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Google. How the Brain Stops Time. One of the strangest side-effects of intense fear is time dilation, the apparent slowing-down of time. It's a common trope in movies and TV shows, like the memorable scene from The Matrix in which time slows down so dramatically that bullets fired at the hero seem to move at a walking pace. In real life, our perceptions aren't keyed up quite that dramatically, but survivors of life-and-death situations often report that things seem to take longer to happen, objects fall more slowly, and they're capable of complex thoughts in what would normally be the blink of an eye. 6 ways to teach growth mindset from day one of school. Imagine if your new class this fall was full of students who would: Be willing to try new thingsStick with hard tasks and not give upPush themselves to do their best work, not just what’s “good enough”Believe in themselves and their own ability to learn.

6 ways to teach growth mindset from day one of school

Into Sleep Guided Meditation. Into Sleep Guided Meditation. Guided mindfulness and yoga programs from world-class trainers. Whether you're wanting to be more present as a partner or parent, an executive building a more compassionate performance culture, or just someone who wants to enjoy life more and be less stressed, you'll find fun, guided real-time sessions to help you get there.

Guided mindfulness and yoga programs from world-class trainers.

Each program is developed for specific health, work, and relationship outcomes. Our NOW program includes 450+ sessions of mindfulness meditation and yoga training for adults. Out of Body Experience Guided Meditation. There are many different types of techniques and meditations.

Out of Body Experience Guided Meditation

Use the ones you gravitate towards and stay with it until you achieve traveling into the astral planes. From a personal standpoint, I highly recommend turning off your cell phone. As I started to lift out of my body, my cell phone rang and ruined the entire experience! Follow In5D and Body, Mind, Soul, & Spirit on TSU! This social networking platform is by invitation only, so consider this YOUR invitation by clicking the link below! Art Meditation: 18 Free Coloring Pages For Adults ♥ Microsoft Wants To Teach You How To Use Linux With Its New Certification Program. When we first said that Microsoft loves Linux, we were not joking.

Microsoft Wants To Teach You How To Use Linux With Its New Certification Program

Microsoft has embraced Linux many times over in the recent times and proved us right. It was absolutely unthinkable few years ago, thanks to former CEO Steve Ballmer who went on to call Linux a cancer. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, we can observe a very visible change in Microsoft’s course of action. Taking forward this unlikely partnership, Microsoft has offered a certification program that’ll teach you how to manage Linux systems in its Azure cloud. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is a huge collection of services that are used as a platform or architecture for many other services. This newly released certification program for mastering Linux on the Azure platform is being dubbed as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure certification. With the advent of cloud computing, Microsoft has realized that it’s a new post-Windows era where the company needs to focus on the user demands.

Which Windows Services Are Safe to Disable & When? I would like to help you decide which Windows 7 and Windows 8 services are safe to disable and when.

Which Windows Services Are Safe to Disable & When?

While disabling unneeded services can have a positive impact on performance, disabling the wrong services can have a big negative impact on the overall performance and stability of your system. I will do my best to guide you and provide balanced and useful advice. The Complete Guide to Backing Up Your Computer (Page 5 of 6) There’s a reason people don’t bother backing up their computer: thinking about the task of doing it properly becomes too difficult.

The Complete Guide to Backing Up Your Computer (Page 5 of 6)

The thing about backups is that it’s not a question of if data loss will strike you, but when and how severely. Backups have long been considered to be incredibly complicated, because it meant you’d have to somehow ship your data around, but not anymore. Thanks to the advent of unlimited cloud backup services and ever increasing storage at ever decreasing prices, it’s easier to backup all your content than it was in the past. Microsoft Virtual Academy – Free IT Training, Online Learning of Microsoft Technologies. Free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP - Build your own website -

Instapaper. The Miraculous Story of Stockings, the Pretzel-Legged Kitty. 181 Google Tricks That Will Save You Time. Nine smart ways to use tabs in Chrome. Little Known Ways To Power Your Google Search. Home » Data Visualization » How to be a Google Power User New round here?

Little Known Ways To Power Your Google Search

Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed. It’s a familiar frustration for most of us: You type your precise, specific search terms into Google, and expect to find what you need on the first page. Instead, you’re faced with millions of search results, and the first few links are so off-the-wall unrelated you wonder if you mistyped something.

But your search terms are correct, so why doesn’t Google know what you’re looking for? Though Google keeps improving their algorithms, there are still plenty of terms that stymie the search engine. Luckily, Google has quite a few hidden tips and tricks for searching that will help you quickly find exactly the results you’re looking for. Just by learning a few formatting and punctuation tricks, you can tell Google how your search terms are related, or exclude certain words or phrases. Top 12 Google Chrome Extensions That Enhance Student Learning... Meditation. The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your.

This probably sounds familiar: You are with a group of friends arguing about some piece of trivia or historical fact.

The Future Of Education Eliminates The Classroom, Because The World Is Your

Someone says, "Wait, let me look this up on Wikipedia," and proceeds to read the information out loud to the whole group, thus resolving the argument. Don’t dismiss this as a trivial occasion. It represents a learning moment, or more precisely, a microlearning moment, and it foreshadows a much larger transformation—to what I call socialstructed learning. The 4 Most Effective EdTech Tools I Use In My Classroom WRITING HELP. In a battle against an infection, antibiotics can bring victory over enemy germs.

Yet that war-winning aid can come with significant collateral damage; microbial allies and innocents are killed off, too.