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Anti-carbon-tax stickers falling off gas pumps, Ford vows to fix the problem. Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the government's provincewide campaign to criticize the federal carbon tax just isn't sticking.

Anti-carbon-tax stickers falling off gas pumps, Ford vows to fix the problem

That's because the stickers decrying the tax, which gas stations are required by law to post on their pumps, were produced using the wrong adhesive and are falling off. Ford joked about the issue at the International Plowing Match in Verner, Ont., on Tuesday, quipping that the stickers may have worked if they'd been produced by the label company owned by the Ford family. But the premier acknowledged that the stickers were somehow botched and vowed to fix the problem. He says the specifications were all accurate for the stickers, which became mandatory in Ontario gas stations at the end of August. He offered few details, but said he would be discussing the matter with Energy Minister Greg Rickford. Ontario is cancelling the Transition Child Benefit: You should care. On July 31, 2018, the Ontario government announced a 100-day review of the province’s social assistance system.

Ontario is cancelling the Transition Child Benefit: You should care

More than a year later, the review is still to appear. Nevertheless, decisions are beginning to trickle out. One of them is the planned cancellation of the Transition Child Benefit (TCB). To most, this sounds pretty minor. After all, what could be so important about something that is “transitional”? City wrestles with 3% tax cap as budget pressure builds. City staff are preparing a 2020 budget that will again cap the property tax increase at three per cent, but to achieve that some departments will have to cinch their belts tighter than others If the roadmap drawn up by deputy city treasurer Isabelle Jasmin is endorsed by city council, the average urban homeowner will pay an extra $109 next year, for an average tax bill of $3,672.

City wrestles with 3% tax cap as budget pressure builds

While that's in line with the mayor's re-election pledge to keep the annual tax increase below three per cent, the transit levy would rise by 6.4 per cent in 2020, up from 3.5 per cent this year. That's to help offset a loss in provincial gas tax revenue, the transition to LRT, increasing fuel costs and various contract settlements. EXCLUSIVE: Doug Ford didn’t tell you Ontario cancelled 227 clean energy projects.

Ontario Sex Ed curriculum

ON Elxn 2018. Stop using my grandpa's name, actor Kiefer Sutherland tells Doug Ford. Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, the grandson of renowned former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas, is asking Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Ottawa MPP Lisa MacLeod to stop using his grandfather's name for their own political ends.

Stop using my grandpa's name, actor Kiefer Sutherland tells Doug Ford

MacLeod invoked the premier's memory in a May 31 Financial Post editorial, arguing that Douglas would have approved of Ontario Progressive Conservatives' moves toward fiscal discipline. Ford quoted from the editorial in a post on Twitter on June 2, and Sutherland responded to both Ford and MacLeod on Monday. Sutherland's tweet reads: Mr Ford, Your tweet has recently come to my attention and I can only tell you that you are correct, my grandfather Tommy Douglas was fiscally responsible.

P.S. Sincerely, Kiefer Sutherland. Doug Ford cuts 70 per cent of money for centre helping First Nations protect wildlife and resources. My unthinkable abortion: St.Catharines Reg. Councillor goes public and sends letter to Oosterhoff. A St.Catharines Regional Councillor has gone public about her abortion after Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff declared he wants to make abortion "unthinkable.

My unthinkable abortion: St.Catharines Reg. Councillor goes public and sends letter to Oosterhoff

" Laura Ip sending a letter to the PC MPP on Twitter. Ip details why she decided to have an abortion using the hash tag #MyUnthinkableAbortion. The mother of two shares personal details of her decision to go through with the medical procedure in Toronto after finding out that only two doctors performed abortions in Niagara and you had to stay in hospital overnight. Ip says it was the most difficult decision she has even had to make and she called out Oosterhoff saying it's unthinkable that he would rather see women die than have access to safe, legal abortions.

Here are some of the tweets sent to Oosterhoff. Dear @samoosterhoff, my abortion *was* unthinkable. I was married, had two children, had miscarried my third, and it was unthinkable that we could add another child to our family. Ontario stops funding problem gambling research agency, orders closure. The Ontario government has eliminated funding to an organization that researches problem gambling, ordering it to wind down operations by the summer.

Ontario stops funding problem gambling research agency, orders closure

Gambling Research Exchange Ontario was told last month that its entire $2.5 million annual budget had been cut by the province. It will have to cease operations by mid-July and 14 staff members will lose their jobs. The agency says it provides resources to prevent problem gambling that are used by front-line service providers including the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Ontario's Alcohol and Gaming Commission. The cut comes as the Progressive Conservative government looks at ways to expand online gambling and has said it will allow free alcohol at casinos to allow operators to better compete with their American counterparts.

