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David Chipperfield Architects. Ninetree Village .

David Chipperfield Architects

Hangzhou David Chipperfield Architects . photos: © Christian Richters . Shu He . + dezeen. LAN Architecture. 124 Housing Units .

LAN Architecture

Rennes LAN Architecture. Scattered Cube Housing by K2YT. K2YT Architects included a private garden to House K in order to bring light and air into the building while minimizing incoming noise and shielding off views.

Scattered Cube Housing by K2YT

Thus a house that is open yet closed to the city is created. The house is for two households. In order to provide the required numbers of rooms which were comparatively larger, four stories, with each floor equally divided into six were created. Within it, rooms, as well as small courtyards are placed, while adjusting the height of floors in accordance with the required character of each room. All images © Satoshi Asakawa. Housing. Butaro Doctors’ Housing / MASS Design Group. Architects: MASS Design Group Location: Rwanda Architect in Charge: MASS Design Group Area: 500.0 sqm Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Iwan Baan From the architect.

Butaro Doctors’ Housing / MASS Design Group

Background Global health pioneer Partners In Health (PIH) partnered with the Rwandan Ministry of Health in 2005 to extend health care access throughout rural Rwanda—particularly to the Burera District’s population of 340,000 who had limited access to care. Recognizing an opportunity to leverage design for improved health outcomes, PIH partnered with MASS Design Group (MASS) in 2008 to build the Butaro District Hospital. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, including immersive learning alongside the doctors, nurses, staff, and community, the project cultivated new ideas about how to design for better health. Design And Construction Four two-bedroom homes (roughly 1,300 sq. ft. each) now step down a terraced hillside, five minutes from the hospital by foot. Villa Verde Housing / ELEMENTAL. Villa Verde Housing / ELEMENTAL Architects Location Constitución, Constitución, Maule Region, Chile Area 5688.0 sqm Project Year 2010 Photographs Collaborators Philip Zurman Structural Engineering Patricio Bertholet Construction Icafal Civil And Plumbing Engineering Fernando Montoya Electrical Engineering Ramón Prado From the architect.

Villa Verde Housing / ELEMENTAL

Arauco is a forestry company that called us in 2009 to develop a plan to support their workers in the process to have access to their definitive house. We were asked to develop a set of typologies within the current housing policy for Fondo Solidario de Vivienda I (FSV I, units up to 600 UF or US$25,000 without debt) and for FSV II (units up to 1,000 UF or US$40,000 with a bank loan). ERA3 – Eraclito Housing / LPzR architetti associati. Architects: LPzR architetti associati Location: via Eraclito 3, Milano, Italy Design Team: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria, Federico Reyneri Area: 1500.0 sqm Project Year: 2008 Photographs: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria, Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria Construction Supervisor: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria Assistant to Construction: Camelia Stefan Geologist: PAEB Structural Engineer: FVProgetti ing.

ERA3 – Eraclito Housing / LPzR architetti associati

Filippo Valaperta Client: MD-group Main Contractor: Simon s.p.a. On the ashes of an industrial building arises a new residential complex of 25 apartments. ADR18 Housing / LPzR architetti associati. Architects: LPzR architetti associati Location: Via Don Giuseppe Andreoli, 18, 20158 Milano, Italy Architect in Charge: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria Design Team: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria, Luca Gobbo, Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria Project Year: 2007 Photographs: Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria, Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria Construction Supervisor: Gabriele Pranzo-Zaccaria Assistant to Construction: Chiara Pranzo-Zaccaria Structural Engineering: Nicola Boreatti Volume: 1,570 m3 Client: MD Group Main Contractor: NICA costruzioni s.r.l.

ADR18 Housing / LPzR architetti associati

ContextThe building is located in Milan (Italy), inside the industrial Bovisa Quarter. Here new housing buildings coexist close to warehouses, gasometers, chimneys and workshops ProjectThe project concerns the residential transformation of a warehouse. Urban housing finsbury park . london. I'm afraid we like that destacados Ryue Nishizawa Sou Fujimoto Alison And Peter Smithson aires mateus 2b architectes. Standardarchitecture - tree towers housing. The goal of our design is to create a desirable, attractive community for young people, designing dream apartments that occupy the smallest urban plot possible between 10 m² and 14 m² per floor.

