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Picplaypost. Commaful - Read and Discover Short Stories. StoryTimed. StoryTimed is a shared story writing site.


Contribute to two different types of stories or start your own. Contribute to a Closed Book story by adding to the last posting without knowing how the story evolved from the beginning allowing for stories to take twists and turns based on author's knowledge of one piece of content. Open Stories allow authors to view stories from the beginning as they create a cohesive tale from start to finish. tag(s): creative writing (170) In the Classroom.

Inside the ship - Choose Your Own Summer Adventure. Daisy's Summer Adventure: A BOAT RIDE - Google Slides. Sutori. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. 6 Reasons (and Nifty Tools) for Exploring Digital Storytelling. Everybody loves stories, no matter if we are hearing them or telling them. Exploring digital storytelling in your classroom connects students to an age-old practice in an entirely modern way. Below are 6 different reasons digital storytelling is an activity worth pursuing in class. We’ve also suggested a few tools to accompany you and your students on those fulfilling journeys. 1.

It lets students practice communicating with visuals. Today, communication is largely done through visual media. Words are precious, and being able to communicate in their absence is a unique and valuable skill in classrooms and workplaces. The tool to check out: Animatron Animatron was created out of a need for a tool with more visual power and less clutter. 2. We talked before about why imagination is just as important as knowledge in learning. In many ways the products of our imaginations are the true representations of who we are. The tool to check out: Storybird 3. The tool to check out: Odyssey Writer 4. 5. Digital storytelling rubric. Digitales - Evaluating Projects. If you don’t have a good or powerful story, script, and storyboard, then there will never be enough decorating that technology can do to cover it up.

Digitales - Evaluating Projects

On the other hand, demonstrating exemplar craftsmanship with mixing the technical elements in artful ways to unfold your story creates compelling, insightful, original and memorable pieces of communication. The richness of a good story can be diluted when technical elements are not artfully developed, over used, distracting, or just plain annoying. Quality craftsmanship intentionally uses each technical element (images, sound, transitions, music, special effects, titles, pacing, and design) to provide an integral contribution to telling the story in a way that the removal of that element would lesson the emotional impact and understanding. Bernajean’s book, Evaluating Digital Products, provides useful tools, samples, guidelines and resources to support training effective uses of these scoring guides.

See Evaluating Digital Products book. Digital Storytelling - Evaluation Methods. Digital storytelling is more engaging, interesting, and significant for students educational needs than that of traditional storytelling.

Digital Storytelling - Evaluation Methods

Sara Armstrong, an educator and consultant, believes that through digital storytelling students are provided the opportunity to personalize their education and learning. It encourages children to be inquisitive and ask questions related to the story or concept. Why I am telling this story? What are the elements or major themes of this story? How accurate is my portrayal? To use the rubric to evaluate student work on Digital Storytelling, you should determine the number of points achieved in each of 10 categories. Another example of a rubric that may be used or may function as a template to creating one's own rubric for evaluative purposes can be found by following this link.

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Working... ► Play all Bernard Robin10 videos54 viewsLast updated on Mar 22, 2016 Play all Sign in to YouTube Sign in History Sign in to add this to Watch Later. Get a Free Online Video Maker. Invitations, Collages, Slideshows and Scrapbooks – Smilebox. Kizoa - Free Video Editor and Movie Maker. 18 Free Digital Storytelling Tools For Teachers And Students. Video Projects to Engage Learners: 20+ Tools & Tips. 8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations - Sparkol. A good public speaker takes their audience on a journey, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated.

8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations - Sparkol

But structuring your speech to get your ideas across and keep your audience engaged all the way through is tricky. Try these eight storytelling techniques for a presentation that wows. You’re doing a presentation, so you start with the facts you want to get across. Wrong! Humans are hardwired for stories. Deliver a presentation that captures the hearts and heads of your audience by stealing one of these classic storytelling techniques. 1. The monomyth (also called the hero’s journey), is a story structure that is found in many folk tales, myths and religious writings from around the world.

In a monomyth, the hero is called to leave their home and sets out on a difficult journey. After overcoming a great trial, they return home with a reward or newfound wisdom – something which will help their community. Good for: See also: The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell 2. 3. 4. 5. 15 Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators - Social Learning. Tech2Learn - Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling has many definitions, but usually involves the telling of our personal stories combining digital technology to integrate text, sound, graphics and sometimes film.

Tech2Learn - Digital Storytelling

It is a great way for students to begin working with multimedia projects because they tell their own story, learning the techniques and technical tools of this kind of creative expression, but within a familiar context. Technology and Digital Stories Digital stories involve some or all of these components:an engaging and well written storyslides or clipsbackgroundsgraphics or imagestextsounds, narration and/or musica transition to move from slide to slide or clip to clipa title slide and an ending slide that lists credits 7 Elements of Digital Stories Audience - Stories have a particular audience in mind.Purpose - Stories are trying to accomplish a task (inform, educate, entertain, scare, etc.)Content - Content must be meaningful.

Adapted from the Center for Digital Storytelling Other Sites... Helpful Handouts. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.