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Couple Downsize Into Dream Off-The-Grid Tiny House. How to Add Personality to Your Home Design. (Image credit: Nathan Michael) When I moved into a freshly renovated apartment last spring, I loved the new appliances and declared the remote-controlled AC life-changing—but I lamented how a coat of spackle and fresh flooring left the space feeling a little lacking in the personality department.

How to Add Personality to Your Home Design

I had a clean (almost too clean) slate to work with, and desperately needed to give the space character. Turns out, there were many simple ways to do this, including some that you can start doing stat. The home personality makeover starts right now. Pick pieces with history Whether you were lucky enough to inherit your grandfather's hand-carved dresser, or scored big at Brimfield recently, incorporating vintage pieces is an easy way to add personality to your home. Put your hobby on display If you're a musician, go ahead and store your instrument(s) up on the wall. DIY something (or everything!) Nothing puts a personal spin on a space quite like handmade items.

How to Decorate a Rental Like You Own It. 8 Incredible Spaces Around The World That Embrace Natural Materials. Discover House & Home’s Top Paint Trends For 2018. 60 Best Spring Decorating Ideas - Spring Home Decor Inspiration. Sostrene Grene's spring catalogue is here and here's what we're loving. "A lovely, idyllic spring' is the theme of Sostrene Grene's spring collection, and even from the colourways running through the catalogue, you can see why.

Sostrene Grene's spring catalogue is here and here's what we're loving

It's a cheerful collection to start the year, reflecting the idea that home is where you can always find peace and joy. According to Sostrene Grene, in designing the interiors collection for spring, Anna and Clara, the sisters behind the Danish highstreet shop, have placed great emphasis on creating "beautiful and expressive elements which will bring warmth, tranquility and idyll to home interiors. " The collection is full of soft shapes and textiles in fine, subdued colours, combined with natural materials like wood and rattan. Coloured glass is a trend the sisters are backing big time for 2018 so this range includes both vases and small items of furniture with glass details, bringing in the trend in a subtle way. Remove Negative Energy From Your Home - Feng Shui Energy Practices. Embrace you're dark side: Why we're going all in on dark decor. Associated with richness, maturity and drama, it’s fair to say more homes are welcoming dark greys, greens, browns and even pitch black, of late - here's how yours can go from 0-100 on the dark decor too!

Embrace you're dark side: Why we're going all in on dark decor

It’s been said that a shift towards moodier hues is a reaction to the dark economic climate of recent times; that we want to get cosy, nest and cocoon, somewhat. A big leap from the Scandinavian craze we’ve witnessed over the last few years, dark interiors are much more versatile than you’d think. How you can pull it off: Hints of pale wood, bronzed accessories and flowers add serious drama and ensure that the dark look won’t look out of place even during the summer months. When we think about décor on the darker shade of pale, Abigail Ahern may be one of the first interior designers that springs to mind. Renowned for her ability to create stylishly dark spaces that won’t look out of place, during the summer months, Abigail advises that paint is an affordable game changer.

Scandinavian Design vs. Minimalist Design: What's The Difference — Minimalism. Trevor Tondro / Magnus Anesund Navigating design terms can be as confusing as assembling a home entertainment system by hand.

Scandinavian Design vs. Minimalist Design: What's The Difference — Minimalism

But to plan interior design that suits your highly specific, oh-so-original tastes and home, you need the language to talk about the nuances of certain styles. If all you know about minimalist and Scandinavian design is that IKEA sells a lot of it, let us hand you the metaphorical power drill. Here’s everything you need to know about the two aesthetics. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Trevor Tondro “Minimalist design” refers to the use of industrial materials and geometric forms in a flowing, open-concept space favoring white and black color schemes.

The term “minimalism” was first used to describe the work of American visual artists in the 1960s, according to The Art Story, including Robert Morris and Anne Truitt. Master Bathroom Budget Makeover: Builder Grade to Rustic Industrial - Bless'er House. I feel like I’ve been waiting weeks for this reveal!

Master Bathroom Budget Makeover: Builder Grade to Rustic Industrial - Bless'er House

Oh wait, I have. What Type Of House Suites Your Personality? Unique Bedrooms - Crazy Bedroom Design. Shamrock Green Accessories. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Ginger Jars. Ginger jars are a design classic, irresistibly shapely and decorative in all their blue-and-white glory.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Ginger Jars

Lately, we've seen them popping up in all sorts of surprising places. Here's some background on these gorgeous collectibles. 1. They started out as storage pieces. Jonny Valiant Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Originally a vessel for storing precious spices in ancient China, the beloved ginger jar long ago shrugged off its utilitarian purpose. 2. A European craze for blue-and-white Chinese export pieces fueled the budding delftware industry, which churned out Far East-inspired items to meet demand. These Surreal Photos Reveal The Minuscule Beauty Of Portuguese Homes.

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