devin Allen’s stark image from the May unrest of an African-American man running in front of a phalanx of armed police officers, has been chosen as one of the 10 top magazine covers for the year by the editors of Time.

“When it come to photojournalism, we chose 27-year-old Devin Allen’s dramatic picture from the Baltimore protests,” Kira Pollack, the magazine’s director of photography and visual enterprise, wrote in an introduction to the selections. In a July 3 Baltimore Sun article, Paul Moakley, Time’s deputy director of photography, said Allen’s photograph caught on film “the moment when the situation went from being a peaceful protest to riots breaking out, and Devin captured it perfectly.”

Allen had been posting his photographs on Instagram, which is where they came to the attention of Time’s editors. Since then, he has had a solo show of his photographs open at the Reginald F. Meet the Amateur Photographer Covering Baltimore’s Protests. Company Info. Instagram: active users 2016 | Statista. UK sends more troops to Iraq to fight ISIS with more than 1,000 now in region.

Dozens more British troops are being sent to Iraq to help a massive push to drive out Islamic State, boosting the UK’s force in the region to more than 1,000. It is the most UK military personnel fighting ISIS in the Middle East since our withdrawal from Iraq nearly seven years ago and signals an escalation in the fight against terror in Iraq. In addition as many as 200 British special forces troops, including the SAS, Special Boat Service and Special Reconnaissamce Regiment, are actually fighting ISIS on the ground in Iraq and neighboring Syria. For months British forces have been preparing Iraqi soldiers for a Spring offensive against ISIS, hoping to drive them out of key cities Fallujah and Mosul. Our RAF pilots flying strike missions against ISIS across Iraq and Syria have killed scores of ISIS gunmen and destroyed many terrorist facilities. Read more: Royal Marines given the Jihadi stopper to fight Taliban Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now. French politicians tell Britain 'take back your borders' after EU vote.

Syria population 2016 | Current population of Syria. Syria Population clock Source : United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Population Division Population of Syria 2015 As of 1 January 2016, the population of Syria was estimated to be 18 215 868 people. This is a decrease of -2.26 % (-421 579 people) compared to population of 18 637 447 the year before. In 2015 the natural increase was positive, as the number of births exceeded the number of deaths by 344 420. Due to external migration, the population declined by 765 999. The sex ratio of the total population was 1.024 (1 024 males per 1 000 females) which is higher than global sex ratio. Below are the key figures for Syria population in 2015: 448 976 live births 104 556 deaths Natural increase: 344 420 people Net migration: -765 999 people 9 214 866 males as of 31 December 2015 9 001 002 females as of 31 December 2015 Syria population 2016 During 2016 Syria population is projected to decreased by -412 043 people and reach 17 803 825 in the beginning of 2017.

Life expectancy. Wars in the World » List of ongoing Conflicts. Cleveland prepares for GOP convention unrest. WASHINGTON — Cleveland is preparing to host the Republican National Convention during one of the most tumultuous presidential elections in decades, amid concerns from its police union that the city is not moving fast enough to secure riot gear, train personnel, and ensure there will be enough officers on the streets. Tensions are escalating as Donald Trump, the leading GOP candidate, warns of “riots” if he is denied the nomination at the July convention.

Some city officials and law enforcement officers are accusing Trump of fueling discontent and inciting violence with his rhetoric. Advertisement Cleveland officials and the Secret Service, without elaborating on security details, insist they will be prepared in time. The city is scrambling to build and equip a security force that police specialists said could number 4,000 to 5,000 officers, roughly the standard for US presidential nominating conventions.

Get Political Happy Hour in your inbox: Rebecca Cook/Reuters Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters. #NotMyPresident protest turns into riot in Portland. Anti-Trump protest becomes a 'riot' in Portland, Oregon. Brexit: World reaction as UK votes to leave EU. International reaction has been coming in following the UK vote to leave the European Union. Joint statement by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council President Donald Tusk, European Parliament President Martin Schulz, and Dutch PM Mark Rutte "We now expect the United Kingdom government to give effect to this decision of the British people as soon as possible, however painful that process may be. Any delay would unnecessarily prolong uncertainty. "We hope to have the UK as a close partner of the EU also in the future. " Brexit: What happens next?

Francois Hollande, French President "This is a painful choice and it is deeply regrettable both for the UK and Europe. "The British vote is a tough test for Europe. " Full statement (in French) Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany "We take note of the British people's decision with regret. Barack Obama, US President "The people of the United Kingdom have spoken, and we respect their decision. Full statement Full statement. Britain’s EU membership: New insight from economic history | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal. Prime Minister Cameron is determined to change the relationship between the UK and the EU.

