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65+ sample resumes: customer service, office, hospitality, trades, labor, warehouse, freelance work. The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC. I recently attended three events associated with the biennial Dance in Vancouver Conference, sponsored by the Scotiabank Dance Centre.

The Vancouver Observer - News, Culture, Sports, Blogs in Vancouver, BC

Coming into art from a lifetime in the sciences, as I have, I was at the same time thrilled, inspired, and deeply moved personally by those experiences. The first event was the first public showing of a segment of Experiments. A Close Shave With Your Resume. Posted by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Resume Writer in Career Savings, Career Services, executive resumes, Robert Poindexter on Oct 22nd, 2010 | 9 responses By Rob Poindexter.

A Close Shave With Your Resume

3 Top Concerns of Chief Human Resource Officers. IBM recently surveyed 700 human resource executives to find out the key challenges they expect to face in the near future and their degree of readiness to meet those challenges successfully.

3 Top Concerns of Chief Human Resource Officers

Nine different areas of concern were identified: Managing labor costsSourcing and recruiting from outside the organizationEvaluating workforce performanceEfficiently allocating the workforceRetaining valued talent within the organizationEnhancing workforce productivityDeveloping future leadersDeveloping workforce skills and capabilitiesFostering collaboration and knowledge sharing Next the researchers asked the human resource executives which of the nine challenges were the most important from their perspective and which did they feel least prepared to meet successfully. Three of the nine challenges appeared on both lists Developing Future Leaders—HR executives say the ability to develop future leaders will have the greatest impact on their organizations’ future success. Staying Focused: Are Your Accomplishments Legendary? « ed muses upon. Staying Focused: Are Your Accomplishments Legendary?

Staying Focused: Are Your Accomplishments Legendary? « ed muses upon

In Greek mythology, Hercules[1] was the son of the Greek god and chronic philanderer Zeus and Alcmene, a mortal woman. More than mildly miffed by this dalliance, the goddess Hera sent serpents to kill Hercules when he was only an infant. Even from his earliest days, Hercules clearly demonstrated that he was destined for great things. Hercules is best known to modern audiences for his epic Labors, a series of tasks he was assigned as penance for a terrible crime—and again, thanks in part Hera. Smart Advice For Cover Letters and Resumes  Featuring a guest post today by Rick Saia of Pongo Resume.

Smart Advice For Cover Letters and Resumes 

Rick is an approved career expert here at Tim’s Strategy and a certified professional resume writer. Solutions from Design Resumes & Thoughts from Julie Walraven. Photo by Liz ( How to list your dates on resumes is a source of questions from job seekers. A conversation on Twitter with Lisa McCallister, @MyJobScope sparked different opinions about dates.

Lisa asked Kris Plantrich, from Resume Wonders, and me if we had a best practice for listing dates on resumes. Lisa’s Twitter bio: Chief Enthusiast at MyJobScope|Medical Device Sales|Marketing|Recruiter| Sharing info on career planning, success & the medical device world. AvidCareerist. Solutions from Design Resumes & Thoughts from Julie Walraven. I offer DISC profile assessments for my clients to help them better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

Solutions from Design Resumes & Thoughts from Julie Walraven

Assessments are used by employers and career coaches throughout the world. I use DISC assessments because my provider, Profiling Pro, offers excellent customer service and educational resources to help me better understand how to interpret the results. Is Your Resume Starving For Attention? In this day of fast-food, social media attention deficit disorder-based communications, I must raise my hand and object.

Is Your Resume Starving For Attention?

10 million use Europass CV for job-search. Fun Ways to Update Your Resume. The word "fun" isn't usually associated with looking for a job.

Fun Ways to Update Your Resume

Even in the best of circumstances, being unemployed or underemployed can be scary and stressful. But in any job search, keeping a positive attitude is important. A Surprising Time When You Must Have a Current Resume. That executive has not asked to see his new team members’ resumes.

A Surprising Time When You Must Have a Current Resume

My client wants this person to understand his experience, credentials, and accomplishments. Why? Your Resume: What Information Do Employers Verify? You Sent Your Resume and Cover Letter. No Response. Oh Joy. Now What? If you don’t meet at least 75% of the job’s selection criteria, don’t put any more effort into going after this job.

You Sent Your Resume and Cover Letter. No Response. Oh Joy. Now What?

Invest your very valuable time in finding and pursuing jobs that are better matches for your knowledge, skills, and abilities. BTW, don’t send this letter. They make recruiters do an eye roll because they’re pretty contrived. Nice idea, but hard to execute well. They are, however, excellent tools for job seekers to use in analyzing whether or not they should apply to a job. The Process and Pitfalls of Education Verification. This is a guest post was generously provided by Gordon Basichis, Co-Founder of Corra Group ( which specializes in pre-employment background checks, business research, and corporate investigation. Corra Group services companies throughout the United States and around the world. Thanks, Gordon, for providing a very insightful post from a recruiter point of view on education! Resumes. Tribr. Grooming Leaders to Handle Ambiguity - Scott Anthony - Harvard B. By Scott Anthony | 4:00 PM July 6, 2010 How would you identify the up-and-coming leaders in a company about which you knew nothing?

You’d likely start by pinpointing the executives who control the most employees or revenues. You might give bonus points to relatively young mangers. If you had consulting DNA you might create a sophisticated ratio combining the span of control and age to identify the leader in the horse race to be the next big boss. You are working off a simple hypothesis that’s right in almost every company — that size matters. This approach seems logical.

But I wonder if companies might be approaching leadership development the wrong way. Resume Critique Checklist. Resumes normally get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening. If someone has asked you to review his resume and you want to help him ensure it gets read -- or want to know if your own is up to par -- be sure you can answer yes to the following questions: First Impression. Relevance Outweighs Details Save the Whole. The Cloud Approach To Writing Your Resume. How to Write a Good Cover Letter for Your Résumé. How To Write A Great Accomplishment Statement. 10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy. Susan Ireland's Resume Site. Cover Letter Tips & Career Advice from Career Expert Teena Rose : CAREEREALISM. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. AvidCareerist. The Monster Blog.

Using a Digital Signature to Spruce Up Your Cover Letters. Cover Letter Errors. 12 Practical Business Lessons From Social Psychology. Job Search - Temporary, Contract and Full-Time Jobs on Net-Temps. Job Hunting Guide Blog. Resumebook360 - Home. The premier site to find local and niche jobs. Search Technology Jobs Openings, IT Jobs Listings and More -

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Are you in career transition? Been laid off? Want a new job? Account Executive Salary. Staffing Contact Information. Quick Search. Templates & Tools. Job Search Made Simple. Jobs Direct from Companies. PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages. Career Advice article: Handling Tricky Interview Questions. Environmental Jobs and Résumés - The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet. » Technical interview at Amazon (SDE) and Mic. The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0) - Joel on Soft. Careers Q&A. Company Ratings, Reviews, and Salaries. Salary Comparison. Google interview questions - fun brain teasers! « smooth noodle maps. How to Write a Resume - Mahalo. Stevey's Home Page - The Five Essential Phone-Screen Questions. Google Top Interview Puzzles. How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions. AvidCareerist. What is the Most Important Question You Can Ask in a Job Interview? - The Daily Recruiter Blog - Executive Management Recruiters. AvidCareerist. The Interviewing Cheat Sheet: 100 Resources for Interviewers and Candidates - HR World.

Save Notes to Springpad Using Email. Job. Housing: Site Design. Welcome to the LinkedIn Companion for Firefox.