The government said it was making the cut so that it could focus on delivery of front-line services. NDP addictions and mental health critic Bhutila Karpoche called the cut "short-sighted. " Green party unleashing its own stickers after PCs make gas pump decals mandatory. The Greens are pumping up the volume in Ontario’s escalating gas station sticker skirmish.

Green party unleashing its own stickers after PCs make gas pump decals mandatory

In response to the Progressive Conservatives’ mandatory pump decals about the impact of federal carbon-pricing measures on gasoline prices, the Greens are unleashing their own stickers. Modelled on the controversial Tory-blue messages that gas stations will have to post under threat of fines of up to $10,000-a-day, Green Leader Mike Schreiner’s stickers warn “climate change will cost us more.” “It’s outrageous that (Premier Doug Ford) is forcing businesses to be complicit in his anti-climate misinformation campaign,” Schreiner said Thursday at Queen’s Park.

“We’re inviting gas stations to make use of the stickers if they want to inform the public about the full costs of the climate emergency,” he said. 27 Ontario mayors slam province for downloading costs, forcing possible tax hikes. The mayors of more than two dozen of Ontario's largest cities slammed the province Tuesday for "downloading by stealth," saying the government was passing on costs that were forcing municipalities to weigh tax hikes or service cuts.

27 Ontario mayors slam province for downloading costs, forcing possible tax hikes

The Large Urban Mayors' Caucus of Ontario released a statement saying municipalities are learning of funding cuts and the province reducing its cost share in programs in "piecemeal fashion" through letters to agencies, and after municipal budgets have already been passed. Cam Guthrie, chair of the mayors' caucus and mayor of Guelph, said the group supports the Progressive Conservatives' efforts to eliminate the deficit, but they can't do so on the backs of local taxpayers without consultation. "The budget paper explicitly says that changes and costs need to be sustainable for both orders of government," Guthrie wrote. "There is only one taxpayer. NDP municipal affairs critic Jeff Burch said municipalities need a partner in the provincial government.

Ontario budget delivers cuts — and confusion — to Ottawa. When the Progressive Conservative government tabled its first provincial budget earlier this month, the City of Ottawa breathed a tentative sigh of relief.

Ontario budget delivers cuts — and confusion — to Ottawa

After all, the capital's big-ticket projects — the extension of the LRT, a treatment centre at CHEO, a new Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital — made the cut in the 343-page document. But almost immediately, it has become clear that the 2019 provincial budget will cost Ottawa money. And almost as troubling as the loss of funding is the confusion around exactly what's on the chopping block. Mayor Jim Watson says the city may be left with funding gaps after cuts in the provincial budget. 1:02. Who are the winners — and losers — in the Ford government's new housing supply plan? While speaking to reporters after the province announced a new plan to boost housing supply, Tim Hudak could barely contain his glee.

Who are the winners — and losers — in the Ford government's new housing supply plan?

Wide-eyed and grinning, the CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association — and a former leader of the Ontario PC party — said the current Ford government clearly listened to his organization's recommendations, which came during a round of stakeholder consultations last winter. "[We] put 10 ideas on the table on how we can make home ownership more affordable for average families," Hudak said. "And we're really excited because the government took up eight of those ideas. " Ideas like speeding up housing approvals, reducing red tape and controlling development charges funnelled to municipalities — it's all in the legislation. So are recommendations on building above and around transit stations, building more secondary suites, and building on surplus government land.

Why cuts to conservation authorities will make it harder to prevent floods. Parts of Ontario have declared states of emergencies for flooding this week — shortly after the province slashed its funding for conservation authorities' flood management programs in half. But how do Ontario's conservation authorities help manage flooding? What is the impact of these government cuts? Andrea Minano has spent her career researching floods and helping inform flood policy. Minano is a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, where she runs the Flood Policy Research Group. You can read an abridged and edited version of her interview with CBC Hamilton below. Andrea Minano is a PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo and research manager with the Flood Policy Research Group. People might think of conservation areas as places to go camping or hiking.

I think there is a lot of unawareness about what conservation authorities do and what their role is in flood management. Another one of their key programs is for flood warnings. Watery roads in Toronto on Friday. Exactly. Satheesh: A high-school student analyses the 2019 Ontario budget. Last week, the Ontario government released its first budget, with the tagline “Protecting What Matters Most.” I recently turned 18 and, as a new voter, I thought it would be important to study this budget and understand how it works. However, it brought me to a lot of unanswered questions and logical fallacies. Premier Doug Ford promised throughout his campaign that cutting Ontario’s $15-billion deficit was a key priority.

Yet this new budget spends a record $163 billion, overtaking the record from the previous Liberal budget by $5 billion. In addition, there are tax cuts of different sorts, one notable example being the faster write-offs on capital investments for business, which could mean $3.8 billion in corporate tax relief over several years. Taxes are a primary way through which a government raises money. Also, the budget was described as “Protecting what matters most.” Think of it in terms of a simple input-output system. People are really angry about the 2019 Ontario Budget. Analysts continue to declare the winners, losers and uncertain parties of Ontario's 2019 budget today as many in the province learn more about what Premier Doug Ford has in store for our fiscal future. There's plenty to celebrate based on initial reactions among the populace: Dental care for low-income seniors, flexible child care tax credits for eligible families, promises of lower auto insurance rates, a price cap on ticket resales and public transit improvements among them.

