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Reportage sur un village communautaire auto-construit en Dordogne. Service Civique. Accueil - BELILO. European Youth Portal. Cette liste contient le nom des organisations accréditées pour mener des projets dans le cadre du service volontaire européen, qui fait partie du programme Erasmus+ de l'Union européenne.

European Youth Portal

Nous te conseillons de d'abord consulter la base de données des projets de volontariat pour y rechercher des projets susceptibles de t'intéresser. Si tu ne trouves pas de projet qui te convienne et que tu souhaites prendre contact avec une organisation accréditée SVE, utilise les filtres ci-dessus pour trouver des organisations qui auront peut-être le projet que tu cherches. Clique ensuite sur le nom des organisations pour en savoir plus. Tu peux manifester ton intérêt directement auprès des organisations, mais sache que toutes ne seront pas nécessairement à la recherche de nouveaux volontaires pour leurs projets. Il est possible que les coordonnées de certaines organisations ne s'affichent pas si elles n'ont pas de projet SVE en cours pour le moment. WWOOF Iceland 0001 - WWOOF Independents List. Géographie des alternatives – Le 4ème singe.

WWOOF Netherlands 0004 - WWOOF the Netherlands. About At the Golden Sun ( de Gouden Zon) are people living together with and without mental and psychological problems.

WWOOF Netherlands 0004 - WWOOF the Netherlands

People who life at the community are guided with day to day tasks. There living around 15 persons. The area of the care farm is 5 hectare ( 500 are) Since a few years we are growing vegetables on 6 not to big fields for own use. And nowadays we are interested in permaculture. The best periods for the Wwoofer would be from May to October. WWOOF Netherlands 0110 - WWOOF the Netherlands. About Welcome to 'Ottermeerhoeve' A little bit of our storie: FROM NOTHING TO A BEAUTIFUL PLACE 15 years ago, we(Frans en Yvonne, with then our 3 children) decided to buy land and try to fulfill a dream: creating a place of peace and nature where personal development, community, and a lot of joy and love could flow.

WWOOF Netherlands 0110 - WWOOF the Netherlands

After visiting at least 25 places around Holland, Belgium and France we decided to buy the farm in Brabant with 20 hectares of agriculture ground. There our journey started. We planted trees, digged 3 natural lakes, we made horse stables, etc. And now? What can you do? The horses We have around 17 quarter horses. Would you fit here? When can you come?

What will be your house? Where will you eat? WWOOF Iceland 0006 - WWOOF Independents List. About I am a man born in 1942.

WWOOF Iceland 0006 - WWOOF Independents List

I live a quiet life on a rather remote farm on the North coast of Iceland. I am a retired psychological therapist. On the farm I have about 17 horses that keep me company. These horses are of good quality. The farm has hot water from the earth, so there is a pool all year round. The life I live is quiet, so don't expect to much action, even though sometimes nature and the horses give a little more than one does expect. My English is not the best, but my experience is that it is adequate to make a decent conversation. I need help to ride the horses, do some farmwork, and maintainance on the farm.