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#MeToo. CompareContrastRubric. Printouts. Home › Classroom Resources › Printouts Go offline with this collection of our best printable sheets from assessments to organizers—all of them classroom-tested and easy to use.


Graphic Organizers See All These printouts help students brainstorm, analyze, and organize their ideas. Grades 3 – 8 | Printout K-W-L Chart This K-W-L Chart, which tracks what a student knows (K), wants to know (W), and has learned (L) about a topic, can be used before, during, and after research projects. Writing Starters See All. At skrive et referat eller et resume - Gode studievanerGode studievaner.

Et referat og et resume ligner hinanden, men er ikke helt det samme.

At skrive et referat eller et resume - Gode studievanerGode studievaner

Et referat lægger sig forholdsvis tæt op ad den refererede teksts egen struktur og gengiver denne, men i forkortet form, Et resume er en noget kortere fremstilling, der alene omtaler en teksts hovedpunkter. Såvel referatet som resumeet skal du skrive i dit eget sprog. Referatet kan man se som en forkortet udgang af den oprindelige tekst. Et referat af en tekst kan – men skal ikke – skrives i forhold til et bestemt spørgsmål, som man som læser har stillet. Det vil betyde, man i referatet vægter dele der belyser ens spørgsmål, mest, mens andre dele dæmpes ned, evt. ved at referere disse i komprimeret form. 22 Powerful Closure Activities. 4 Teaching Ideas That You Can Use Next Monday. Home.

B2 level English language listening tests. B2 is one of the CEFR levels described by the Council of Europe.

B2 level English language listening tests

This page will help you practise for the Cambridge First and PTE exams Education Listen to a radio show about the value of a university education. Choose the statement that best represents the opinions of the callers. Accommodation Listen to a news report about eco-homes. Choose the correct answer. Leisure Listen to a lecture about the History of Leisure in twentieth century America. Tourism A teacher is giving a lesson on the effects of tourism. Travel Listen to the traffic report. Health Listen to an interview with a health worker about vaccination programmes in less economically developed countries. CristinaSkyBox: Creativity and Writing. Imagination.

CristinaSkyBox: Creativity and Writing

Innovation. Creativity. Concepts and values educators try to foster in their classrooms, implementing activities which students may develop creatively. Creativity may be regarded as perceiving the world in a different way, connecting ideas, solving problems, generating solutions. Quiz Present Perfect Continuous 6. grammar. Míriam Tomàs - Edu... Persuasive Writing Anchor Charts for Struggling Writers {Lots of Pictures} - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley. Here are some of my favorite persuasive writing anchor charts that I have used to help my struggling writers write strong, detailed persuasive papers.

Persuasive Writing Anchor Charts for Struggling Writers {Lots of Pictures} - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

These charts contain a lot of sentence stems and step by step directions for each paragraph. It may seem a bit formulaic in nature, but once the students feel comfortable, they will branch out and add their own style and unique voice. Here is a brainstorming poster. A Yes/No chart is one way that I teach students to organize their thoughts before they begin writing. This particular prompt showed a picture of an old, abandoned house and had the students determining if the local children should be allowed to play in the house.

After the students brainstorm several reasons for each side of the argument and they choose a side, we move into writing a clear and strong position statement. After the students have a solid position statement, we move into our introductory paragraph (nicknamed Top Bun from a hamburger model). Teacher Resources — MRS. LONDON. “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” -- Albus Dumbledore.

Teacher Resources — MRS. LONDON Mobile. Flippedclassroom. Learning English - Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Exams. Useful Debate Vocabulary. Reading Comprehension Worksheets. ELA Standards: Informational Text View SourceCommon Core Lesson and Unit PlansUnderstanding Common Core State Standards. Text Structure. Text Structure The term “text structure” refers to how information is organized in a passage.

Text Structure

The structure of a text can change multiple times in a work and even within a paragraph. Students are often required to identify text structures on state reading tests; therefore, it is important that they are given exposure to the various patterns of organization. This page will briefly explain seven commonly used patterns of organization, provide examples, and then offer users free text structure worksheets and interactive online practice activities to help students learn this essential reading skill. Cause and Effect:The results of something are explained.Example: The dodo bird used to roam in large flocks across America. Welcome to EFL 24 7. A free community for all teachers and students.

Welcome to EFL 24 7

Teachers Join our community with thousands of colleagues from more than 100 countriesDownload hundreds of printable grammar exercises, news activities, themes, etc.Share EFL/ESL worksheets and other activities at all levelsCreate and share interactive web exercises. Teachit ELT English language teaching resources - ELT resources online. ESL Writing Worksheets, Lessons, Sample Essays, Error Correction, and Printable Ebooks. ESL Writing Exercise - Topic Sentences (Introduction) - Introduction to topic sentences and their function in a formal paragraph.

ESL Writing Worksheets, Lessons, Sample Essays, Error Correction, and Printable Ebooks

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