If the Conservative party wins the May 2015 general election, he promised he will renegotiate membership terms and offer an ‘in or out’ referendum by the end of 2017 (Copsey and Naughton 2014). Life after the EU is a real option for the UK and an unfamiliar one for the EU, considering that no member has ever left. Economic history can throw valuable new light on the current re-examination of the rationale for membership. This column argues that a fundamental yet relatively unappreciated feature of the relationship between Britain and the EU is a structural break.[1] The ratio of UK’s per capita GDP to the EU founding members’ declined steadily from 1945 until 1972 but was relatively stable between 1973 and 2010. Lost wars In purely economic terms, WWII was remarkable both by the extent of destruction and the speed of recovery. The UK was one of the few European economies that grew during WWII.

Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide. Portland, Oregon police fired rubber baton rounds into a small crowd of remaining protesters that refused to disperse after an anti-Donald Trump demonstration. Some people were arrested. (Nov. 11) AP For the third night in a row, anti-Donald Trump demonstrators took to the streets in several big cities and on college campuses across the United States, including an outburst of smashed windows and a dumpster fire in Portland that police countered with pepper spray and flash-bang devices. About 4,000 protesters assembled downtown late Thursday chanting “we reject the president-elect!” The Associated Press reported. Some among the crowd vandalized 19 cars at a dealership in Northeast Portland, according to a sales manager, reports. The protest was mostly peaceful until demonstrators met with an anarchist group, after which demonstrators vandalized buildings, kicked cars and knocked out power, reported.

At about 6:15 a.m. Similar protests broke out across the country: 1 of 125. Hate crime? Terrorism? Mass shooting? How the increasingly blurred lines lead to a blurry response. Lucinda Rex, right, and Clarity Thorne embrace during a candlelight vigil downtown for the victims of a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub Monday, June 13, 2016, in Orlando, Fla.

A gunman has killed dozens of people in a massacre at a crowded gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, making it the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. (AP Photo/David Goldman) In the days after Dylann Roof entered a historic black Charleston church and shot and killed nine people came the realization that we had just seen a combination of two terrible American phenomena -- a mass shooting and a race-related hate crime. But it took several days for that reality to set in. First, a series of conservative lawmakers insisted that the shooting was an expression of anti-Christian bias and an attack on believers everywhere. Then, there was the semantic debate about whether or not the Charleston shooting was an act of domestic terror. In short: this should not be blamed on the shooter's faith. politics true.

Hate crime? Terrorism? Mass shooting? How the increasingly blurred lines lead to a blurry response. Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump in popular vote passes 2.5 million | The Independent. Hillary Clinton has received more than 2.5 million more votes than Donald Trump in the Presidential election, making her lead over her rival greater than 10 previous US Presidents.

The former Secretary of State lost the electoral college and conceded her 232 electoral votes – distributed in different numbers per state – to Mr Trump’s final tally of 306 votes. Yet the Democrat has accrued 65,250,000 total votes so far, compared to the President-elect’s 62,686,000 — meaning at least 2,564,000 more Americans voted for her. The Democrat's lead has been swelling thanks to late counting of mail in and absentee votes in states including California, New York and Washington. As ballots continued to be counted on Thursday, 46.2 per cent of the electorate had voted for Mr Trump, while 48.1 per cent opted for Ms Clintons— figures that have caused critics to complain the voting system is undemocratic. Play Video Close This is a modal window. Politicians have also called for reform. Reuse content. Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump in popular vote passes 2.5 million | The Independent. Donald Trump will be the only US president ever with no political or military experience.

EU fight against terrorism. In the strategic guidelines for justice and home affairs, adopted in June 2014, the European Council called for an effective counter-terrorism policy, which integrates the internal and external aspects. On 12 February 2015, the EU heads of state and government stressed the importance for the EU of engaging more with third countries on security issues and counter-terrorism.

In the relations between the EU and third countries, the counter-terrorism agenda is present in many ways, through high level political dialogues, the adoption of cooperation clauses and agreements, or specific assistance and capacity building projects with strategic countries. The EU cooperates on counter-terrorism with countries in the Western Balkans, the Sahel, North Africa, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa and North America, as well as in Asia. Cooperation with the US is a fundamental component of the EU's strategy.

Why Can’t We Deport Illegal Immigrants? It Would Actually Cost LESS to Deport all Illegals than Letting them Illegally Stay! – Liberty News. Donald Trump’s solid new immigration plan is putting the topic of the illegal invasion and wide open borders front and center in the headlines. Rightfully so. The entire system is collapsing, and in the process costing American taxpayers billions and removing jobs off the market. As many media outlets are pointing out, the two most complex parts of Trumps plan are as follows… (Only 2 of the 17 point plan) 14th Amendment protection for birthright citizenshipDeporting millions of people here illegally Yes, Trump says he wants to end or cut down on birthright citizenship. But this requires a constitutional amendment.

