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CauseWorld Lets Users Give To Haiti Via Their iPhone. CauseWorld (iTunes link), an iPhone app from Shopkick, is off to a strong start.

CauseWorld Lets Users Give To Haiti Via Their iPhone

They first launched in December, and they quickly got the coveted featured spot on the iTunes app store. Yesterday, they started letting users donate to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief. The application gives users karma points for checking in to certain retail stores. Those karma points can then be converted into donations to various charities and other good causes (water in Sudan, food for the poor, trees in the Amazon, etc.). Big brands supply the cash for donations (and get lots of advertising exposure).

Up to 150 UN staff still missing in Haiti after quake. The UN could not confirm that its top officials in Haiti were dead Officials at the UN say between 100 and 150 people from its 9,000-strong peacekeeping mission in Haiti are still missing after the earthquake. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon listed 16 peacekeeping soldiers and police who are known to have died. The UN said it urgently needed medical support and rescue teams with heavy lifting equipment. The head of UN peacekeeping, Alain Le Roy, said UN police and troops in Haiti had secured the port and airport. They were also patrolling and helping clear roads, he added. Earthquake: News updates. FBI Warns Against Online Haiti Relief Scams - The Two-Way - Brea.

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti. First team team will assess what Haiti needs to cope with the immediate aftermathOne task is to set up temporary air traffic control systemsAircraft carrier, ships with medical facilities heading toward Haiti Washington (CNN) -- With the first of its flights touching down in earthquake-devastated Haiti late Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. began deploying military planes, ships and ground troops to the Caribbean nation.

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti

One of two planes carrying a 30-person assessment team arrived at Port-au-Prince airport about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The team will assess what Haiti needs to cope with the immediate aftermath of the disaster. One of the team's first jobs is to get the airport working to a point where it can handle all the flights coming in from around the world filled with people and supplies to help the victims of the quake.

The U.S. "He says the runway is functional, but the tower doesn't have communications capability. The group includes a unit of U.S. The U.S. FBI warning of Haiti earthquake scams. Haiti quake survivors line up to get water from a fire truck.

FBI warning of Haiti earthquake scams

To help Haiti earthquake victims, check out charities at Impact Your WorldFBI says don't click on links or files in unsolicited donation request e-mailsDo not ever donate cash; don't give your credit card info to people phoning for donationsAsk if charity is registered and what percentage of money goes to victims (CNN) -- As the world looks for ways to help the victims of Haiti's earthquake, the FBI is now warning that there are also those who are looking for opportunities set up scams surrounding the latest disaster relief efforts.

The FBI advises that people should be very skeptical of any unsolicited appeals they receive or find on the Internet. One month after Hurricane Katrina, the FBI said it was suspicious of most of the 4,600 Web sites soliciting money on behalf of those victims. Within an hour of the World Trade Center attacks, scam sites popped up on the Web according to In Haiti, Survivors Search for the Dead, and for Solace - NYTime. Haitian capital largely destroyed in quake - Americas. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — At a collapsed Caribbean Supermarket where search teams from Florida and New York City worked, rescuers late Sunday pulled two survivors from what had been its fourth floor. Officials said both were in stable condition, able to survive for so long by eating food trapped along with them. Earlier in the day, a policeman reported three other people had been rescued from the rubble. Crews had located the pair on Sunday afternoon and worked to get them out, NBC's Kerry Sanders reported from the scene.

One official coordinating the rescue efforts there told Sanders that a text message believed sent from under the rubble indicated that "more than 60" people were alive there.Officials later said that number was probably a mistake. The supermarket's manager, Samer Tahmoush, estimated that there would have been around 75 to 100 shoppers inside the market in the Delmas neighborhood when the quake hit. "It's a little miracle," said Reinhard Riedl, her husband.

Archbishop of Port-au-Prince dies in earthquake - Breaking News. Haiti quake survivors spend second night in streets. The BBC's Andy Gallacher: The hospital car park was strewn with bodies Thousands of Haitians are spending a second night in the open after the country's catastrophic earthquake which may have killed tens of thousands.

Haiti quake survivors spend second night in streets

Medical aid agency Medecins sans Frontieres reported a "massive influx" of casualties at its makeshift clinics, many of them with severe injuries. The search for survivors under the rubble went on after darkness. Substantial foreign aid for the three million people said to be in need is due to begin arriving within hours. The first US aid planes have already landed at the airport serving the capital, Port-au-Prince, and US naval ships are on the way.

EU states, Russia and China are among those sending rescue and medical teams by plane while pledges of aid have been made by countries around Latin America. Haitian President Rene Preval could not give an official estimate of the dead, saying: "I don't know... up to now, I heard 50,000... 30,000. " Sleeping among the dead. Live - Breaking news, live events, and today's top stori. Haiti earthquake: Victims forced to dig through rubble with bare. By David Gardner and Liz Hazelton Updated: 09:29 GMT, 14 January 2010.

