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Yes, i MADE that.: Leftovers Blanket: Mitered Corners (or Mitred Corners, if you prefer) I've had a few questions lately about how I knit the mitered corners for the Leftovers Blanket.

yes, i MADE that.: Leftovers Blanket: Mitered Corners (or Mitred Corners, if you prefer)

I needed something to post today to do more rounds of the solid colored bands, so I thought I'd start the next one and document the corner. You're welcome. This band is 18 stitches, knit on to the previous round like so: on the wrong side (WS), slip first stitch, knit to last stitch, slip stitch (sl 1), pick up & knit one from previous band, pass slipped stitch over (psso). Turn work, slip first stitch with yarn in front, knit to last stitch, knit through back loop. Knit to corner of previous band, and begin short rows: On WS knit to last unwrapped stitch (in first row of short rows, knit to stitch attaching to previous band) wrap stitch and turn: bring yarn to front, sl 1, bring yarn to back, return slipped stitch to left needle, turn and knit to end. You will now begin to knit, picking up wraps. And, there you go. I hope this was clear and/or helpful. Knitting ~ stitch.library on Pinterest. Pins from coolgraphic.ro on Pinterest.

Knitting on Pinterest. Pins from knittingfool.com on Pinterest. The Sunlight book of knitting and crocheting. Pop Spots Tutorial. Here are detailed explanations and step-by-step pictures for dropping and laddering Pop Spots Stitches.

Pop Spots Tutorial

Knit 3 stitches, drop the stitch on your left hand needle until it unravels all the way down to the main colour drop stitch and ladder - you will have one stitch of your main colour floating, ready to be caught by your needle and six strands of unravelled yarn in the garter stitch colour. knit into stitch Poke your right-hand needle into that lone stitch in the background colour, from front to back, under the lines of unravelled knitting.

Knit into dropped stitch, catching ladders To complete the dlkyok stitch, continue by making a yarn over above the ladders Yarn over above ladders and then make another stitch in the front of the dropped stitch, including all the ladders. Knit another stitch under the ladders ~ three stitches in one Three stitches have been made from one stitch. Twist stitch knitting Challah. Вязание on Pinterest. Knitta please on Pinterest. Knits on Pinterest. Knitaholics.com * Knitters of the World, Unite! Knitting Information, Tips, and How-Tos. ShareThis The Sock Knitter's Companion: Step-by-Step Help The day I completed my first sock was a day of liberation.

Knitting Information, Tips, and How-Tos

For years I'd been mystified by socks, never daring try them on my own. I learned that although knitted socks look complex and daunting, they're actually one of the most logical items to knit. What follows is a simple format for knitting an extremely basic pair of socks. If you already have a basic top-down pattern, then you can use these instructions as a back-up tutorial of each step. First, you need to decide on your yarn. The sample sock shown in these photographs was knit using a thicker yarn so that you could see each stitch more clearly. The Essence of Socks The most essential number you'll need—one that will impact everything else in your sock—is based on the circumference of your calf.

For example: If your calf measures 10 inches (25cm), subtract 25% to get 7.5 inches (19cm). This is the number of stitches you'll cast on for the cuff. Here's a recap of the decreases: Фото #6 - Спицы - Tillora. NORDIC STAR SLIPPERS KIT - Product Details. Узор спицами "Ажурные листья" Узоров для вязания на спицах ирландские узоры араны. Knitting on Pinterest. Lily of the Valley 2 - Knittingfool Stitch Detail. Curso de Trico varios pontos. Записи в рубрике узоры спицами. Crochet leafy motifs! Estonian Lace Pattern - Silvia. Sokid - Alnirak. DUDA - resourceguide til lektiehjælp og undervisning i Folkeskolen og ungdomsuddannelserne. Big D-mn Pineapple (Stitches in Time) : Knitty Spring+Summer 2012. LEAVES With MC, CO 320 sts.

Big D-mn Pineapple (Stitches in Time) : Knitty Spring+Summer 2012

If you are beading, place a bead on every CO st. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker to indicate start of round. K 1 rnd. Begin leaf pattern: Rnd 1: (K6, yo, k1, yo, k6, sl1-k2tog-psso) around. Repeat Rnd 2 26 more times. Break yarn, leaving 6–8 inch tail. FRUIT Join CC. Note that your rounds will now reverse direction, and this will leave a small hole at point where Rnd 2 begins. Repeat Rnds 1–18 6 more times, and Rnds 1–17 once more. Cut yarn, leaving 6-8 inch tail. Join MC. Bottom Rnd 1: (K5, sl1-k2tog-psso) around. 240 sts. Cut yarn, leaving 6-8 inch tail. FINISHING Weave in ends on WS. Mrs. She also specifies that the finished bag is “drawn in at the termination of the top leaves.” I decided to use a braid, as follows: Cut three 1-yard lengths of MC and braid them together, knotting both ends about 3 inches in.

