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The Higher Mind and The Opened Heart: The Holy Ideas and Virtues. By Ron Esposito, M.A.

The Higher Mind and The Opened Heart: The Holy Ideas and Virtues

This article is a distillation of all my previous writing on the Holy Ideas and Virtues of the Enneagram. Quotes are from “The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues” by Sandra Maitri. Type One: Holy Perfection/Serenity I am guaranteed to suffer when I resist “what is” in the moment. When I don’t accept people and situations as they are I will suffer, leading to anger and resentment. Claudio Naranjo states that the passion, anger, is “a rejection of what is in terms of what is felt and believed should be.” Serenity is a by-product of accepting things that I cannot change. The virtue serenity is a state of being peaceful, calm and clear. Type Two: Holy Will/Humility There can be a “willfulness” in attaching to that I know what others need or what they should do. Conversely, the passion of Type Two, pride, is about how we would like to see ourselves, an idealized self-image, rather than seeing ourselves as we really are.

Type Three: Holy Law/Veracity. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. An Introduction to the Enneagram. The Enneagram (pronounced any-a-gram) figure is a circle inscribed by nine points.

An Introduction to the Enneagram

In Greek, ennea means nine and gramma means point. Each point portrays a distinctive personality style that has its own way of viewing, construing, and responding to people and events. Each style has both adaptive or resourceful and non-adaptive or non-resourceful cognitive, emotional, and behavioral strategies for self-maintenance and enhancement, for interpersonal relating, and for problem solving. This array can be compared to a wheel of colors. If you shine light into a prism, it fans out into a spectrum of the basic colors. Within all of us, there are certain universal qualities that express the essence of the human person.

If our values and visions are threatened or discounted, we experience vulnerability and may develop a personality strategy to protect our sensibilities and to compensate for characteristics in our selves we fear might be lacking. A 3-V View of The Enneagram: Values, Visions, and Vulnerabilities. By Jerome Wagner, Ph.D.

A 3-V View of The Enneagram: Values, Visions, and Vulnerabilities

When I was first introduced to the Enneagram, we got only the bad stuff — the distortions, fixations, compulsions, exaggerations, vices, bad breath, etc. When I, in turn, presented the Enneagram styles this way, people would ask: “Isn’t there anything good about any of these types?” Apparently there wasn’t. So I started to wonder: “Well, what is good about these styles?” Is there something at the core of each style that maybe got distorted by its exaggerated expression? Sin or disorder is being “bent.” The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram (Sandra Maitri) The Holy Ideas: Being and Everythingness. By Ron Esposito - November 2010 The Holy Ideas of the Enneagram are in service to the alleviation of suffering and the recovery of our true nature through remembering our Essence qualities.

The Holy Ideas: Being and Everythingness

The Holy Ideas remind us of who we truly are beyond our attachments and identification with the construct of the egoic mind. As we observe our attachments and defense of the ego we become aware of the ways that we suffer. We can choose to end our suffering. Suffering is truly optional. Enneagram of Holy Ideas - Glossary - A.H. Almaas. Live Talk: Exploring the Nature and Dynamic of Experience Join Rupert Spira and A.

Enneagram of Holy Ideas - Glossary - A.H. Almaas

H. Spiral Dynamics® Read more about Dr.

Spiral Dynamics®

Deborah Ooten's Research pairing the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics® Read Beth O'Hara's article Comparison of Clare Graves with other Developmental Theorists (background for Spiral Dynamics®) Spiral Dynamics® is a system that offers a view of the evolution of human consciousness over the last 100,000 years (Graves, 2005). It is a superior tool for helping humanity to shift cultures. The Holy Ideas: Being and Everythingness. What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram of Personality Types The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology - a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives - with three major applications: Personal and spiritual growthSuccessful relationships at home and at workLeadership development, teambuilding and communication skills for business Enneagram Work will give you the tools and knowledge to: Increase your personal and professional effectiveness Increase your self awareness and emotional intelligence Understand your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving Build successful relationships at home and at work Support your strengths, identify your blind spots and manage personal reactivityDevelop your inner life A Brief History This nine-pointed diagram (Ennea is Greek for nine) has apparently been used for centuries in esoteric Christian and Sufi traditions as a map of human consciousness and archetypes.

What is the Enneagram?

A Non-Denominational System. The Narrative Tradition - David Daniels M.D. Website on the Enneagram and Life. SYNOPSIS OF ARTICLE: What we’ve come to call the “Narrative Tradition” is a method of both learning and teaching that is based on each of the nine personality type speaking for themselves.

The Narrative Tradition - David Daniels M.D. Website on the Enneagram and Life

It’s a philosophy wherein we individually contribute our own self-knowledge and personal path to becoming integrated beings. The Narrative Tradition relies on in-depth panels of exemplars, interviews, and small group processes. Below I provide the history and incredible richness of this fundamental method. Enneagram overview. Enneagram Introduction and Research. Back home Enneagram Introduction, Theory, and Research Click on a number (circular symbol or 3x3 grid): I.

Enneagram Introduction and Research

Enneagram: A tool for self-knowledge. We all have a hidden self which is the reality of who we truly are.

Enneagram: A tool for self-knowledge

In the course of normal personality development we all lose sight of this true self. The goal of life's psychological and spiritual journey is to rediscover our essential nature and to strive for wholeness. We must search for the inner image that eludes our vision.The Enneagram is a tool to help us on this journey of exploration. On these pages we will explore the Enneagram and the insights which it holds for us.