Haiti earthquake: Victims forced to dig through rubble with bare

Destruction in Haiti. Séisme en Haïti: deuxième nuit d'angoisse pour 3 millions de sin. >> Cet article est actualisé en temps réel, cliquez ici pour rafraîchir 23h25: le bilan des victimes françaises s'alourditIl est passé de deux à six morts, indique le ministère français des Affaires étrangères.

Séisme en Haïti: deuxième nuit d'angoisse pour 3 millions de sin

Google Offers Satellite Images of Haiti, Post-Earthquake. In the immediate aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake that caused an unbelievable amount of destruction to Haiti's capital, Google has been asked by relief organizations and users to show images of what's actually happening on the ground.

Google Offers Satellite Images of Haiti, Post-Earthquake

In partnership with geospatial imagery company GeoEye, Google has just released a new layer for Google Earth showing post-earthquake devastation. Haiti was first added to Google Map Maker in response to hurricanes that wreaked havoc on the country more than a year ago. Read on for before-after pictures and details. The Red Cross has stated that as many as 3 million Haitians have been affected by the earthquake, with as many as 100,000 deaths likely, according to Haiti's prime minister. Since the quake's epicenter was right off the capital city, Port-au-Prince, most of the official buildings, from government officials' residences to jails and hospitals, have been significantly damaged or completely leveled. Increíble!/satteliteimage. Quake devastates Haiti, thousands feared dead: AP news. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Dazed survivors wandered past dead bodies in rubble-strewn streets Wednesday, crying for loved ones, and rescuers desperately searched collapsed buildings as fear rose that the death toll from Haiti's devastating earthquake could reach into the tens of thousands.

Quake devastates Haiti, thousands feared dead: AP news

The first cargo planes with food, water, medical supplies, shelter and sniffer dogs headed to the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation a day after the magnitude-7 quake flattened much of the capital of 2 million people. Earthquake in Haiti: Celebrities and fans respond in the Twitter. Burning tires illuminate what remains of Haitian town. Residents in Jacmel, Haiti, sleeping on mattresses, boxes in drivewaysGwenn Goodale Mangine tells CNN schools, homes, churches destroyed in townMangine: "There's no way to dig them out.

Burning tires illuminate what remains of Haitian town

No big machinery. No tools. There's nothing"Earthquake tore a "big chunk of the hearts of the Haitian people," Mangine says (CNN) -- In Jacmel, Haiti, as light rain fell with the darkness Wednesday, Gwenn Goodale Mangine and a group of 35 people prepared to spend their second night sleeping outside on mattresses and cardboard boxes in her driveway. Everyone is scared to be indoors. Doctors Without Borders. U.S. Department of State.

Bill Clinton on the Disaster. White House Taps Bush, Clinton to Help Lead Haiti Relief. Former President Bill Clinton, left, and former President George W.

White House Taps Bush, Clinton to Help Lead Haiti Relief

Bush will assist in the Haiti relief effort. (AP Photos) President Obama has tapped George W. Bush, a prime target of Democratic criticism during the presidential campaign for his response to Hurricane Katrina, to help lead Haiti relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated the country two days ago. Bush will join up with former President Bill Clinton, who is also the United Nations special envoy for Haiti. Limbaugh: Obama will use Haiti to boost credibility with "light- Haiti and the Politics of Disaster - Opinionator Blog - NYTimes. Bodies lining Haiti's roadsides are grim tally of earthquake - T. By Tina Susman Los Angeles Times Posted: 01/14/2010 01:00:00 AM MST|Updated: 4 years ago A body is carried on a door through the streets of Port-au-Prince, which was strewn with corpses.

(Ivanoh Demers, The Associated Press ) An injured child receives treatment Wednesday in Port-au-Prince. Many survivors had hideous wounds, and a triage unit was set up outside a hotel. MSF creates tent medical facilities in post-quake Haiti. Crowing Rooster Arts. Courage... Using .ORG Directory to Find Haiti Relief Organizations. SCUM: Haiti Disaster Attracts Hoaxes and Scammers. FRONTLINE/WORLD . Dispatches . iWitness . Haiti Quake: Improvisa. Doctors Without Borders. 8 Specific Ways to Pray for Haiti « OperationSAFE. Share photos on Twitter. Untitled. Haitian Earthquake: Made in the USA. As grim accounts of the earthquake in Haiti came in, the accounts in U.S. -controlled state media all carried the same descriptive sentence: "Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere... " Gee, I wonder how that happened? You'd think Haiti would be loaded. After all, it made a lot of people rich. Stéphane Jourdain : «Nous n'avons que nos doigts pour chercher l.

