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Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds. Shown a realistic human target — not just a silhouette like this one — shooters were more likely to pull the trigger if the target was black, according to an analysis of 42 studies.

Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds

Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Architecture of Segregation. 1.

Architecture of Segregation

Paul A. Jargowsky, “Stunning Progress, Hidden Problems: The Dramatic Decline of Concentrated Poverty in the 1990s,” Living Cities Census Series (Washington D.C.: Brookings Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, May 2003). 2. Alemayehu Bishaw, “Areas with Concentrated Poverty: 2006-2010,” American Community Survey Reports (Washington, D.C.: U.S.

Census Bureau, December 2011); Paul A. 3. 4. Declawing the ‘tiger mom’ Book co-authored by UCI sociologist debunks idea that Asian American academic achievement is due to unique cultural traits or values One in four Americans today are either immigrants or children of immigrants.

Declawing the ‘tiger mom’

As the U.S. moves from a black and white society to a potpourri of racial and ethnic groups, researchers are turning their attention to why certain immigrant and second-generation groups are more likely to succeed. Asian Americans stand out for having the highest median household income and education level of all groups, including native-born whites, according to the Pew Research Center. It’s a demographic that’s often stereotyped as the “model minority,” who seemingly get ahead because they have the “right” cultural traits and values. Lee and colleague Min Zhou, professor of sociology and Asian American studies at UCLA, conducted 82 in-depth interviews with 1.5- and second-generation Chinese and Vietnamese people living in the Los Angeles/Orange County metro area. » The Voting Rights Act: Ten Things You Should Know Zinn Education Project.

By Emilye Crosby and Judy Richardson The Voting Rights Act (VRA), signed into law on Aug. 6, 1965, was a victory for the Civil Rights Movement, southern African Americans, and American democracy.

» The Voting Rights Act: Ten Things You Should Know Zinn Education Project

It outlawed strategies that had been used by white supremacists to disenfranchise Black citizens and included provisions to facilitate the registration of new voters. Together with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act ended most legal forms of white supremacy. Although this was important, it did not end all forms of racial discrimination, many of which were—and are—embedded in the structures of our society. Most textbooks approach history through a top-down lens that gives President Lyndon Johnson, along with Dr. The image on the left is widely used in textbooks and popular media to illustrate the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Here are key points missing from most textbooks. White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States. Editor's note: This is Chatter, our morning rundown of what you need and want to know around the world.

White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States

Fortunately for us all, you can have Chatter emailed to you every day. Just sign up here! White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, according to a study by the New America Foundation. The Washington-based research organization did a review of “terror” attacks on US soil since Sept. 11, 2001 and found that most of them were carried out by radical anti-government groups or white supremacists. The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men. I went to NYU to learn what psychologists could tell me about racial prejudice in the wake of the shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men

We may never really know the exact sequence of events and assumptions that led to the moment when Brown, unarmed and, according to witnesses, with his hands in the air, was shot multiple times. But the incident is the latest embodiment of America's racial paradox: On the one hand, overt expressions of prejudice have grown markedly less common than they were in the Archie Bunker era. We elected, and reelected, a black president. In many parts of the country, hardly anyone bats an eye at interracial relationships. How Slavery's Legacy Affects the Mental Health of Black Americans. On July 22, in announcing the federal indictment of Charleston killer Dylann Roof, Attorney General Loretta Lynch commented that the expression of forgiveness offered by the victims’ families is “an incredible lesson and message for us all.”

How Slavery's Legacy Affects the Mental Health of Black Americans

Forgiveness and grace are, indeed, hallmarks of the Black Church. Since slavery, the church has been a formidable force for the survival of blacks in an America still grappling with the residual effects of white supremacy. This was eloquently illustrated in the aftermath of the Charleston church massacre. It’s Not Just Kylie: 7 Reasons Why White People Should Not Wear Black Hairstyles. Got questions about why people get mad when white folks wear traditionally Black hairstyles?

It’s Not Just Kylie: 7 Reasons Why White People Should Not Wear Black Hairstyles

Well, you’ve come to the right place – I’m one of those people who’s riled up about it, and I’ve got answers. Many people are wondering about this topic after the most recent public example of Black hair appropriation: Kylie Jenner’s cornrows. So maybe your first question is this: Why the hell do I care about what some teenager does with her hair? The Invisibility of Black People’s Pain: Then and Now - Sociological Images.

