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How to knit a GIGANTO-BLANKET. Grumpygirl: Tutorial: The amazingly flat crochet seam. Alrighty then, here goes.

grumpygirl: Tutorial: The amazingly flat crochet seam

Works best with contrast colours. And a smaller hook. Step 1. Prepare to be amazed. Step 2: Insert hook into inner loop of top square. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. DROPS Pattern Library: Crochet patterns. DROPS pattern library contains patterns, and it keeps growing every day!

DROPS Pattern Library: Crochet patterns

The DROPS designers want you to see how these different techniques will look when applied to a knitting or crochet project. This is a very useful tool when you are looking for inspiration for own designs. Jersey Yarn Rug / Sewing and Quilting. How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers « Crafts. IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology.

How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers « Crafts

You can find the SLIPPER SIZE, YARN and HOOK specifications at the end of this article !!! Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie. Ever since I took up crocheting again, I wanted to make myself a hat.

Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie

Crocheting amigurumi is fun and all, but once in a while it’s nice being able to wear something you’ve crocheted rather than having it sit on a shelf :) Crochet Pattern Central has a great directory of free hat patterns here. Granny Stripe Blanket. Hello my lovelies, great to be here in the Attic :: truthfully I should not be tucked up nattering in the Attic at all, should be attending to the business of making clean the piles of dirty laundry and packing/preparing for our trip away in Connievan tomorrow (woooooooohooooooo, four nights away by the coast!!!!)

Granny Stripe Blanket

However..........before I leave to go jollying off on my giddy-trip to the seaside, I really, really desperately want to have a quick chat about Acrylic yarn and granny stripe goings on. Cos I need to share, and you need to know, right? It will NOT WAIT, right?? OK.....above yarn is my squishy big balls of Stylecraft Special DK :: 100% Acrylic :: working on a 4mm hook. Cost was £1.60 per ball in my LYS.

As requested, here are the colours I've got nestling in the bag.... Crochet School. ePatterns and eProjects. S Best Photos of grannysquares. Flickr Hive Mind is a search engine as well as an experiment in the power of Folksonomies.

s Best Photos of grannysquares

All thumbnail images come directly from Flickr, none are stored on Flickr Hive Mind. These photos are bound by the copyright and license of their owners, the thumbnail links take to you to the photos (as well as their copyright and license details) within Flickr. Because some other search engines (Google, etc.) index parts of Flickr Hive Mind, you may have been led here from one of them. Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. If you are a Flickr user and use Flickr Stats you may have seen people being led to your photos via Flickr Hive Mind (as a Referrer). Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database, allowing search by: tags(keywords); Flickr photography groups; Flickr users, their contacts, and favorites; free text; the Flickr Explore algorithm for interestingness.

Handcuffs - Amigurumi My second free pattern!

Handcuffs - Amigurumi

With explanations & diagrams Download the free Handcuffs pattern (modèle/tuto gratuit - kostenloses Shritt für Schritt Vorbild - modelo gratuito - modello libero - modelo de livre) How to Crochet - Crochet Chevron Stitch Motive. Crochet A Blanket - Starting and Finishing Part 1 Pattern In Info. Sweet Flower Granny Blanket. Hello my lovelies, thanks as always for taking time to call in and see me, so happy to have you here.

Sweet Flower Granny Blanket

As you can see, we're ta-dah-ing today and I am so happy, it feels to me like this moment has been such a long time coming it really does. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that it's spanned across the turn of the year, you know? It makes it seem so long ago when I think about it starting way back Last Year. July to be precise, so six months ago. Half a year to make a modest size blanket, talk about slow progress. The thing with this sweet little blanket is that it did in fact turn out to be very fiddlesome and time consuming. This was where I was up to at the end of August. Slowly, slowly, the blanket began to grow. ....and on into October. Carina's Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial. Just a warning before we get started with the tutorial, there's LOTS of pictures and I may go into too much detail, but that's just what I do. ;-) By the way, this is the yarn I use.

Carina's Craftblog: Granny square joining tutorial

Dc/treble: this refers to the same stitch. Dc if you use US crochet terms and treble if you use UK terms. July 2012 - Please note: these days I do very little crochet because I'm working on an embroidery book. The book writing also means I may not have time to help with any crochet-y questions/problems. There are loads of methods of joining (granny) squares, my method is just one, and may not even be the best.

If you have particular layout for your blanket in mind, lay out your squares in that pattern. Then stack your squares so you can keep track of what goes where. Because of how this method works, it is best to have as few squares in each stack as possible. Take the top square and put it on the left and then the next square and keep that on the right. Lay the rows together with backs facing each other. Loop and Nub Stitch Tutorial. Yarn Bombing / Guerrilla Crochet – A Collection.

Vickie Howell for CARON.