Juché au sommet d'une montagne de blocs de ciment, de câbles et de restes de bureaux, l'un de ses collègues pose une planche en bois sur son visage pour le protéger des pierres qui sautent avec les coups qui fendent le béton. Sous un soleil de plomb, les hommes se relaient pour donner ces coups de masse salvateurs qui claquent sur le burin. MLB, NFL Help Haiti Relief Efforts. The devastating earthquake in Haiti continues to wreak havoc across the Caribbean nation. According to some estimates, between 45,000 and 50,000 died during the disaster. And although aid groups face a logistical nightmare, they are slowly making their way through Haiti's capital. Amidst the tragedy, sports leagues are doing their part to help. Major League Baseball is donating $1 million to relief efforts, and the league's premium channel, MLB Network, plans to air public service announcements to spur further donations from fans.

The league also prominently features a list of ways to help at its web site. iTunes Store. Founder/Owner of Hotel Montana Dead. Twitter hoax spreads rumors of airlines' free flights to Haiti - American Airlines flew supplies to Haiti on Wednesday but did not offer free flights to medical personnel, it says. Rumors spread on Twitter on Thursday about airlines flying doctors to Haiti free of charge American Airlines spokesman calls the rumors a hoax Rumors also spread that JetBlue is offering free flights and UPS is shipping packages for free Both airlines say they are working with relief agencies to fly in supplies and personnel (CNN) -- Twitter was buzzing Thursday morning with news that several airlines are flying doctors and nurses to Haiti free of charge to help with relief efforts there in the wake of Tuesday's devastating earthquake.

The only problem: The rumors are false, an American Airlines spokesman says. "Last night's hoax on Twitter about American and JetBlue flying doctors and nurses to Haiti for free was just that -- a hoax. White House Taps Bush, Clinton to Help Lead Haiti Relief. U.S. Military Readies Disaster Response to Haiti Quake. When an earthquake ravages a country as poor and urbanized as Haiti, it produces the cruelest kind of synergy, as poverty breeds cramped living quarters that are left even more vulnerable by substandard construction work. Captured Photo Collection » Earthquake in Haiti Photos. Posted Jan 13, 2010. Willing To Help. Haiti Earthquake: Corpses Pile Up Across Port-au-Prince - The Ha.

Like a thick fog, the stench of death curdles the air in the streets of this shattered city. It comes from trundling trucks, where corpses are piled up and covered by bloodstained sheets, while young men with scarves on their faces warn onlookers to stand aside. It is expelled from pyres of burning tires that incinerate cadavers that have remained unattended too long in the dust and heat, lit by residents afraid that the carrion will attract prowling dogs and endanger children. And it surges through piles of rocks and rubble, where hospitals, schools, palaces and homes fell like cards as the ground shook with the fiercest earthquake to strike this island in two centuries. No one can tell how many have perished, and the exact number of dead will be almost certainly never be known.

Devastation in Haiti: Pictures from the Earthquake - Photo Essay. War Correspondent Steve Harrigan Breaks Down in Haiti! Envíe su iReport a CNN en Español: News & Videos about Envíe su. Pillages et coups de feu à Port-au-Pri. Haiti quake. Haiti: Resources and how to help. In the wake of the utter devastation inflicted by the earthquake in Haiti, the efforts and contributions of people everywhere are crucial. Time running out for people trapped by quake. Experts say the first 72 hours after a disaster are crucial for finding and rescuing potential survivors. Rescuers racing to find survivors before 72 hours after the earthquakeDisaster experts say most deaths from disaster happen in the first three daysMassive earthquake destroyed buildings, crushed people around 5 p.m.

ET TuesdayAfter Friday, aid workers advised to focus on treating known survivors. Earthquake in Haiti: How to Help The Top 5 Most Effective Charit. USA Waives Call Charges to and From Haiti... - T-Mobile Communit. Featured phones. Haitian Earthquake: Made in the USA. Haiti Earthquake Relief. En Español. America's North Shore Journal. Carel Pedre, les yeux d'Haïti - Monde. Why Haiti's Earthquake Is France's Problem. Cuba Agrees to U.S. Medevac Flights. Captured Photo Collection » Earthquake in Haiti Photos. Three-Star General to Head U.S. Relief in Haiti. Barbados: Economy in 2009 and Prospects for 2010 - Central Bank. Using Animation to Help Children with Trauma « OperationSAFE. I Am Looking For.

HDabrowski: iReporter User Profile. Time running out for people trapped by quake. Jacqueline Charles (jacquiecharles) Earthquake hits home - Akron, OH - The Suburbanite. Haiti. Partners in Health: What We're Hearing on the Ground - mweb's po. UNICEF Home. CANDLELIGHT VIGIL AT U.N. TO HONOR VICTIMS OF HAITI’S EARTHQUAKE. HaitiConnexion. OpSAFE International. Haiti Earthquake Pictures: Devastation on the Day After. HootSuite. Haiti earthquake: News updates. Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti Foundation under fiscal scrutiny - wash. Some Hospitals in Haiti . Reuters AlertNet - HAITI: US remittances keep the homeland afloa. Player Window. Organizing Armageddon: What We Learned From the Haiti Earthquake.