“It is fair to say,” writes historian Heather Williams about the Antebellum period in America, “that most white people had been so acculturated to view black people as different from them that they… barely noticed the pain that they experienced.”

The Invisibility of Black People’s Pain: Then and Now - Sociological Images

She describes, for example, a white woman who, while wrenching enslaved people from their families to found a distant plantation, describes them as “cheerful,” in “high spirits,” and “play[ful] like children.” It simply never occurred to her or many other white people that black people had the same emotions they did, as the reigning belief among whites was that they were incapable of any complex or deep feeling at all. It must have created such cognitive dissonance, then — such confusion on the part of the white population — when after the end of slavery, black people tried desperately to reunite with their parents, cousins, aunties and uncles, nieces and nephews, spouses, lovers, children, and friends. And try they did. Here Are 5 Cultural Appropriating Outfits It's Time to Retire for Good.

Originally published on Mic and republished here with their permission.

Here Are 5 Cultural Appropriating Outfits It's Time to Retire for Good

Summer is here, and it’s already brought music festivals like Coachella, Governors Ball, and Bonnaroo. And with those festivals comes the inevitable onslaught of cringe-inducing outfits with the faint taste of cultural appropriation, a la the notorious “hipster headdresses” of Coachella. Native American headdresses are one of several “fashions” that have been picked up by non-native wearers who were either inspired or simply unaware of the item’s heritage. Not everything inspired by another culture is cultural appropriation, of course.

Susan Scafidi, the director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University, described it as “taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else’s culture without permission.” A study reveals a painful truth behind a story about Chris Rock's neighbors. Back in 2008, Chris Rock shared a story about the neighborhood he has the privilege of living in today. Rock lives in Alpine, New Jersey, a town boasting one of the nation's richest zip codes. Here are a few of Zillow's featured real estate listings in Alpine. Non-multimillionaires need not inquire. He was among dozens of prominent African-Americans interviewed for the "The Black List," an HBO documentary that was created in response to "the persistent taint that western culture has applied to the word 'black.'" In his story, Rock puts some of his neighbors on blast, namely his black neighbors.

What's Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm. Slip On These "Whiteness Goggles" and the Violence of Cultural Appropriation Disappears. A new series of prints by artist Roger Peet aims to address a tricky topic: cultural appropriation. In his series In//Appropriate, which debuted at the Portland State University Littman Gallery this month, Peet printed images of white people engaging in cultural appropriation on tall banners. Frozen in time, Miley Cyrus joyfully twerks with her tongue in its signature position, a hipster wears a keffiyeh, and Katy Perry smiles in her American Music Awards geisha costume.

Behind them, another vision of whiteness—a violent one—is printed in red: Miley stands out against a scene of police in Ferguson, a bohemian white girl in a feathered headdress is juxtaposed with an iconic photo of a mountain of buffalo skulls, and a still from Iggy Azalea's "Bounce" video frames a portrait of colonizing Queen Victoria.

To accompany the images, Peet constructed special glasses made from cardboard and red plastic. Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston. When teaching about race and racism, I invite participants to consider the following analogy: Think of racism as a gigantic societal-sized boot. “Which groups do you think are fighting the hardest against this boot of racism?” I ask them. Invariably, participants of diverse races answer that those fighting hardest to avoid getting squashed by the boot are people of Color. I, Racist. A couple weeks ago, I was debating what I was going to talk about in this sermon. I told Pastor Kelly Ryan I had great reservations talking about the one topic that I think about every single day.

Then, a terrorist massacred nine innocent people in a church that I went to, in a city that I still think of as home. At that point, I knew that despite any misgivings, I needed to talk about race. The Science Of Race, Revisited. There's no doubt that different groups of people can look very different from one another. But to contemporary anthropologists and sociologists, the notion that there are distinct "races" of human beings, each with its own specific attributes, doesn't make much sense. Dr. Marcus Feldman The same goes for biologists like Stanford University's Dr. Marcus Feldman, who has done pioneering research on the differences between human populations.

Recently, HuffPost Science posed several questions about race and racism to Feldman. How silence can breed prejudice: A child development professor explains how and why to talk to kids about race. White Millennials are products of a failed lesson in colorblindness. Rev. I used to lead tours at a plantation. You won’t believe the questions I got about slavery. Up until a few weeks ago, I worked at a historic site in the South that included an old house and a nearby plantation. Western%20States%20-%20Construction%20of%20Race.pdf. What's Wrong with Cultural Appropriation? These 9 Answers Reveal Its Harm. I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing.

