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Wordpress, Software and Scripts for Internet Marketing, SEO and Website Building. 10 Free Desktop Applications for Managing Your Code Snippets. Why reinvent the wheel?

10 Free Desktop Applications for Managing Your Code Snippets

And by extension, why keep re-typing or copy/pasting commonly-used pieces of code over and over again? Copying and pasting pieces of code into text files and the like is disorganized and wastes your precious time. Instead, you can use code snippets to quickly call code you repeatedly use. There are applications that let you save, organize, and use your code snippets – for practically all of the major programming languages. Hacks, Snippets and Tips on how to create awesome WordPress themes.

Code Snippets. HTML5 Snippets. Headache relief for programmers. CodeDrive Snippets courtesy of Peter Coopers handy little app. DevSnippets.