The second part is deporting millions of illegal immigrants. In other words, the media doesn’t want laws followed and wants our “leaders” to just give up. Judge Andrew Napolitano, who I have great respect for, completely missed the mark in an interview last night on Fox News. So what? If we can only process and deport 250,000 a year, then let’s make it happen. Via FAIR. EU immigration hits historic high, but post-Brexit policy clues lie in the detail | UK news. The latest official figures showing that immigration from the European Union rose to a historic high in the run-up to the Brexit vote will not make comfortable reading in Downing Street.

But Theresa May’s policy advisers will be less interested in the confirmation that Britain remains, as it has been for the past 20 years, a country of mass migration and more interested in any detail that might help them frame the future post-Brexit migration policy. The numbers that will really capture their interest will be those showing the record rise in the number of EU citizens arriving in Britain looking for work without a definite job offer and the numbers on overseas students.

The figures show that 189,000 EU citizens arrived in Britain looking for work in the 12 months to June and 57% of them had a definite job offer. The remaining 43%, or 82,000, came looking for work – a rise of 21,000 over the previous year. Most find a job within weeks and are barred from access to welfare benefits. IS group to step up attacks on Europe - Europol.

ART REPRESENT - IMRANOVI. UAE-based artist Imranovi was born and raised in Damascus, though fled his country following the outbreak of conflict to avoid conscription into Bashar Al Assad's army. It was while studying English Literature at University in Syria that he found his passion for graphics and software: a talent he soon began to refine and develop. For Imranovi, art is all about symbolism and finding meaning in the unexpected. The artist has created his own visual style, and it was soon after bearing witness to the ravages of war that he began using this language to vocalise his views and communicate to the wider world what he was observing around him. It was the Houla Massacre in 2012, which saw the savage murder of an estimated 49 children at the hands of regime forces, that pushed Imran to develop his practice yet further. 'This incident affected me deeply, and after it occurred, I began visualizing my ideas to support the revolution as much as I can.’

Christina tsevis | Flickr. Police State USA - About Police State USA. Police State USA is a volunteer, grassroots journalism hub dedicated to exposing the systemic formation of an American police state. A team of contributing authors has been built based on their ability to exhibit professionalism, accuracy, knowledge of the subjects, and passion for the liberty movement. Our mission is to educate and inform the public about issues that endanger our rights and liberties, and to work to fix them through non-violent means. A complete paradigm shift will be necessary to save this country’s freedom. A necessary part of this involves a massive information campaign to expose the crimes of the police state and promote freedom-based alternatives. We are part of that information campaign. This website seeks to cover all aspects of the police state.

Police State USA does not promote the idea that all police officers are evil. Your support is vital to our success. Thank you for visiting this site and for your continued support. #1. 19 jokes only those heartbroken by Brexit will understand | indy100. 14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It. Kos crisis: The story behind the photograph of a Syrian father shared by thousands online - Europe. An image of a Syrian father sobbing as he cradles his son and daughter on a Greek beach has been shared by thousands of social media users.

The photograph of Laith Majid, taken by freelancer Daniel Etter at around 4.30am on a beach in Kos, Greece, has provoked a strong reaction to increasingly dehumanised depictions of migrants. Mr Etter, 34, who confesses he has “never been so touched” by one image, managed to find out about the middle-class family from the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. @DanielEtterFoto @ShelaghFogarty this must pull on the heart strings of fathers everywhere. It does mine...— A Green Anisodactyl (@ngc_457) August 17, 2015 Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. ― Seneca J.Bibi (@SabriRuh) August 17, 2015 The family, who had endured years of bombardments from the Syrian government, rebel forces and most recently Isis, hoped to make it to Germany. “That’s never happened to me before.” Reuse content. BBC Arts - BBC Arts - The Modern Face of Syria: Imranovi's art of war.

Campaigns — Lowy + Lacar. How UK politics, trade and security could be affected by Trump | Politics. How UK politics, trade and security could be affected by Trump | Politics. Benjamin Lowy: The photographer documenting war with a cell phone. Iraq | Perspectives I: IRAQ | PERSPECTIVES: Benjamin Lowy. Dressed to kill: How the military invaded our closets. BBC Two - Newsnight, EU Special: What Would Brexit Mean For Immigration? London Design Festival: Will timber define our age? Britain's future will be defined by two starkly opposite figures: Nigel Farage and Tim Farron. Protest Art: After Ferguson, Artists Respond to the Movement.

Anti-Trump protests: Portland police call it 'riot' French terror suspects 'were planning attack on Paris' French terror suspects 'were planning attack on Paris' Suicide truck bomber kills scores of Shia pilgrims in Iraq | World news. Jill Stein hopes to request election recounts in battleground states | US news. Recount Splash - Jill Stein 2016.