More permissive regulations surrounding alcohol and gambling are also being well-received, but not well enough to quiet those who take issue with Ford's budget cuts and perceived priorities. Here are a few of the more controversial moves (or lack thereof) proposed in the PC government's first provincial budget: Abolishing legal aid for refugees. Message from Councillor Kavanagh – Bay Ward Bulletin. Ontario government will spend $10M per year on horse racing programs. Ontario government ponders ban on single-use plastics. Ontario is weighing a ban on single-use plastics, which include bags, water bottles and straws.

Nearly a tonne of waste per person in Ontario is generated each year, and the rate at which that waste is diverted away from landfills — through recycling and composting, for example — has stalled around 30 per cent for the past 15 years. Shame on Doug Ford’s response to sexual violence. This signed editorial discusses sexual violence and may be triggering for some readers. The Journal uses “survivor” to refer to those who have experienced sexual violence. We acknowledge this term is not universal. Last Wednesday at Queen’s Park, Toronto Centre district MPP Suze Morrison asked why the Doug Ford government was withholding millions in funding promised to Ontario’s rape crisis centres. In response, Ford laughed at her. Ontario Basic Income Pilot Improved Participants’ Health, Happiness, Employment Prospects: Survey. Ontario's basic income pilot project was "an angel in disguise" for people who could afford dental work for the first time in years, buy their prescription medications and pay for transportation to and from work, according to a new survey.

Ontario government responds after NDP leaks draft bill to scrap regional health agencies. Ford government backs down on legislation that would have made it easier to build in the Greenbelt. Who funds Ontario Proud? – Nora Loreto. I wanted to do a full picture of who is funding this shadowy online group, but as the best laid plans never work out, here’s what you get: a twenty minute summary. Doug Ford's 'efficiencies' seem to be costing taxpayers an awful lot of money: Robyn Urback. Every Single Similarity Between Doug Ford and Donald Trump. Qualifications lowered for OPP commissioner job, allowing Ford family friend to apply. For Immediate Release: Ontario climate plan torpedoes Ottawa’s halting progress. Ontario climate change plan includes fund to help big polluters reduce emissions.

Gm-shows-doug-fords-ontario-isnt-so-open-for-business. Follow-the-money-as-doug-ford-disrupts-our-democracy. The beauty of democracy is that you get to vote the bums out. But what if the next group of bums clings to the seat of power — rewriting the rules to undermine campaign finance reforms, handicap their opponents and advantage themselves ahead of the next election? The Ontario PC Party is wrong, there’s nothing unscientific about gender identity. It may be time for the Ontario PC Party to do its homework. On Saturday morning, it was reported that the party slated for debate, for the next convention, a resolution according to which “gender identity theory” is “[a] highly controversial, unscientific ‘liberal ideology’; and, as such, that an Ontario PC Government will remove the teaching and promotion of ‘gender identity theory’ from Ontario schools and its curriculum.” In proposing this debate, the party invigorates proponents of the dangerous belief that trans people are delusional and shouldn’t have their gender identities recognised.

Ontario's Resolution to Debate the Validity of Gender Identity Endangers Trans People. Here’s how you can support Ontario’s trans community – Undercurrent. Community activists, politicians speak out in light of PC’s anti-trans resolution. Critics deride PC resolution that calls gender identity 'liberal ideology' Former youth advocate 'devastated' after Ontario cuts watchdog post for children. Ontario PCs slash spending and oversight, unveil tax cut and new LCBO hours in 1st economic plan. Ontario PC Party passes resolution to debate recognition of gender identity. Sex, scandal, protests and politics: A lookahead at this weekend’s Ontario PC Convention.

Doug Ford Cuts Billions In Spending, But Only Shaves Deficit By $500M. Ontario PCs slash spending and oversight, unveil tax cut and new LCBO hours in 1st economic plan. Ontario Child Care, Dental Plan Could Be Axed In PC Economic Statement. Doug Ford says he hid sexual misconduct allegation against Jim Wilson to protect accuser. Ford accosted by protesters as he unveils buck-a-beer incentives. Doug Ford misled voters on Hydro One. Cancelling Prince Edward County wind project could cost over $100M, company warns. In Ontario, Doug Ford's rule-by-antagonism begins.

PCs dismiss Ontario’s chief scientist amid broad effort to undo Liberals’ legacy. Internal Server Error. Premier Ford Announces Parliamentary Assistant Assignments as Part of Ontario's Government for the People.