On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will do the right thing no matter what is happening. How the Retail Industry Keeps People of Color in Poverty. Share Walmart workers in Chicago on July 26, 2011. Redlining: Still a thing. Plastic surgery boom as Asians seek 'western' look. ‘A Conversation About Growing Up Black’ A Positive Stereotype Both Helps and Harms Asian-American Students - Students. May 20, 2015. 6 Words: 'My Name Is Jamaal ... I'm White' Post Racial? Think Again. Documented Evidence of A Broken System. Dear white Facebook friends: I need you to respect what Black America is feeling right now.

The most racist places in America, according to Google. 10 Things All White Folks Need to Consider about the #BaltimoreUprising. Racism Kills: New Data on Stress and Mortality. BRAVE NEW FILMS. 11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double-Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore. Every parent and teacher and camp counselor should start the day with this 1970s declaration. He shows how the news talks about black people by talking about white people instead. Hip Hop DJ Casually Answers The Questions About Race We've All Been Wondering. Experiment Shows Teachers View 'Deshawns' More Harshly Than 'Gregs'

1.5 Million Missing Black Men. 5 big Native American health issues you don't know about. Studies Confirm the Dehumanization of Black Children and the ‘Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline’ Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person... This "Hunger Games" Actress Just Gave The Realest Explanation Of Cultural Appropriation - BuzzFeed News. Why White People Freak Out When They're Called Out About Race. White Americans have been brainwashed about race — and it’s not just about black men. Racism explained by a good ol' Southern boy. Let's Stop Pretending the Confederate Flag Isn't a Symbol of Racism  Media-Impact-onLives-of-Black-Men-and-Boys-OppAgenda.pdf. America’s angriest white men: Up close with racism, rage and Southern supremacy.

One_photo_prompts_much-needed_conversation_about_latino_identity. Dixie Justice: The roots and legacy of the South's incarceration boom. Millennials Are More Racist Than They Think - Sean McElwee. When The KKK Was Mainstream : NPR History Dept. Why The KKK Is Reaching Out Beyond White Folks : Code Switch. Hey Fashion Industry, Racism Is Never in Style.

The Side of the Oklahoma Racist Frat Story That Nobody Is Talking About. How Hate Speech and Extremism Went Mainstream. Arab. .facebook 1425516717098. Diversity and Inclusion. These Two Teens Aren't Just Sisters. What Happened When a Handsome, White Actor Shed a Tear Over ‘Glory’ Log In. The Historical Iowa Civil Rights Network. Oh Freedom Over Me. 9 surprising industries getting filthy rich from mass incarceration. Racial gap in U.S. arrest rates: 'Staggering disparity' The Sentencing Project News - Racial Disparity. José vs Joe: Who Gets A Job? The NYT wrote about lynching by white people without using the word "white" Unarmed People of Color Killed by Police, 1999-2014. What It's Like To Be Ambiguously Ethnic. American Children Will be “Majority Minority” by 2018. This Map Helps Explain Why America's Reaction to Ferguson Is Divided Along Racial Lines.

Whites_are_seeking_conversations_about_undoing_racism. Parable of the Polygons - a playable post on the shape of society. How Our Brains Perceive Race. The Stages of What Happens When There's Injustice Against Black People. Mexican Genetics Study Reveals Huge Variation in Ancestry. How Millennials Perpetuate Racism By Pretending It Doesn't Exist. Eighty Years Of Fergusons. Millennials, racism, and MTV poll: Young people are confused about bias, prejudice, and racism. National Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful. A Civil Rights Photographer, and a Struggle, Are Remembered. 5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism » Girl w/ Pen. Why We Still Need to Talk About Privilege. Legacy of Slavery Still Fuels Anti-Black Attitudes in the Deep South.

Incredilby Detailed Map Shows Race, Segregation Across America In Beautiful Color (PHOTOS) Remembering the REAL Martin Luther King Jr… Whiteness Studies and White Privilege. What The March On Washington Called For, And What We Got : Code Switch. SLIDESHOW: Housing Discrimination in the U.S. ‘Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Race’ African-American Job Loss, Illustrated. Voting rights and the Supreme Court: The impossible “literacy” test Louisiana used to give black voters. Racist Antics at Colleges and High Schools (Trigger Warning) School suspensions: Does racial bias feed the school-to-prison pipeline?