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place au design ! Un site pédagogique pour découvrir le design et comprendre le rôle des designers dans le monde de l’industrie et du marketing des livres , des magazines , des lieux , des sites pour en savoir plus sur le design... site du projet d’action éducative conçu pour favoriser auprès des jeunes enfants et du public en général la compréhension de l'impact que peuvent avoir la science et la technologie sur l’évolution des objets de la vie quotidienne. place au design ! - sommaire
Graphics Atlas: Welcome Graphics Atlas: Welcome Graphics Atlas is a sophisticated resource that presents a unique, object-based approach for the identification and characterization of prints and photographs. Recently Added objects: Begin exploring our study collection by selecting the following tools: Start →
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Good Practices for Delivering Print Files – Currently there is an overabundance of web designers out there that are extremely talented and can create some really cool stuff. But in my twelve years of experience designing for print, on both the Printer and Agency side of things, I have encountered multiple cases where people fall short in the delivery of their creative when it comes to print work, sometimes causing unnecessary charges from the printer to fix their mistakes. Add to that the fact that I have been approached by more than a few of my friends and colleagues with a “deer-in-headlights” demeanor when it comes to creating or delivering stuff for print. For this, I have compiled a list of good practices and basic guidelines to ensure that your jobs are delivered efficiently. This is, of course, assuming that you are using InDesign as your final delivery vehicle (which I recommend) regardless of which application you used to design the piece.1. Good Practices for Delivering Print Files –

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