Standardarchitecture - tree towers housing

Each Tree Tower is structured on six floors and works independently. The roof level accommodates a public terrace used by the dwellers with a plantation of a big tree, from the second to the fifth floor there are residential units, organized one per floor, and the ground floor contains a small shop or café. The two sizes of 10 m² and 14 m² of the residential units are designed to accommodate essential facilities in a minimum living space. Each unit is provided with an exterior balcony that enlarges the actual size of the interior room and enriches the quality of the living space.

With this project we intend to explore a different way of social living. Amannburdenskimunkel. Amannburdenskimunkel . photos: © yohan zerdoun The student settlement at “Seepark” provides a home for 1300 occupants and is the biggest ensemble of student housing in Freiburg.


Pasel.künzel architects. Pasel.künzel architects . photos: © Marcel van der Burg . + baunetz The recently completed housing scheme by Rotterdam based pasel.kuenzel architects is part of the urban masterplan “Waterstad Goese Schans” by West 8.

pasel.künzel architects

Located at the fringe of the medieval city of Goes, the Netherlands, the project comprises 34 dwellings and accomplishes the first phase in a large scale urban transfromation process of the city’s former port area. Low rise and high density, as well as clear orientation and an individual address for all inhabitants were the guiding parameters for the architects, in order to enhance the residents identification with the new neighborhood. The issue of typological authenticity within the traditional Zeeland housing context was pivotal throughout the whole design proces. Sítio da Lezíria: Converting Mews Into Housing / Atelier Data. Architects: Atelier Data Location: Alcácer do Sal, Portugal Artist: João Mouro Engineering: Emanuel Correia Area: 210 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Richard John Seymour The intervention site is located in Alcácer do Sal, Alentejo, a region truly strategic in the country of Portugal because of its geographical, environmental and landscape features.

In this area, Sado river was one of the main factors of growth due to its navigability. The extensive areas for the production of salt represented equally a strong economical development of the region, combined with the existing rich soil, which promoted agriculture. Alcácer do Sal Residences / Aires Mateus. Architects: Aires Mateus Location: Alcacer do Sal, Portugal Architect In Charge: Francisco Aires Mateus & Manuel Aires Mateus Design Team: Giacomo Brenna, Paola Marini, Anna Bacchetta, Miguel Pereira Area: 1,560 sqm Year: 2010 Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra Contractor: Ramos Catarino, Sa Engineering: Engitarget, lda Landscape Architects: ABAP Luis Alçada Batista Client: Santa Casa da Misericordia de Alcácer do Sal The project is based on a attentive reading of the life of a very specific kind of community, a sort of a micro-society with its own rules.

Urban Collage / Edouard François. Architects: Edouard François Location: Champigny-sur-Marne, France Team: Maison Edouard François, Intégrale 4 (structure), Nicolas Ingénierie (Mechanical Engineering), Pre Carre (landscape architect) Client: Paris Habitat Area: 9,000 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Paul Raftery At Champigny-sur-Marne, respect of the context and the refusal to interpret it led us to take a unique position. The site is a grand ensemble that was built in the 1970′s: a large zone of housing filled with towers and multi-story housing blocks near the old town center. The program asked for an urban renewal plan based on a new town center with shops and housing. Assuming that the city is a complex body, we superimposed elements found on site: townhouses at the base, a housing block from the 1950′s in the middle, and on the roof, single family homes.

We organized them as archetypes to be read from bottom to top. Terrace House Tokiostrasse / ARTEC Architekten. Architects: ARTEC Architekten Location: Terrace House Tokiostrasse, Vienna, Austria Architect In Charge: Bettina Götz, Richard Manahl Project Year: 2010 Project Area: 48,881 sqm Photographs: Courtesy of ARTEC Architekten Analogous to the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale The Town Musicians of Bremen (whose main characters are a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster), this reinterpretation of terrace houses involves stacking different apartment types atop one another. Dwelling types normally considered suburban, with the accompanying outdoor spaces, are stacked atop one another to achieve an urban bundle with high density: On the very bottom of the stack, the units each have an open floor plan with a gallery at the back and a garden in front; on the next level, maisonettes face on to an atrium courtyard; next there are 2-story row houses with terraces; and at the top allotment-garden “houses” are separated by courtyards.