Have you ever wondered? If you have asked these questions then you are seeking to answer that most fundamental of questions, "Who am I? " Nietzsche, the German philosopher, tells us, "One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self: of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be mined. " Enneatype interpretations from various teachers. Dave's Guide to the Enneagram. Enneagram of Personality. History[edit] The origins and historical development of the Enneagram of Personality are matters of dispute.

Wiltse and Palmer[6] have suggested that similar ideas to the Enneagram of Personality are found in the work of Evagrius Ponticus, a Christian mystic who lived in 4th century Alexandria. Evagrius identified eight logismoi ("deadly thoughts") plus an overarching thought he called "love of self". Enneagram tests, type descriptions, forums. Enneagram Personality Correlations. Do you want to know what strengths and weakness your Myers-Briggs personality type may have? When making decisions do you lead with your head, gut, or heart?

When stressed are you most likely to get anxious, angry, or depressed? Looking into what enneagram type you have will give you the answers and more information on your personality. Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition. Enneagram-Personality-Type-Indicator. The MOTIV Personality System. Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. - Aristotle Abstract/Summary There are seven personality traits, motivations that explain all human personality (attracting, experimenting, planning, helping, being positive, relaxing).

Healthy people appreciate and are developed in one or more of these seven traits. Unhealthy people over value and/or under value, lack development in one or more of those same seven traits. (You may notice below that only five traits are consistently mentioned as I'm still compiling data on the sixth and seventh trait, Easygoing and Sectarian.) The MOTIV system The MOTIV personality theory is a refined hybrid of previous notions of personality (Big 5, Jung, Freud, Golden Rule) which posits that the entire spectrum of personality can be explained by seven independent, alterable, and empirically provable personality motivations / strategies. Deconstructing the Enneagram. History The origin of the Enneagram as nine personality types is Oscar Ichazo's 9 mapped fixations which he came up with in 1968. The symbol of the Enneagram and the idea of three centers (in the Enneagram - heart, gut, mind) is thought to have been borrowed from a Russian/Armenian mystic named George Gurdieff (born around 1870).

He founded a school of thought known as the Fourth Way. Home. Chapter one. Enneagram Dimensions: Nine Points of View.  Institute Integral Enneagram: integrating Enneagram, Ken Wilber, Spiral Dynamics, NLP, and more into practical paths to higher consciousness. A Detailed Description: Introduction Why Types are Important. Enneagram Tests - Enneagram and Myers Briggs. I've discovered this test on a foreign site and took the time to translate it into English.

Personality Tests. The Enneagram Tritype - Enneagram and Myers Briggs. Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant results. Copyright © Ewald Berkers This free Enneagram test helps you to determine which personality type you are. Your type, wing and instinctual variant will be indicated. With this test you are presented with pairs of character traits to rate. It is quicker than the other test, and gives an indication of your instinctual subtype as well.

Personality Tests. Enneagram Variant Test. How the System Works — The Enneagram Institute. The Enneagram Tritype - Enneagram and Myers Briggs. Free Enneagram Tests - Enneagram and Myers Briggs. Enneagram Tritypes. Tritype archetypes and variant descriptions. Enneagram Test - Dominant Type in Each Center with Wings. Levels of Consciousness and the Enneagram. The enneagram and ken wilber's integral kosmology. Les Nyiri has shared a file with you. Eclectic Energies Enneagram Tests (free) Copyright © Ewald Berkers These two online Enneagram tests help you to determine which personality type you are. Your wing will also be indicated. Some suggestions on how to take the tests to get the most accurate results can be found below. The Enneagram of Wholeness: The Centers and the Levels of Development as Tools for Awakening. Narcissism and Enneagram Styles. There is some debate about which Enneagram styles display narcissistic tendencies.

Some put Sevens in the narcissistic category; some put Threes in that basket; some say any Enneagram type can manifest narcissistic leanings. I propose to completely unresolve this issue by presenting some theories about the origins or etiology of narcissism, quoting some theories about which Enneagram styles might express narcissistic tendencies, and in conclusion drawing some inconclusions. Who Was Narcissus? Narcissus was a physically perfect young man, the object of desire among the nymphs, for whom he showed no interest. Pdf enneagraminpsychologicalassessment.

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DissertationFINAL EDT. Keys to Change – Sevens – Tom Condon. Free Enneagram Personality Test. The updated version of the Enneagram. Claudio Naranjo on the Enneagram, Gestalt, Education, Music and more. Zen, Yoga, Gurdjieff- perspectives on inner work. Enneagram Type Negative Traits. ENNEAGRAM - Understanding Unconscious Strategies of People, Organizations, and Cultures (Your first-ever Business e-Coach) International Enneagram Association. 9 Energies - Know Your Superpower. The Enneagram of Wholeness: The Centers and the Levels of Development as Tools for Awakening.

A H ALMAAS Diamond Approach PlayList. Enneagram Home Page. Energy and the Enneagram. Introduction to the Enneagram. Enneagram tests, type descriptions, forums. Tantric_shamanism_esalen_book_english.pdf. Articles%5Cenneagram_of_devotion.pdf. The Enneagram from the underground. Enneagram Contributions - The Enneagram Institute. Enneagram course.