Instead of braid you could use a length of silk cord or ribbon. Bobble: 5 Stitch Garter Bobble - Knitting Tutorials: Decorative Stitches. There are tons of ways to make bobbles.

Bobble: 5 Stitch Garter Bobble - Knitting Tutorials: Decorative Stitches

In general, to create a bobble you rapidly increase into a single stitch, work these stitches for two or more rows and then decrease them back to one stitch. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a 5-stitch Bobble in garter stitch. With the right side facing you, knit into the stitch where you'd like your bobble, keeping the stitch on the left needle, yarn over and knit into the same stitch again, yarn over and knit into the stitch for a third time. You now have 5 stitches where you initially had one. Turn the work so the wrong side is facing you. Knit the 5 bobble stitches. Turn the work so the right side is facing you. Knit the first two bobble stitches together. Pass the remaining three stitches, one at a time, over the knit-together stitch and off the needle, as if to bind off. Knit the remaining bobble stitch, returning it to the right needle. For a project full of bobbles, check out Laura's Bobble Sheep Pillow right HERE!

Rumænsk strikkemønstre. Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting(вязание) MyWebSearch. MyWebSearch. HelpMagMoebMuff. Tejiendo Perú... dos agujas, crochet, telares, horquilla, etc. - Tejiendo Perú... AllFreeKnitting.com - Free Knitting Patterns, Knitting Tips, How-To Knit, Videos, Hints and More! Welcome to eunnyjang.com. Needle Arts Book Shop. .     Morehouse Farm Knitting Tips ..       Morehouse KnitTips Pattern abbreviations and what they mean If you have more questions, or need some assistance knitting with any of our patterns, see > Knitting Pattern Help Other Morehouse KnitTips: > How to wind a skein into a ball > How to knit with more than one yarn color > How to knit in the round > How to pick up stitches around armhole > How to make a perfect pompom > Knitting with lace yarn > Knitting with variegated yarn > Pattern stitches > Pattern abbreviations and what they mean > Finishing process (felting)

Colonial Lake Books - Home. Knitting Beyond the Hebrides - Lace Symposium. Tips & Tricks Lifelines: I use dental floss and probably put in fewer than I should really use, but can't knit a lace shawl without using them.

Knitting Beyond the Hebrides - Lace Symposium

My tip is that when knitting a lace shawl that has an edging knitted on to live stitches, be sure to add a lifeline to the last row before starting the edging. The reason is that any dropped stitches in the edging itself could translate into ladders that go into the body of the shawl. I once had to work back about a foot of edging in order to tink several rows into the shawl itself and make repairs caused by a needle that slipped out. - Janet Place a stitch marker after every pattern repeat to keep track of where you are in your pattern. I find that coil less safety pins make good stitch markers. This tip actually comes from master knitting guru Joan Schrouder, who gave me permission to share it. My second tip is when a mistake is made, tink backwards to the error noting on the chart rows unknit. I like to color code my lace charts. Masser af gratis strikmønstre. Videos To Help You Knit Like A Superstar. Knitting Patterns Knitspot - Anne Hanson Knitting Pattern Designer Blog and Knitting Patterns Shop.

ArtYarns. Strik godt. Bladmønstre i hulstrik. Watch Knitting. Brooke's Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf Pattern. Printer-friendly version(includes charted pattern) My original scarf was made with Mountain Colors 4/8 Wool, a worsted weight yarn, on size 7 needles.

Brooke's Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf Pattern

But you can do this on any size yarn and needles you want - even lace weight yarn. This pattern is very easy to memorize after a few repeats, making for quick and fun work. And don't forget to block it after you're done! That is the key step in making the leaf pattern lie flat and become really defined. Yarn: I used one and a half skeins of Mountain Colors 4/8s wool, which is worsted weight and has 250 yds per 100 gm skein. Dimensions: With a worsted weight yarn, the scarf is approximately 6 inches wide and 73 inches long.

Selected abbreviations:p2tog tbl = purl 2 together through back loopsSKP = slip 1, k1, psso (psso = pass slipped stitch over knit stitch) Slip 1 = slip 1 knitwise Notes:Edges: To make a nice finished edge, on the first and last stitch of each row, you slip 1 knitwise on all RS rows, and p1 on all WS rows. Re Knitting. Needlepointers.com - Your #1 Crafting Resource on the Web. Sarah's Yarns: Luxury Yarns at the Yarn Store for Knitting, Weaving, Yarn Dyers, Crochet and Fiber Artists. Kusha Kusha Scarf - Diagram - Kusha Kusha Scarf.