West 57th by BIG. West 57th, designed by BIG, introduces an entirely new residential typology to New York City that will add an inviting twist to the Manhattan Skyline. Durst Fetner Residential (DFR) has announced the design of West 57, a 600-unit 80/20 residential building on West 57th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues. The building is designed by renowned Danish Architect firm BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group and is their inaugural North American project. The building’s program consists of over 600 residential units of different scales situated on a podium with a cultural and commercial program. The building will strive for LEED Gold Certification. It’s extraordinarily exciting to build a building whose architecture will attract visitors from around the globe. The building is a hybrid between the European perimeter block and a traditional Manhattan high-rise. Marina Lofts in Fort Lauderdale by BIG.

BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) and Cymbal Development transform a portion of Fort Lauderdale’s New River front into a vibrant addition for the local community and future residents of the city. The mixed-use development, Marina Lofts, in downtown Fort Lauderdale seeks to infuse a currently run-down stretch along the New River with a thriving pedestrian friendly public space thereby attracting new residents into its development.

Multi-generational: Living at Mühlgrund / ARTEC Architekten. 43 Public Dwelling In Almuradiel / Estudio Entresitio. Bentini Headquarters / Piuarch. Quinta Monroy / Elemental Chile. Reflections / Daniel Libeskind. California Aims for Net-Zero Energy for Housing by 2020. Sustainable housing comes in all shapes and sizes, and by 2020 California hopes that all of its new housing projects will benefit from net-zero energy consumption. But what exactly makes a home sustainable? Sustainability practices include materials, passive heating and cooling systems, energy harvesting, recycling, construction techniques and many other systems and technologies that are being developed everyday.

With so much continual innovation, California’s goal of making all new housing so energy efficient that it consumes no energy at all is foreseeable. While many agree that this, in fact, is the most responsible and intelligent approach to our increased energy consumption, developers and builders are divided over the potential financial hurdles that crop up from such a goal. AD Classics: WoZoCo / MVRDV. The large population density of The Netherlands has created an inherent need for housing, giving young Dutch architects like MVRDV the opportunity to design and build large projects in their mainland.

Casa Rizza. Nested in the historical center of Vacallo, a small village with 3.000 inhabitants in the Italian-bordering side of the Swiss frontier, this building renovation was designed by Swiss-based architecture studio Studio Inches Architettura. Originally an agricultural village, in the 20th century Vacallo became a residential area and the 17th century constructions in the historical center became protected by the government, a condition that imposes a series of restrictions for any architectural intervention. Initially a storage barn for the farmers, it came to house 6 families and then had the ground floor converted into the headquarters of a local political party.

The renovation project respects the rigid swiss laws that impede any alterations to the façade openings nor the ceiling structure. d3. Eden Bio / Edouard François [Updated] Designed by architect Edouard François, Eden Bio housing complex includes 100 housing units, 52 parking spaces, artists’ studios, along with community gathering spaces for local activities. Sabadell Housing Renovation / Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos. One Roof Apartment / Akihisa Hirata. Quinta Monroy / Elemental. Housing Sotocje / Bevk Perović arhitekti. 40 Housing Units / LAN Architecture.

Post-Tsunami Housing / Shigeru Ban Architects. KOZ ARCHITECTES. Housing in the Historic District of Cadiz / Cano Lasso. Winners of Open Source Housing Competition. K+N Residence / Valerio Olgiati. Monterrey Housing / ELEMENTAL. Ocaña de España / Manuel Ocaña. De Eekenhof / Claus en Kaan Architekten. Incremental Housing Strategy in India / Filipe Balestra & Sara Göransson.


Students. Social. In progress: Ocaña de España / Manuel Ocaña. Alison Brooks Architects present new buildings for Liverpool. Carabanchel Housing / Foreign Office Architects. Tabasco 127. 40 Housing Units + Retails. Cancer Counseling Center Proposal / EFFEKT.